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What Is Steamworks Common Redistributables?

The games that you can play on Windows, and the gaming experience derived from it, are different from any other platform. Why are Steamworks common redistributables download slow? When you are gaming on Windows, the game needs to optimize its settings to fit that particular PC.

Many files have to be downloaded for one game so that the game runs without any pauses.

Steamworks Common Redistributables

Steamworks Common Redistributables

For those who don’t know what Steamworks is, it is a suite of free tools and files available for any game developer. Game developers use these tools for their games or software on the Steam platform.

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These tools have the ability to optimize the settings of a game on Windows.

Files in Steamworks

There are multiple files that are included in Steamworks like Visual C++, .NET Framework, DirectX Redistributable, OpenAL, and PhysX.

These files are bundled, and they are in the form of an update for Windows PC.

  • Before the appearance of Steamworks Common Redistributables, the developers had to include the above-mentioned files as part of their game.
  • They even had to write a separate script for the gamers to install. However, the problem with this method is that whenever a user installs a game then the script would have to reinstall the files.
  • This applies to even those games, which use the same file. The main problem with this approach is that this created duplicated files.

Files in Steamworks redistributables

All Steam did was streamline the whole process, and this is how the Common Redistributables came to be. In the future, if you install or download a game, then Steam won’t download the files that are already present on your PC.

This saves the storage space on the PC, as well as decreases the download size and the time that it takes to download something.

If you are using Steam, then you can use Common Redistributables, and these files will only install once.

Valve manages the scripts for the Common Redistributables, and then sends them. They appear as OTA updates and are compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit systems.

Is Steamworks Common Redistributables worth it?

Users shouldn’t delete or get rid of Common Redistributables, because if they don’t have these files, then the games they download will crash.

When a game is going to startup, then Common Redistributables will save the user both time and space.

When you download a new game, then that game will look at the Common Redistributables, and see the files that it needs to operate. However, if you do delete Common Redistributables, then that would cause you some problems.

In case you delete Common Redistributables, then a new game would still be able to download them on Steam.

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It is possible that Common Redistributable files are still available on the PC, unless and until you don’t want to play games anymore.

Hiding Common Redistributables

If you don’t want to see the Common Redistributables folder, because it can become a little annoying, then you can easily hide it. It won’t affect their impact on games, and the games would perform the same way as before.

If you don’t want to see the folder in Steam, then follow the steps below:

  • Select the Library Tab
  • Right-click on the folder that says ‘Steamworks Common Redistributables’
  • Select Manage and then click on Hide this Game

Common Redistributables are very important for the games that you download or purchase on Steam. This folder is very important because it not only saves space for you but also saves your time as well.

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You don’t have to delete the folder, but you can hide it. It won’t interrupt anything when you are gaming but will optimize the performance of games and the system.


Steam, itself, is a wonderful place where you can buy games and play them while sharing your progress with friends. It is a place where you can purchase new games, and even discuss these games in the Steam community.

This website gives gamers a chance to talk about different games, and share their own experiences concerning a level.

The user interface of Steam is very easy to use, and it also enhances the gaming experience of users. Further, managing the library where the games are stored is very easy, and you can arrange them in order of your liking.

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