Master Your Tactics: Top 10 Strategy Games 2024

These are more than just simple puzzle games – they require careful planning and are predicted to emerge successfully.

You get some great replay value in games like this because the same strategy doesn’t always work twice.

Strategy gamers, pop your thinking hats, and download these outstanding Android games. And if you’re looking for your favorite sports in other genres, we have one too.

For lovers of PS4 Games which are many, we enlist the best PS4 games so that you can enjoy the best titles of PS4 Games on consoles and PCs.

Here is the list of the 30 best games for PS4 in which you will find Strategy, racing, and sports games already published, in addition to a selection of the best games that will eventually land on the console.

Master Your Tactics: Top 10 Strategy Games 2024

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is the fourth installment of the SEGA Valkyria Chronicles tactic, role, and action PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

The game contains a story in which kingdoms, factions, armies, and the military fight for supremacy. Valkyria Chronicles 4 introduces a few innovations, but if not more, Strategy Games are alleged of some sequels of little success to return to the essence of the original game.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 offers a story of excellent narrative load, focusing on the misadventures and war avatars of Squad E, a group of soldiers and gunners led by Claude Wallace, Kai, Minerva, the inventor Riley Miller and the brave Ragnarok dog.

The mechanics of the game mixes characteristics of tactical role titles in turn with real-time third-party action game elements.

The interface and the map maintained the style of Valkyria Chronicles, but the battles are more profound, the objectives are more transparent, and the game is more challenging.


  • Valkyria Chronicles 4 is an RPG lover game
  • An excellent military strategy game for you
  • Great animated graphics with squad and vehicle

Valkyria Chronicles 4 helps you with a new type of troop system, a game mechanic that bets on the feeling of bravery to rescue your fallen companions in the hottest and crudest moments of the battle.

You can control an army of individual characters, each with its skills and abilities. In each turn, the troops are displaced according to the space they can travel, place close to the enemy, protect themselves, shoot and call reinforcements.

The maps in Valkyria Chronicles 4 are more extensive, and some options have been added for comfort user experience.

New vehicles, weapons, and objects will appear for your characters, including tanks and armored houses.

Everything has a more particular and improved aspect, with more definition, new environments, and a much more hard-working character design and scenario.

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Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is one of those pleasant surprises that you usually carry throughout the year.

The title in question takes you to Japan in 1615 after a few years in which the new Shogun has managed to establish his power, unify the Land of the Rising Sun and bring peace to the entire nation after an era marked by wars.

The only thing that is known about him is that in the streets he is known as ” Kage-same,” something that has led many to wonder if the Strategy Games story is real or only gossip that has managed to spread more than usual.

Unlike what most people think, the Shogun is convinced that the Strategy Games threat is real.

With Shadow Tactics, you will face a strategy and stealth game in real-time in which you will have to move and coordinate your units along the map to make your way without being detected while you meet the objectives that are entrusted to you.

Each character in the game has its unique abilities and characteristics.

Some may use a hook to climb buildings, and others may climb the ivy on the stage, not everyone can swim, the speed at which characters can move their bodies is very variable, and so on.


  • Five different characters with unique skills and abilities
  • Dozens of impossible challenges
  • Explore beautiful environment

You can explore the possibilities of each character and make them work as a team is essential to reach the end of the adventure, something that is enhanced thanks to the Shadow Mode.

A function that will allow you to register one action per character to be executed at the time and thus to be able to eliminate three enemies at a stroke without having time to react and give the alarm, which triggers your strategic possibilities.

One of the great successes of Shadow Tactics is the mechanics and skills of each character, who are slowly appearing so that you can get accustomed to them before having to undertake missions with the Full group and with all your possibilities unlocked the heroes that you will control in each task are predetermined by history since the team does not always go together.

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WarGroove is a strategy video game for consoles and PCs set in a fantastic universe full of skeletons, dragons, and armies armed with swords and shields. Betting on tactical mechanics, several factions, and a retro art style.

The video game has a story that will invite you to take sides in an endless war between four great factions and kingdoms fighting for supremacy on a map full of varied paths and scenarios.

With different commanders, each of them with their mechanics and special abilities, from deception to high combat power, you will plunge into a story about betrayals, endless wars, and impossible alliances.

WarGroove incorporates a mode for a player with more than 50 hours of duration, offering dialogues and multiple possibilities in its development through more than 30 scenarios. The idea of WarGroove is very simple.

You will have to conquer towns and settlements to win funds, and from there, invest your money in building better units, strengthening them, and improving your army.

Behind the game, the system hides a straightforward kind of stone, paper, and scissors, with groups that are stronger and more vulnerable depending on the type and design of it.


  • 12+ characters with new abilities and skills
  • Enjoy multiplayer mode with your friends
  • Explore the complex series of battlefields

For each mission, you complete you can unlock a Commander for Arcade mode. It is another of the star modes of Wargroove, surprising enough that here you can not save the game.

The Arcade mode will be to play the flip and with confrontations against other Commanders controlled by the AI. An aspect that is quite shocking if you take it into account is that the strategy items are not exactly short.

The story takes place on a map from which you can gradually unlock missions that you can repeat at pleasure to try to get the maximum score.

And the good thing is that both the history itself and the secondary ones are usually very varied among themselves, both by extension of the map and by the challenges for protecting villagers and taking them to a safe place.

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XCOM 2 is a tactical strategy game, in which you control a squad of marines, each with specific weapons and skills that you will have to take advantage of according to the circumstances. On each mission, you face aliens with bad drool but at the same time quite intelligent, so you will have to be very careful.

The game is structured in turns so that you can move each member of your squad with patience but at the same time control the battlefield to avoid surprises.

You do not want to send a dull soldier in front of the enemy lines. It is not only that each character has its characteristics, but that these may increase as you fulfill missions that, together with the possibility of improving your weaponry, give a touch of very grateful role play.

XCOM 2 is a game from consoles, and it shows in spectacular graphics. Only the highest-end models can run it without problems. XCOM 2 has several key objectives: to recruit and promote soldiers; discover new weapons and technologies to defend your country.

Fight against unknown threats by evaluating your ability to strategist that you have inside. The game is incredibly powerful with that work much better it is preferable to play for PS 4 lovers like the best strategy games on Android.


  • You can create specific soldiers for your tactical plan
  • Stunning combat mission environment
  • XCOM 2 offers distinct challenges

You will play as part of a multinational paramilitary elite called XCOM and its task is to defend the Earth. You will command troops on the battlefield in a series of missions that will be played in turns.

After being victorious in a task, you will have all the time to develop and investigate new technologies taken from captured aliens and prisoners, while expanding the base of operations, controlling finances, and monitoring all alien activity.

In the missions, you have to choose your soldiers, assign them weapons, and the action begins. You have a certain number of movements that each soldier can make, and when you finish making those movements, it is the enemy’s turn.

One of the most surprising things about the Strategy Games game is the graphics are amazing, and the mechanics are easy to learn, but it has a relatively high level of difficulty in some cases.

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This War of Mine: The Little Ones

This War of Mine: The Little Ones

This War is Mine is an incredible war strategy game different from everything you’ve seen so far because in Strategy Games case you will not assume the identity of a soldier who fought bloody battles, but you will be a community of isolated vacillates in a city besieged by war.

You must make tough decisions that will test your ethics and morals but always with only one goal survival. The main objective is that you will be able to coordinate to survive. In Strategy Games War of Mine, you will be a civilian who tries to escape in a city punished by war. Avoid snipers and get food and medicine

Strategy Games game allows you to play as you were a survivor in a war zone. As such, you should look for materials to try to survive, both you and your daughter.

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And always at the risk of being found by soldiers or other people who also prey on the ruins of the city where you are, and who kill you. Or die of starvation because you haven’t got enough food and medicine to survive the siege of the city.


  • Control the survivors and manage your shelter.
  • Make weapons, alcohol, beds, and anything else you need.
  • You have to make difficult decisions according to situations for survival.

Strategy Games of Mine shows you the effects of war on civilians trying to survive in a besieged city where resources are scarce.

The game offers various personal stories, based on real experiences, of war survivors.

Worldly and ordinary people. Men, women, and children who have the impotence caused by the shortage of day today.

The central premise is to survive. And for that, you have in your hand how to do it. In the game, you have to organize the life of your survivors, through an approach similar to that of The Sims.

You have to feed them to maintain their strength and mood, but also build objects or elements necessary to survive: a bed to rest, shovels to dig, stoves to warm up when winter comes, planks to protect the shelter from assailants, tobacco to trade or medications when they get sick; Something healthy in those conditions.

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Tropico 5

Strategy Games

Tropico 5 is a very beloved video game among city-building lovers. You will be the leader of a tropical island that you will have to bring to your prosperity, design your streets, give jobs to your employees, and create wealth in your little paradise. It will not always be easy since you will have to deal with all the difficulties posed by being the top leader.

Tropico 5 is loaded with charisma, mixing politics and humor with a unique style. And its soundtrack is magnificent, as it puts you in the environment of a tropical island instantly.

In Tropico 5 you will be the President of a fictional Caribbean island, and you will have to take care of urban and commercial development, taking into account that you must please the population so as not to cause a revolt.

You will have to manage so that the seven political factions of the island do not engage in battles among themselves, in addition to maintaining relations with external powers.


  • Discover new buildings, technologies, and resources in Tropico 5
  • Cooperative multiplayer mode
  • Explore the island of ancient civilizations

Tropico 5 offers you the tempting idea of ​​getting into the skin of a dictator anyone in command of a tropical island. A banana paradise with all its cliches where you will give free rein to your Bolivarian revolution, the capitalist system, or any intermediate mix that comes to mind.

But what impresses the saga with personality and the difference compared to other more brave strategy games is the hilarious sly halo with Strategy Games certain situations arise.

Tropico 5 Campaign mode offers the complete experience, the Mission mode is also at your disposal, through Strategy Games you can solve the challenges that the game throws at you.

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Grand Kingdom

Strategy Games

Grand Kingdom is a tactical JRPG in Strategy Games and is the fundamental pillar. Each of the missions that you have to face is carried out in a scenario that looks like a chessboard, including the pieces that represent your group and the enemies that swarm around the place.

With a clear objective, you must move with the mind that the movements you have are limited, so you have to choose the shortest path to reach the end.

Strategy Games objective is not as easy as it seems, because, apart from soldiers and mercenaries who face you, you will find all kinds of obstacles such as traps and natural disasters that must be overcome by making a previous decision that will affect you in any way.

The Grand Kingdom takes place on the mainland of Resonant where five major factions fight each other for control of the Uldein Empire. All of them have their troops led by very powerful and tremendously skilled generals in terms of strategy.

There are active guilds of mercenaries who fight under the mantle of the highest bidder, so whoever pays the most will have the favor of a said group of “illegal” warriors.

You are one of these mercenaries, so you have to deal with the bosses of all factions while you try by all means to upgrade within your guild.


  • Unique four faction stories in the Grand Kingdom
  • Real-time controls
  • Compete in a war of thousands of players

Focusing on turn-based fighting, the Grand Kingdom takes place in colorful 2D environments in which your movements are also limited by a bar that appears at the bottom of the screen.

The first of all is to learn how your enemies are placed and what kind of warriors you have in your squad, as some only have melee attacks, others have long-distance attacks.

You must know how to place them. Once the turn comes, you must attack according to the skills of the heroes that you handle, but with great care, to damage the contrary, you can hurt your companions. A tremendous and desperate burden that marks the future of all contests.

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SteamWorld Heist

Strategy Games

SteamWorld Heist is a curious two-dimensional turn-based strategy video game. Set in a steampunk world, you will enjoy a flexible tactical system, Strategy Games rewards the exploration of its intricate levels and the personalization of your heroes.

SteamWorld Heist is a great action adventure with 2D gameplay in Strategy Games the key was to explore in the depths of a mine, and for many, it was one of the best indie games of that year.

SteamWorld Heist is a turn-based strategy game with lateral 2D playability, with shooter action elements.

The missions are carried out in the enemy ships you address, Strategy Games are generated randomly and with a different distribution of items in each game at a high point in favor of their replayable value. You can also count the best strategy games on Android.

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Depending on the mission, one to four of the members you choose from your crew participate.


  • Strategy focused game
  • Procedurally generated levels for user experience
  • Deep and challenging missions

You can control your steam bots who gain experience when completing missions and learn different skills each to raise levels.

You can move them several steps and then shoot, or move them a little further and end the turn without attacking there are numerous coverage points in the form of barrels and other elements.

If you place yourself right next to an enemy, you can also attack him with the fists of your steamboat there are characters better than others in the melee most of them are capable of doing more damage by firing.

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Prison Architect

Prison Architect

Prison Architect is a game in Strategy Games you can build, design, and run prison from scratch. The first part of the game is the most fun of making the jail.

You have to design the cell blocks and the facilities of prisoners and personnel.

This can design from the cells to the visiting areas or the entrance. You have to be careful because you have a budget that you cannot overcome.

But it does not end here. Once you have the prison made, and you begin to receive the first prisoners, you have to manage the prison.

Ensure that the security of the prison is not compromised, how many guards are in each section, what patrol routes they follow, how much the prison staff charges, place cameras, and guards.

Despite graphics that seem to indicate that you are facing children.

With Prison Architect your role in the game is very simple, you will have to make sure that a maximum-security prison works as well as possible, choosing for its design and distribution, dependencies, or guard patrols.


  • Prison Architect contains 5 engrossing chapters
  • You can build and manage your unique prison
  • Share your prison with the online community

Prison Architect comes with the appearance of addictive and very similar to Theme Hospital, where after building and hiring personnel for a hospital, you had to take care of their daily management.

Prison Architect recovers the essence of construction and management that gave such good results in the past and that companies the players.

The idea is to build a maximum-security prison with the available means, but far from leaving it as is, they will ask you to manage their incidents and expand it to accommodate new inmates and control the most dangerous.

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Defense Grid 2

Defense Grid 2

It arrives intending to fill part of that emptiness, also taking advantage to make the genre debut in the new generation consoles with a complete title, full of options and configuration possibilities, and something not so common in the genre: modes cooperative and competitive play.

It has several modalities, although it may be the campaign that has the most prominent during the early stages. In Defense Grid 2, you can familiarize yourself with the different aspects of the game.

Throughout 20 levels, Strategy Games will gradually increase their difficulty, you can check all the possibilities at your disposal, from knowing the effectiveness of some types of towers against certain enemies to experimenting with the optimal placement of each of them.

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To avoid an excess of early enthusiasm, you must warn that Defense Grid 2 does not reinvent the wheel it does not even innovate too much within its category, because practically all the elements that shape Strategy Games title, have been inherited from previous releases.

it lies in the ability to gather all these ingredients to achieve a solid, entertaining, and capable of engaging anyone to overcome the challenges that arise.


  • 26 mission campaign
  • 2 Player story mode with different difficulty levels
  • Compete against your friends in this game with a leaderboard

Defense Grid 2 is a subgenre that has surprisingly high levels of popularity. Perhaps the most curious is the shortage of representatives for consoles, because with few exceptions. So, it is the best strategy games in android ways that make some good sense.

Defense Grid 2 includes a complete team of game options that seek to please the player, who can control and adjust the experience of the game at pleasure.

You can test the gameplay making the rhythm with simple controls, or enjoy the story directly and start the long 21-level campaign that includes it.

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