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Netflix Student Discount | How to Reduce Subscription Cost

While Netflix is not the only streaming option available to those who love entertainment. This is because, this streaming channel has a massive library of music, movies, and TV shows.

The streaming channel not only has the latest content but old content as well. However, if you are a student, you have to think about buying Netflix and fitting it into your budget.

Students need their entertainment options because there is a lot they learn from these entertainment options. There are movies and TV shows, which teach them about racism and much more.

They can watch documentaries, and gain knowledge regarding conspiracy theories. A new development in Netflix is that it doesn’t offer a trial period for users anymore. Moreover, it isn’t available as well.

Netflix Cutting Costs

  • The best option that the user has here is to look for a Netflix plan from their mobile carrier.
  • Some mobile carriers offer Netflix services at a lower rate, where the user can only play Netflix on their screen, and that too on their mobile phone.

An example would be Telenor, where the user can buy the cheap mobile option, and then watch all they want to.

Share the Netflix Cost

If you want the Netflix cost to decrease, then you can share it with others. When you buy the premium version, which costs $15.99, you get to watch 4 screens at the same time.

  • You can easily split the cost of Netflix with 3 other friends, which will make it cheaper, and also give you the best resolution.

However, there are other alternatives that users can benefit from. There are many other streaming options, where students can get a student discount.

Amazon Prime Video Students Discount

Amazon Prime came up with Amazon Prime Video, where people can watch TV shows and movies.

  • Even though the library is limited, students can easily get a discount from here.

There are exclusive deals that Amazon Prime has designed for college students.

  • Amazon Prime offers a trial period for students if they can prove their identity as students. When the trial period ends, the students have to pay half of what the subscriptions cost.
  • After four years, if the user is unable to show their enrollment, then the subscription will turn into a regular one.

Hulu Student Discount

Hulu offers users original TV shows and movies and is one of the best streaming services.

There are entertainment options available to users, which are not accessible on any other platforms.

  • The student discount is available on this platform, but it comes with a Spotify and Showtime bundle.

YouTube Premium Discount

YouTube Premium service simply removes the ads from YouTube videos, so that the user can get access to movies and TV shows without interruption.

The user can enjoy YouTube services, and they get to choose between two programs:

  • Family plan discount
  • Student Discount

However, the main problem is that users don’t get to access much premium content, as compared to other streaming services. Also, the user interface of YouTube Premium is not very properly executed.

CBS All Access Discount

CBS All Access offers students a 25% discount, on limited commercials monthly subscription.

  • This streaming service is not very expensive, and it has a vast catalog of TV shows.
  • The best part of CBS All Access is that users get to watch Star Trek Discovery.

There are so many other alternatives to Netflix, like Crackle, Tubi, and Vudu. However, they don’t offer student discounts as the above services do. The main point to consider here is that such streaming services should offer students a discount because they need such discounts.

They can even increase the number of subscribers, if they offer students a discount, or suggest they to pool a subscription with other students. Netflix signup.

Most students don’t buy Netflix subscriptions, because they share an account with their family and friends. Before buying a subscription, the user should explore Netflix, and consider whether they need a subscription or not.

At times, people won’t find the kind of shows that they watch on Netflix, or Netflix doesn’t offer them shows in their language.

Regardless, Netflix has many features that students can benefit from, and they would be able to enjoy this entertainment streaming platform, compared to the others.


Netflix has many active profiles online, making it easier for students and users to know what is going to be released on the platform shortly.

The users can view the trailers of TV shows and movies on YouTube, and they can read the comments of other users regarding what they think about the content.

Netflix is a really good option for users; however, they should consider adding a student discount subscription option, so that the number of users increases. Students need a discount!

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