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How to Fix “YouTube Comments Not Loading”? 8 Best Ways

If you are using the internet for working or entertainment, there is no doubt that you always have a tab open for YouTube. For any good reason, you use YouTube for viewing and sharing videos.

However, numerous YouTube users have recently encountered an issue that is the comments on the videos are not loading on the browser.

You can see the loading icon that continuously spinning but on the other hand, the comment section is also fully blank for users.

How to Fix “YouTube Comments Not Loading”? 8 Best Ways

youtube comments not loading

As there is no particular reason behind this problem, similarly, there is also the not overall solution for this. But don’t worry, fortunately, this YouTube issue can be resolved by trying a plethora of things provided in this article.

Sign In

Several YouTube users reported that the comments on the YouTube videos can only be loaded for them when they sign in through their Google account.

  • In this case, firstly you should check whether you are signed in or not. If not?

do sign in

  • Then you can click on the sign-in button, which you can see on the top right corner of the page.
  • After that hopefully, the comments start loading.

add comment

Basic Troubleshooting

The next basic way is to reload your website.

Basic Troubleshooting

  • Sometimes, due to many random and caching issues.
  • You can face this issue with YouTube that hopefully, resolve after this.

Check Internet Connection

There are chances that the comments are not loading because of some trivial internet connection problem.

youtube comments not loading

  • In such a situation, you can try to resolve it by restart your modem.

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Disable proxy settings and VPNs

This is not what always happens but sometimes YouTube misbehaves when you are using a VPN or a proxy to route your internet.

In such a situation, you can disable proxy on Windows 10.

proxy setting

  • By simply going to the proxy settings in the start menu.
  • Click on the toggle besides automatically detect settings.

In case you are using MAC:

  • Go to the System Preferences
  • Then select the Wi-Fi network and choose Advanced.

youtube comments not loading

  • Then go to the proxy settings.
  • Uncheck all the boxes.
  • Click on the ok button to confirm the settings.

View a different Video

When the creator of the video uploads it on YouTube, there is the possibility that he or she has availed the option to disable comments on their video.

youtube comments not loading

  • In this scenario, try viewing another video.
  • If you can see the comments on this video, it means there is no problem with YouTube and it solely depends on the settings with uploaded video.

Change the comment sorting

top comments

This is one of the successful ways to load comments on the video, you need to just refresh the comment section and change the sorting from Top comments to the newest comments.

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Check through open YouTube in incognito

If nothing above worked, then there is the possibility to have an issue with cache, cookies, and extensions on your search browser.

  • If you are using Google Chrome.
  • Try to open YouTube in the Incognito window.

youtube comments not loading

  • This can be activated by clicking on the menu icon and select a new incognito window.

In case, you are using Microsoft Edge:

  • You can open YouTube in InPrivate Window.
  • Then you can check if the comments are loading or not after playing a video on YouTube.

Disable AdBlocker

Sometimes when you use Ad Blockers, it might cause YouTube not to work properly.

ad block

  • You can try disabling Ad Blocker and check whether now the comments are loading or not.
  • Hopefully, you can fix YouTube comments not loading error by using these helpful methods.

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