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How to Turn Off the Xbox Game Bar?

Turn Off the Xbox Game Bar

To optimize the playing quality, Microsoft has eventually agreed to include the Xbox Game toolbar in the revised editions of Windows 10. This fantastic new option enables Console gamers to monitor most of their favorite video games when performing their best sports.

Even as easy as that Windows 10 Gaming toolbar is, several users, don’t like this because they believe it gets in the line and isn’t particularly useful to everyone. As a result, they want to turn off the Windows Gaming bar.

Xbox One Game Bar

Turn Off the Xbox Game Bar

It’s best to understand which Xbox Gaming Bar is or how it functions before learning how to delete it. The Microsoft Xbox Bar is indeed a built-in feature in Windows 10 that allows players to access their enabled applications and buddy’s database.

Developers can monitor their performance, view photos of fantastic playing moments and save them throughout the folder, transmit their gameplay streaming at great speed with the other gamers until leaving the game, and use Spotify Controllers with this application.

Among the many, advantages there are some irritating tooltips. And that’s the key purpose why players are searching for a way to turn off the game.

What Is the Variation In between Game Cable box and a Game Bar?

Turn Off the Xbox Game Bar

The Match DVR function in Windows 10 was previously only available in the Xbox application and allows you to film Gaming in the future.

If you don’t need to store the video, Game DVR will store that in the background. This helps players to play these games and without interruption and save their progress whenever they want.

However, this method uses up machine power, reducing the network efficiency. If this worries you, turn off Game DVR.

We recommend turning off Game Bar, the visual panel that allows you to record games, save clips, and so on. However, while this method does not use a lot of energy, the pop-ups are irritating. If you agree with all, let’s get started learning how to disable that Game bar.

For Windows 10, this is how to switch off all the Xbox functions.

If your Windows 10 PC is linked to an Xbox 360 or Xbox One’s controller, clicking the Xbox icon (the broad circle in the center of the console with an “x” on it) brings up the Microsoft Xbox Bar by design.

  • If you want to turn this off, go to Apps Settings > Gaming and uninstall the box next to “Enable Xbox Gaming Bar using the same key on a monitor.”

Alternatively, if you’re using the “Activate Xbox Gaming Bar” change to uninstall the Xbox Gaming Bar fully, the Xbox key on the console can no longer bring up a Gaming Bar.

However, this prevents other methodologies (such as the Windows shortcut) from bringing up the Gaming Bar. Have fun playing!

How to Turn Off the Gaming Bar in Windows 10?

There have been two methods to disable the Xbox Gaming bar.

One is to deactivate the app’s setup.

Turn Off the Xbox Game Bar

  • To access Windows Setup, tap Win plus I and using other methods.
  • Click Gaming from the drop-down menu.
  • Within the bottom left, keep in mind Game bar is chosen.
  • Search for a Player bar in the top right can be used to document game clips, images, and broadcasts.
  • To convert it off, press the device under it.

Two, use the Registry Editor to deactivate it.

Turn Off the Xbox Game Bar

  • On everyone’s Windows 10 scrollbars, press the search button.
  • In the folder, modified regedit as well as press Enter.
  • To operate Registry Editor, select Yes from either the pop-up section.
  • Advance each of the following keys: HKEY CURRENT USER, Browser, Microsoft, Current Version, Windows, but also Game DVR.

Turn Off the Xbox Game Bar

  • From either the top right, click right on the Software Detect Activated key.
  • Modify 1 to 0 in the input values.
  • Checked and press the OK to disable completely.

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Utilizing Group Policy, deactivate the Xbox Gaming Bar

  • First, press on the Windows slogan (Start Menu) and select Operate the Settings Menu.

Turn Off the Xbox Game Bar

  • To access the Group Policy Format, try typing MSC further into the message box that appears and clicks “OK.”
  • Follow these instructions to add to the list: Organizational Templates > Windows elements > Computer Setup > and Windows Player Showing live and Composing.
  • When you get to the Windows Right Column, you’ll see two choices to allow or deactivate Windows Player Live broadcasts and Uploading.
  • To verify, click Deactivate and then OK.


The Xbox Gaming Bar for Microsoft windows is a fantastic new tool that allows video game players to quickly access instead of the Xbox application and friend’s checklist, recreate the video, begin taking screenshots, regulate Spotify, and broadcast multiplayer online without quitting the field. However, it comes with a few obnoxious new toolbars. That’s why I’m going to show you how to turn off the Xbox Game Bar.

Several systems are also accessible, which allow users to efficiently switch off Xbox Gaming Bar using a user-friendly operating system.

Switch off all functionalities that users don’t need in terms of balancing your play experience. To prevent Microsoft Xbox Bar that uses your processing power, use one of these methods to switch it off or deactivate it.



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