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How to See Your Enlisted Videos on YouTube?

YouTube is an online platform to watch thousands of videos of celebrities, politicians, and the life of any person or little video clips.


See Your Enlisted Videos on YouTube

It is used to download and share videos with everyone across the globe to watch thousands of things from different regions. All people can respond to these videos to enjoy by commenting and sharing.YouTube is the biggest platform to showcase talent all over the world.

It has an embedded studio and so many more helpful features. One of the features is to unlist the video, the amazing part is that you can share those enlisted videos with your friends and families without going through privacy. However, most people are not even aware of the meaning of videos unlisted on YouTube and its features.

So in this article, I’m going to help you understand on non-rated videos on YouTube and how it works.

What do unlisted videos mean on YouTube?

See Your Enlisted Videos on YouTube

YouTube offers you many facilities to express your talent while uploading videos. When you upload the video, you must go through three different privacy settings options, which are:

  • Public videos
  • Private videos
  • Unlisted videos

YouTube public

Just in case you’re wondering what that means when a YouTube video is unlisted then don’t panic Because I’m here to help you through these little problems. Unlisted video on YouTube means those videos which were uploaded but are not publicly displayed on YouTube.

If you search for the video name, it still won’t show up on YouTube.However, it may be shared and monitored by some individuals if you follow certain steps.

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You can view the unlisted videos on YouTube by going to the YouTube studio. However, if you want to share your video with some specific people for some reason then you can just share the link of your video with them.

  • Log into YouTube with your username and password.

signin in YouTube

  • Go to the account and click on the YouTube studio.

YouTube studio

  • Then click on the videos on the left side.


  • Some options will appear like titles, views, and visibility.
  • You will have to click on the visibility.


  • Invisibility there will be options like Public, private, unlisted, and draft.
  • Click on the unlisted option and apply those settings.
  • Your unlisted video will have appeared on the page.
  • Then in YouTube studio go into the all videos.
  • From the drop-down menu, click in the unlisted.
  • It will take you to the page where your unlisted video will appear.

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That’s how you can view your unlisted videos

Now, here’s one more problem that’s going to make you anxious. We know the procedure as to how to display these unlisted videos, but how can we know how to make an unlisted YouTube video? Nothing to worry about.A user manual states:

Any YouTube video may be unlisted, publicly or privately. It is enough to follow a few steps.

  • First of all, every time you make a video and try to publish it on YouTube, a screen pops up with these three options present, Public, Private or Unlisted.
  • You have to choose to option “unlisted”.
  • Now, your video will be uploading in the same category.

Now, if you want to make your video unlisted which is already published on the public, the following steps have to be followed.

  • Go to your studio channel and click on “Your videos” and select the edit option.
  • Change the setting of it to “Unlisted”.

See Your Enlisted Videos on YouTube

  • Click on done and save the changes.

Now if you want to make such changes on phone, then here is the procedure.

  • While uploading the video, a screen will appear with all the three options like “public, private and unlisted”.
  • Once you select the unlisted option, your video will be uploaded in the same category.

If you want to unlist a video that is already publicly published then follow the steps.

  • Download the YouTube studio application.

See Your Enlisted Videos on YouTube

  • Open the YouTube studio application.
  • Go to the video sections.

See Your Enlisted Videos on YouTube

  • Select the video you want to unlist and click on the pencil icon on the video to edit.
  • Select the public privacy settings.
  • Now choose the unlisted option from privacy settings.
  • Once you have the unlisted video, save on the changes.

Here is a simple method to share videos that are not listed with your friends or family. Well, the unlisted video option makes it so much easier for the user to share a certain video with the viewers of choice of upload. It gets a lot more convenient to share videos with family and friends.

You can do that by sharing it with the video link. The best part is that the spectator would not need to login into a google account to watch the video or share it. This process will also allow you to keep your video safe.

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