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How to Change Steam Name [ PC and Mac]

A Steam username is like the first impression a player sets in front of other players. If you are playing a multiplayer game, then you would surely want a way to express yourself.

However, it is very common to want to change your Steam username, because the first one you set was probably at a young age. Nobody likes the usernames that they set for themselves when they are 14 years old.

How to Change Steam Player Name?

The first thing that you need to do, is open the Steam application.

It can either be on your Mac or PC; hover the cursor over the icon of username, which you will see at the top of the screen.

  • Username is right next to the term ‘Library’, and you will see a drop-down menu.
  • From there, simply choose the option of ‘Profile’, and then click on the ‘Edit Profile’ button on the very same page.
  • From this page, you can easily change your profile name, which is the topmost option.
  • Make sure that you know which name you want to choose, and you do so correctly.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and then click on ‘Save Changes’.

How to Change Steam Profile Name?

Steam Profile name can be changed with the method mentioned above. The best part about Steam is that it remembers all your past usernames.

This way, even if you change your username, people can still search and find you using your old name. However, if you don’t want people to search you by your old usernames, then follow up the mentioned steps.

  • You can go to the arrow that is next to your username.
  • And then click on Clear.
  • This will clear all the previous aliases, and users will only be able to find you through your current Steam Profile name.

Another thing to note here is that this step won’t change the account name that you have.

  • When you log in to Steam, you will still be able to see the old Steam username that you have. However, others will see the new name that you have set for yourself.

Most people, as they can’t get a new Steam account name, try to change their account and then transfer their games. However, this is not possible, because game licenses have a single user license, which is already assigned to the set Steam account. The user cannot merge accounts, or set up a new account and import games.

Further, most people confuse two things; deleting and uninstalling a steam account. When you uninstall a Steam account, then you are basically freeing up space. However, when you delete a Steam account, then all the games and licenses that you have purchased, along with your data and achievements, would be deleted. You cannot get them back, even if you make an account with the same name.

What are Steam Account Name Ideas?

If you don’t know the name you should give to your account, then consider all the games that you play. In case you have a game, to which you are very much dedicated, then choose your favorite character from that game. However, some people might not like to give their account a name, that is related to a game. This is because most people get bored of playing the same game in either a few weeks or a few months.

You can use your original name, but if you think that would seem uncool, then you can come up with a name that is a combination of the current characters in a game you are addicted to.

Making an account on Steam is a serious thing because you can’t change your account name.

  • This is why, you should always consider the name before you open the website, and sign up.
  • You can take name ideas from other users, like “i_Killed_Cupid” or “Fresh_out_of_the_Oven”.

It can be both humorous and serious, keeping in mind the kind of impression you want to take on other players. If you want to seem cool, then just use a current character’s name.


Steam is an amazing platform, where you can play games, and even communicate with other players, in different ways. Steam is a place, where you record your game and share it with other people.

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