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How to Upload an Audio to YouTube?

Do you know YouTube has now become one of the most trending application which is used worldwide? YouTube has become so much important in people’s life that now people can’t imagine their life without YouTube.

Moreover, nowadays people’s lives move around YouTube, as everything is available on it. Furthermore, you can easily turn YouTube into your source of income by just making your channel of your own choice. The things required are uploading trending items and maintenance on daily basis.

Uploading videos and images to YouTube is so easy that even a small kid can upload on their own without needing anyone’s help. However, to upload an audio to YouTube is a bit confusing and complicated compared to uploading an image or video on YouTube.

But now you don’t need to worry. As here we are providing you with 2 easy solutions with steps on how can you upload audio to YouTube so, you can easily be heard worldwide. So, let’s start.


Upload an Audio to YouTube

Unfortunately, YouTube does not allow or acknowledge popular audio files such as MP3, WMA, AAC, and all others, as it is an exclusive video hosting website. However, if you want to upload an audio file to the web, then you just need to simply build a file of video which contains all your audio with an audio editor for your audio clip.

However, the formats which YouTube currently supports are MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, 3GP, and WebM. Moreover, you can upload audio, by using a third-party uploader.

How to Upload an Audio to YouTube?

Upload an Audio to YouTube

Windows Live Movie Maker

The window live movie maker is an unpaid video editing software offered by Microsoft. To run this application you need to first download Windows Live Essential then you need to install it.

The features of this software include combining audio, converting your audio into video format, creating complex video effects, and a lot more.

  • Open windows live movie maker application and drag any photo of your choice to the window

Windows Live Movie Maker

  • Click on Music and “add music” from the PC of your choice which you want to upload on YouTube.

adding music

  • Then click on the option of “open”, tap on “project” & adjust the audio or song according to your choice.
  • After this click on the YouTube icon present on the top of the Window of movie maker from here adjust the resolution you want.

sharing on YouTube

  • Sign in on your both Microsoft and YouTube account.
  • Now you need to add title, description, and tags to your file. Wait for the completion of uploading audio on YouTube.

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Tunestotube is online software that assists the customer to upload the audio without any modification. It is also an unpaid software but to get access to it you need to connect with your YouTube account. Here are the steps.

  • Open the site of tunestotube and click on “connect your YouTube account”.

connect your YouTube account

  • After linking your YouTube account, go back to the site and choose an image or audio file which you want to upload.

YouTube account

  • Then click on “upload files” and fill in all the requirements of audio.

Upload an Audio to YouTube

  • As soon as you finish this step, click on the “create video” option which is on the side.


So, these were two free sites from where you can upload audio without having any special editing tool. However, while using these applications security concerns do arise as sites get access automatically to the YouTube account.

Moreover, another drawback is that you can only upload up to 50MB files. Above all-everything, as its pros and cons so, it depends upon you so, choose wisely.

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