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15 Best Rainmeter Skins For Desktop Customization

Everyone uses his laptops and computers in his daily routine. It is natural if we see one thing the same and every day, we get bored. Many software helps us change and reshape the desktop screens and format according to our own choice.

One of the best software to use for this purpose is Rainmeter. Let’s discuss it. I hope you will like it and choose one according to your comfort.

Rainmeter Skins

To know about the best rainmeter skins, one should first have an idea about what rainmeter skins are. In this age of gadgets and machines, people have become friendly to technology such as PC. But the mode of bringing novelty in the use of these gadgets, day by day, keeps this relation healthy.

Rainmeter skins also give you the freedom to customize the desktop icons, widgets, toolbars, and wallpapers according to your taste. It arranges your tools according to your preference in things that depend on your mind and whether to make it monochromatic, simple, or colorful attractive.

These useful skins can be gotten by installing the rainmeter app, which can work efficiently in any window operating system. Kimmo Rainy Pekkola developed it in 2001.

There are no disadvantages and harmful effects of rainmeter on your computer. There is a rumor about rainmeter that they are the cause of virus in computer or laptop.

But many experts have checked and performed experiments on it with more than fifty viruses, they found that rainmeter skin is safe and good for laptops and computers.

15 Best Rainmeter skins for Desktop customization

It will change the look of the desktop and make you feel comfortable. It is not permanent. This one can quickly be deleted and uninstalled from the computer in a straightforward and easy process.

So, let’s get to know about the most conventional, attractive, and useful rainmeter skins. Here is the list of our best 15 rainmeter skins:

1Battlefield 3

This skin perfectly suits you if you are a digital gamer. As its name shows, battlefield 3 demonstrates your longing for playing games and enables us to manage shortcuts to our most underuse apps.

Your nature of liking and playing games will compel you to choose this skin, as, our young generation mostly keep themselves busy in playing such digital games, if you’re like that, this skin will not disappoint you to give you excitement, in addition to it, its mode of display widgets is perfect.

Moreover, skin widgets also show weather, network usage, CPU and RAM usage, etc. Many people like Battlefield and use it on their computer.



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