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How to Tell if someone has blocked You on Instagram

This is a guide that will tell you how to tell if someone has blocked you on Instagram.

Let’s begin!

What happens when someone blocks you on Instagram?

Well, to be honest, nothing happens. Instagram does not send you out a notification to tell you that a friend of yours or a user has blocked you. You will never know automatically unless you investigate it.

And to do that, there are some clues that may indicate that someone blocked you.

  • If someone’s account activity is no longer visible to you. And you are not seeing their shares or posts on your feed. Or maybe not even receiving any direct messages from them for quite some time.
  • Then you search for that person’s Instagram account handle but you cannot find the account or cannot access the profile.

How to Tell if someone has blocked You on Instagram?

If you are still having trouble and are not sure if that person has blocked you. Then you may try some more methods to make sure if that person has blocked you or if it is just a mistake from you.

  • Firstly, search for their account. For this, go to the Search bar in your Instagram app and write their username. If that person’s account does not show up in the results, then there are two possibilities for it. Either they have blocked you or they have deleted their account.
  • Secondly, you can use an old comment or a DM to reach that person’s profile.
  • If their profile comes but it displays “User not found” and a “No Posts Yet” message on the page, it means that the person has blocked you.
    This solution works only when they had a chat with you on Instagram. If they have not, then you can use the following steps below.
  • You can also try to Visit their Instagram profile on the web. Just go to any browser and then enter www.instagram.com/(username).
  • Then if you see their profile available on the browser but not on your app, then this means they have blocked you. If you do not see their profile on the web also.
  • Then the person may have deleted their account.
  • You can also try to follow them. Go to Instagram on your web and then open their profile page on the web.
  • Then you can check if you are blocked by tapping on the blue follow button.
  • If you are blocked, the following button will not work, and Instagram may show you a message saying “Sorry, this page isn’t available”.


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