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How to Stream On Twitch PC / Ps4 / Xbox / Mac?

If you like to play video games and share the gaming experience with other players, then you know what Twitch is. And how to stream on Twitch?

It has more than 15 million active users and is one of the best streaming platforms in the world. However, Twitch has become much more than that, as it is now a social setting for professional streamers and game enthusiasts.

How to Stream On Twitch PC / Ps4 / Xbox / Mac?

Content that Twitch is Suitable For

Twitch is the perfect choice for video game fans, who play video games on PlayStation, Xbox, and even Nintendo. Most of the streams on Twitch are from these platforms; there are no genre restrictions, and players have freedom of choice.

Some channels deal with gaming topics, gaming hardware, gaming magazine publishers, and game developers. Many people stream gaming conventions on Twitch as well.

Technical Requirements to Stream on Twitch

There are technical requirements that users need to look out for when they are streaming on Twitch:

When a user broadcasts something on Twitch, then that consumes many additional system resources. The computer power should be sufficient for such an action, and Twitch recommends that the user has an Intel Core i5-4670 or more than that.

The operating system should have 8 GVs of RAM so that the PC games can be streamed smoothly. if you don’t have a Windows 7, then Twitch won’t run successfully.

The second system requirement is a Webcam. It is not necessary, however, for users to make themselves visible. They can record their game, without recording their face.

On the other hand, a Twitch channel would become more successful, if a physical person is playing a game. When the audience sees the player, then they can connect with the content more.

The third requirement is a microphone. Every player would like to set up music as their background for Twitch content, and they can even include their own audio commentary.

If you think that the level you are playing currently is hard for everyone else, then you can tell them how to play it, step by step through audio.

If you have different gaming consoles, then you would need to know how to set up Twitch on each of them.

How To Create an Account on Twitch?

You can’t stream Twitch on any platform, unless and until you create an account.

  • You can go to Twitch’s official website and click on the Signup option.
  • The process of signing up is fairly simple, but you should always read the community guidelines page.
  • This way, whenever you broadcast a game you would know if you are breaking any rules or not.

Windows or Mac OS

Compared to  Xbox or PS4, streaming on PC and Mac is a bit tricky. This is because, most OS doesn’t come with built-in software, which can get the user started on Twitch. However, to stream Twitch on Windows or Mac OS, the user should download Open Broadcaster Software or OBS.

The software is free, and you can use it on both operating systems. However, if you don’t want this option, as it requires you to understand the setup, then the next best choice would be Twitch Studio App. The Twitch Studio App will work for Windows, but not for Mac OS.

  • When you download OBS, you need to go back to Twitch and get a Primary Stream Key from there.
  • You will find this key in Preferences and then by choosing the Channel Option.
  • Enter the key in OBS, set up your microphone and webcam, and then follow the simple instructions on the screen.


If you want to stream Twitch on PS4, then follow the steps below:

  • Play a game on PS4, and open the broadcast settings
  • Select Broadcast Gameplay, and when you are given the option of streaming services available, choose Twitch
  • Enter the streaming key here
  • Within a few moments, PS4 will start streaming
  • You can also change the title of the stream from the broadcast gameplay menu

Xbox One

If you have an Xbox One, then you can use Xbox Kinect as a face cam. Kinect is compatible with Twitch; however, it is best to connect a microphone, because Kinect doesn’t have a reliable one. Just follow the steps below:

  • Play Game
  • Twitch automatically detects the game
  • Download and open the official app of Twitch and login into it.
  • You would need the Stream Key here as well
  • You can change the title and the quality of the stream before you broadcast it
  • Click on Start Broadcast, and the audience will be able to see what you are playing
  • While some games would allow you to mute, others won’t on Xbox One.


Twitch is very easy to stream on multiple gaming consoles. This app is very useful for gamers, who not only want to play games with other players but also want to show them how a game is played.

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