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Can I Stream Netflix on 3G

Netflix is great for stopping to watch almost any movie or TV show. It has a wide range of shows, movies, and documentaries to choose from. And it has content for almost everyone.

You can find animated cartoons for adult-related movies and shows. It also has popular documentaries like ‘the social dilemma’ or the widely watched TV show ‘keeping up with the Kardashian’.

And almost every month Netflix keeps on adding new or classic movies to its list for us to watch.


The video quality of Netflix is also pretty good. And it shows a good quality video even on low internet. And one of the best things about Netflix is that it does not buffer even if your internet connection is slow.

All you need is a membership and you can stream as many shows as you want without any extra charges.

Netflix started offering its online subscription in 1999 and soon after its release, it become trendy among users. And currently, it is used by millions of users worldwide.

And despite such busy traffic on its platform, it does not compromise on the quality. Neither does it lag or buffer.

Netflix also has its production of movies and shows which mostly has high ratings as well. One of the interesting facts about Netflix is that it is used in almost every country except for China, Syria, and North Korea.

So it is fair to say that Netflix has millions of users who stream Netflix daily.

People watch Netflix over the Wi-Fi network for better results in video. But suppose if you are on a commute and you don’t have an access to any Wi-Fi network you can still stream Netflix on your phone if you have an access to 3G.

Though the video quality will not be HD that you will find over a Wi-Fi network. But you can still use it over 3G if you are out waiting for your appointment or on a commute and want to catch up on the show you left last night.

Can I stream Netflix on 3G?

So yes absolutely, you can still stream Netflix if you are only left with 3G data.

  • Netflix lets you watch movies and TV shows only with 3G but of course, the quality of the video will be low definition. But if the quality is something that does not matter to you then it is possible to watch Netflix over 3G. But if you want to stream Netflix with high-quality videos then using it over a Wi-Fi network is preferred.


Netflix is a great medium of entertainment and you can watch it over Wi-Fi. But even if all you have is a 3G network you can still stream movies and TV shows Netflix on it. But the video quality will be in low definition. And if the video quality does not matter to you, you can stream Netflix on 3G.


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