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How To Stop Your Robot Vacuum From Going Under Furniture

The use of robot vacuums is on the rise and many homeowners are using them for cleaning their houses. It helps cleaning hassle-free as this robot vacuum has got ninety features.

This device can clean up dust, debris, and dirt in a matter of a few hours. You will be surprised to see how it practically cleans up every corner of your home.

The user doesn’t even need to be there as it can work on its own. One of the biggest issues with this robot vacuum is that it gets stuck under the furniture.

The worrisome issue is that due to it the vacuum completely stops working. When this device is stuck there is no way it will work. Here is how you can stop your vacuum from going under furniture.

Stop Your Robot Vacuum From Going Under Furniture

Use Pool Noodles

If you have some spare pool noodles in your home it can solve this problem. All you need is to cut them according to the length of your sofa.

  • This home hack is proving to be beneficial for many homeowners.
  • You can also attach this pool noodle with the sofa if it is too big.
  • In any case, if you don’t have a pool noodle purchase it from a local store near you.

Use 3M command hooks

The best idea to take out a robot vacuum under your sofa is to use 3M command hooks. It is easy to install two different 3M hooks that are at the top of the robovac.

The side of the hook will point backward. One is on the left and the other one is on the right side. There you go as the furniture will be safe while the vacuum will be out.

Stop a robot vacuum from going under the bed

Here are some things you need to do:

Install Bumper extenders

Bumper extenders are an easy way to get your issue solved. You can simply install them on the bumper of the vacuum.

Usually, there is a big knob at the center of the vacuum that makes it difficult for it to come out under the bed.

  • The bumper extender will let you take out the vacuum without putting in much effort.
  • You can also make use of these extenders for many other electronic devices.
  • It is a good way to save time, effort, and money.

Make use of Furniture Risers

There are a lot of homeowners who use furniture risers to give the furniture some height. It will help you keep it away from the ground. This idea will prevent the vacuum from going under the furniture.

  • It is an economical way to get your work done and avoid the issue of this getting stuck under the bed.
  • You can purchase it from Amazon and get your work done.
  • It is also useful to use a new battery for the vacuum cleaner.
  • It can also prevent the vacuum from going under the bed or couch.

Stop the robot vacuum from going under the dining table

Here is a way to do it:

Lift chairs on the dining table

The best way to keep your vacuum safe from going under the table is to lift your chairs. While cleaning this is the best idea to get your work done safely.

Each dining table has a lot of chairs and on the whole, there will be 24 legs. There are high chances that a vacuum cleaner will stick below.

  • The simple idea is to take away the chairs from the table.
  • You can clean your room efficiently without getting into trouble.

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