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How to Record Shows on YouTube TV?

YouTube is the largest platform to watch movies, television shows, or live shows. It’s incredibly easy to record programs and videos on YouTube. You can simply set up a DVD to automatically record all your movies and TV series with no difficulty. How can you have access to all these great DVDs?

There are so many things you can watch and record on YouTube TV. It is similar to DirecTV, Sling Tv, and others when it comes to similar features and live streaming which are full of performances and movies. It offers you 70 channels depending on where you live and many other characteristics.


Record Shows on YouTube TV

YouTube TV is available in most American cities, but you need to use it to check it first. This postal code on the main page to the top will tell you more than just which channels are available, however, whether access is available or not.

A better POS of the YouTube feature is the unlimited DVR feature. Other services may restrict cloud DVR but YouTube TV says that its service is unlimited.

However, live streaming can simply become an on-demand experience, although sometimes this problem can continue to fade. For past recordings, many networks required on-demand viewers for recorded shows and TVs.

Record Shows on YouTube TV

Thus, the user could be forced to watch broadcast commercials. It was not that easy to turn the DVR option due to the YouTube option on demand, but the future of the DVR is gradually changing.

Many YouTube customers would like to see advertisements for free experiences. The DVR options let you pause, stop, review and move quickly so you can easily jump or review anytime you want without any problems. The on-demand feature won’t let you jump, which is why it’s the hottest feature on YouTube these days.

The DVR is administered with the library. The library contains all the actual details of the recording and that’s where you add these unique events with no problem.

How to Record Shows on YouTube TV?


The library is the type of thing where you may delete records and reprogram records. It is more for the cleaning up of the library without any concern.

Here’s how to get started.

You don’t have to look for a recording option with typical cable operators for all these television shows and movies on YouTube. I’ll help you figure out how to add your favorite television programs and movies to the YouTube library.

  • You will first need to open your YouTube TV application on iPhone, iPad, or Android. From the top right, click on the search bar.

application search bar

  • In the search bar, you can browse broadcasts by category, network, or trend. Type the name of the movie or TV program you are searching for.
  • The desired display will appear and you can click Add to add it to your library.


  • If you don’t want to add it to your library immediately, you can search for more details to see how many episodes are available.
  • Once your movie or television show has been added to your library, the add option becomes a tick mark.
  • Now, as soon as another episode is available, YouTube will automatically add it to your library.

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If you want to record TV shows and movies on the website’s very simple and similar to the approach I mentioned earlier.

  • First, open your YouTube TV website and click on the search icon in the top right corner.
  • Now enter the name of the movie or program you want.
  • On this page, you can also try to find your favorite broadcasts by category, network, or trend.
  • A popup window will appear with all the information about the film/TV show your search for. It will provide you with the full list of episodes, the season available and the episodes to come.
  • Click the more video icon to save it to your library.
  • Now DVD will record all your episodes from this series along with all future episodes.

Using NVIDIA shield

Now, if you want to record TV shows and movies on your TV, you should use the NVIDIA shield running android TV.

  • From the YouTube TV home screen, select the search icon in the top right corner.

Using NVIDIA shield

  • The search bar will appear, use the keyboard on the home screen to perform or film.
  • When you type the film or television program name, suggestions are displayed. Once the show or movie appears, scroll to the right and choose your favorite movie.

favorite movie

  • You can also view the upcoming episodes calendar, information on the distribution of TV shows and movies.
  • Click the plus icon to include them in your library.
  • You will receive a notice indicating that it was added to your library.
  • The YouTube TV unlimited DVD will record each next installment.

YouTube TV unlimited

The bottom line, your YouTube library is where most actions occur. You will get all your shows registered in the library and will be able to watch or remove them.

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