How To Watch Blocked YouTube Videos

YouTube is a source of entertainment and information, where people watch videos for entertainment, professional and academic purposes.

It is a subsidiary of Google and is a very famous platform for sharing videos. Even though it is a free platform, some people don’t get to use it.

Many countries have placed restrictions on videos on YouTube, while some countries like Middle Eastern have completely blocked it.

Watch Blocked YouTube Videos

Many videos on YouTube are geo-blocked. When you click on a video, it might tell you that you can’t access it in your country because the uploader has not allowed it. However, there are several ways to bypass this message, and the user would be able to watch a blocked video very easily.


Proxy is the computer that acts as a go-between or mediator. It forms a connection between a client’s computer and the internet and is in a remote location.

The user sends a request to the proxy, and the proxy routes them to their server so it would seem as if the request came from a different region or location.

YouTube tracks every visitor to their website through their IP address. With the help of a proxy, the user can hide their IP address, and they can even change their country.

There are many free proxy websites available on the internet, from which the user can choose and bypass any regional restrictions.

ProxFree is one such proxy, which can easily open any YouTube video that you want to see.

Smart DNS

When you are surfing the internet, a Smart DNS has the ability to change your location, by redirecting you through multiple servers. It sort of spoofs the location, and works similar to how a proxy does.

However, they are different from proxy servers, as there is no encryption available in a Smart DNS. Even though the connection is not secure, but it is fast compared to other methods.

Smart DNS won’t slow down your computer at all and can spoof your IP address. However, even though Smart DNS can be used for accessing YouTube blocked videos by other companies, it can’t do the same for government blocked ones.


  • This is the perfect solution for bypassing or opening YouTube blocked videos, which both proxy and Smart DNS fail to open.
  • VPN is a Virtual Private Network, which is a reliable and quick way of accessing blocked videos on YouTube. All you need to do is download a reliable and safe VPN from the internet, and it will keep your identity and location a secret.
  • If you don’t want to download software, you can download extensions on your browser.
  • There are many extensions available on Google Chrome, like Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker.
  • This extension can work wonders if you want to open a blocked YouTube video.

Download YouTube Videos

  • This method is effective, but it might not work for every blocked video.
  • When you open the blocked video, notice the address bar on your browser, and then edit it.
  • After ‘www’, you simply need to add ‘ss’; this is right before the ‘youtube’ word.
  • When you hit enter, the website will take you to ‘’, where you can download videos in good quality.
  • Another way of editing the address bar and making the video work is by adding ‘v’, right next to ‘’.
  • Note that there is already ‘v=’ and you simply have to remove ‘=” to make the video work.
  • However, this might work sometimes, and other times you will get an error message. Watch this: here


  • This is a very popular website, which offers the lite version of YouTube.
  • When you go to the website, you can watch any blocked video.
  • This website basically mirrors the video link, and you can easily open these mirror links.
  • The website is quick and doesn’t take much time in opening videos.
  • When you are using this service, you won’t face any problems.

In case these methods don’t work, then you can search for the same video on other platforms as well.

At times, when an uploader’s video is blocked on one platform, then they will upload that same video on another platform. This way, the user won’t have to go through all the methods mentioned above.

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