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How can I Stream YouTube on 3G

YouTube is the hub of entertainment and has been the hub of entertainment for ages. Millions of users stream various kinds of videos on YouTube all the time. And even with plenty of users using it at the same time does not affect its quality and it does not lag at all with that much load. Let’s get to know stream YouTube on 3G.

Let’s begin!


Every person can find something interesting to watch on YouTube. From a kid to an old person, every age range has something they can watch on YouTube.

You can discover thousands of new vloggers and content creators every day. You can stream songs here or you can everyday routines or listen to podcasts. YouTube is widely used by students as well for study purposes. You can find content related to your field easily. It is a great medium of knowledge as well as entertainment and that too for absolutely free.

All you are required to have is a good internet connection and then you can watch videos on YouTube in HD quality. The only annoying thing would be the frustrating ads but other than that it is a great medium to pass time or learn something valuable.

You can also watch videos on YouTube on your phone that too with your 3G but the HD video quality is not guaranteed. You can only experience that over your Wi-Fi network.

Can I Stream YouTube with 3g?

Yes, you can stream YouTube on 3G but the video quality will be HQ and not HD. YouTube only offers HD quality videos on Wi-Fi networks and not on 3G.

Since we have figured out that YouTube does not let us stream HD-quality videos on 3G but there is a solution to that. You can download a modded apk to stream HD quality videos on your phones. But if you are not so much concerned about the quality of the videos and are simply interested in watching the video then yes you can watch videos on YouTube with your 3G network with ease.

How to watch HD quality videos over 3G?

IPhone allows you to watch High-quality videos with just a few simple steps. I will list down the steps below and if you are an iPhone user then you can easily watch high-quality videos on your iPhone with just a few simple steps.

  • Open Safari on your iPhone.
  • Type ‘m.youtube.com’ on the search engine and click ok.
  • Search the video you would like to watch.
  • Look at the option and select ‘HQ’.
  • Click on the icon.
  • Watch your favorite video in high quality on your iPhone over your 3G network.

Here you can now Stream YouTube with 3G.

Stream YouTube With 3G

In some parts of the world, internet facilities are getting better day by day. The world has now reached 7G, but some areas are still lagging behind in the race for the internet. They have still just reached 4G. In such areas, people wonder if video streaming on YouTube is possible with 3G.

Yes, of course!! It is possible.

  1. YouTube offers HD video quality only on Wi-Fi networks and not on 3G networks. If you are not much concerned about the quality of the video, then you can stream the video on YouTube on HQ quality or you can simply just download the video earlier through a Wi-Fi network. This is a much better option if you do not have an internet connection for a while.
  2. You can also use some web browser like Brave or any other. The browsers can load websites much faster.
  3. VPN can also be used to make the internet quality better and to make the browser work much faster.
  4. If any other social media app is in working condition behind that is using some internet, make sure to close it as it will slow down the internet for YouTube.
  5. Try to watch videos at lower quality and not at high quality. This will enable video to load much faster and more quickly.

The above-mentioned points should be kept in mind while streaming YouTube with 3G.


You can watch videos on YouTube with your 3G network but you cannot have HD quality. But quality does not matter to you then you can watch videos on YouTube with a 3G network.

And if you are an iPhone user then simply follow the steps mentioned above to watch high-quality videos on your iPhone.


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