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How to Setup Ugreen Ethernet Adapter

Ugreen Ethernet Network Adapter allows the user to add a network interface to their PC, with the help of a USB.

It is backward compatible with most of the existing networks, and the user can replace a broken internet network card with it, and even include a separately routable network interface.

With the help of a Ugreen Ethernet Adapter, the user can easily transfer files from peer-to-peer. The user can insert the adapter into a USB port of the CPU, and then transfer videos and audio.

For example, if someone wants to transfer files between a network and their PC, especially if they are graphic files, then this is the perfect method to do so.

How to Setup Ugreen Ethernet Adapter?

Setup Ugreen Ethernet Adapter

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The Ugreen Ethernet Adapter is compatible with Notebook, Macbook, Nintendo Switch, Xiaomi Mi Box 3/S, Dekstop, and Lenovo YOGO.

Ugreen can be used for connecting to the internet, and it is very easy to set it up. Just follow the steps below:

  • Switch on the computer, and connect the Ethernet cable with the Ethernet port of the computer
  • Most of the time, the PC would automatically connect to the internet; however, if it doesn’t work out then there is another method to do it
  • Go to the System Preferences in your Mac or any other OS, and then click on Network
  • Select the Ethernet from the list
  • Click the Configure pop-up menu, and then choose the configuration method of the ISP
  • If the user gets the IP address automatically, then they should choose one option from DHCP
  • Choose DHCP, if you have received an IP address, and the ISP uses other network settings
  • In the DNS Servers option, add the IP address of the ISP
  • Complete the instructions on the screen related to the Advanced settings of the Ethernet.
  • Then click OK to make those settings active for the service.

In case the ISP gives the user search domain addresses, then the user can enter that as well. However, this is hardly ever needed if the user configures their IP settings, using DHCP.

Ugreen Ethernet Adapter Not Working

Setup Ugreen Ethernet Adapter

Those who have been using Ethernet adapters for some time, face a problem where the adapter stops working.

Some symptoms of the Ethernet adapter not working were:

  • All the lights were “on” but the adapter was still not working
  • The internet connection symbol keeps on changing, sometimes it looks like Wi-Fi and then Ethernet
  • When the user uses Wi-Fi, by unplugging the adapter, then the internet works, otherwise, it doesn’t


Some of the common solutions that users should try are:

  • Unplugging the USB ports, and keeping the Ethernet adapter plugged in
  • Switching the Ethernet Adapter On and Off
  • Waiting a couple of hours to see, if this is a temporary problem or a permanent problem
  • Witching to Wi-Fi, to see if it switches back itself or not

If the problem still persists, then the user should see whether the drivers are installed properly or not. The user can check this by opening the Network and Sharing Center, and checking the Device Manager.

At times, the user might disable the Ethernet by mistake, and won’t notice. Always check in the Local Area Connection to see if it is enabled or disabled.

Try plugging the cable into another port, and see if it works there.  It could be that the port of the PC is the problem, and it is causing issues with Ethernet.

Try swapping the Ethernet adapter, if it still doesn’t work, or borrow a new cable to test it. The user can also restart their OS to see if the Ethernet adapter starts working or not.

In most cases, a simple restart can solve the problem, but in other cases, the Ethernet could be disabled from the settings or it could be a faulty one.

Ugreen Ethernet adapter is very useful, and it is easy to fix as well.

How to find the Mac address of the Ugreen Ethernet Adapter?

If someone wants to locate their Mac’s address, then they should know its format. The address is mainly a series of letters and numbers, and it is very easy to find out.

MAC is not the OS here, but it stands for Media Access Control Address. It is the physical address of the Ugreen Ethernet Adapter, and every computer has its own MAC address.

On a PC, there are wired and wireless connections, and there will be a different MAC address for each Ethernet connection.

If the user wants to find their MAC Address, then they should follow the instructions below:

Windows 7/8/10

  • To find out the MAC address of this OS, the user needs to click on the Start button.
  • Then type in ‘cmd’ in the search box.
  • Then, select cmd.exe, and when the cmd window appears, then the user should type ipconfig/all, and press the Enter button.

Now, the user can locate the physical address that is listed under the Ethernet adapter, and this depends on the MAC that the user is looking for. The physical address that the user finds is the MAC address.


If the user wants to find the MAC address on Mac OS.

  • Then they need to select the Apple logo from the top left corner.
  • After that go to the System Preferences button.
  • Select the Network option.
  • And go to ethernet Wired or Wi-Fi, which is wireless; these are available on the left panel.
  • Click on the Advanced button, and then select the Hardware tab.
  • The MAC address would be listed in the Hardware Tab; the label of the address could be Airport or Ethernet ID.
  • These names are accurate in the older versions of the Mac OS.

These two are the most prominent OS that people use, and they can find the MAC address easily.


In case the user’s PC doesn’t have an Ethernet port, then they can use a USB Ethernet adapter. In most cases, as soon as the Ugreen Ethernet Adapter connects with a USB port, it starts working.

Moreover, the screen right away gives instructions to the user about what they have to do regarding the Ethernet adapter.

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