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How to Type the Cent Symbol on PC, Mac?

The cent sign is mostly used by Americans, who have cents in their currency. However, while most people use PC or Mac on a daily basis, they don’t know how to make the cent symbol on either of the platforms.

It is not necessary that the way the cent symbol is made in Mac, the same method will apply on PC as well.

How to Type the Cent Symbol on PC, Mac?


If you want to make a cent sign on your PC, then press and hold the ALT key and then type the numbers “0162”. This will then turn into a cent symbol like ¢.

If you don’t want to use this method, then open an HTML document, and type in Unicode;

  • &$165
  • Or
  • &#65504

You will get the cent symbol here that you want to use.


If you want the cent symbol for Mac, then it is very easy to do so. Hit the Option+4, and type the cent symbol.

In Mac, you need to use a font that supports the cent symbol, otherwise the method above won’t work.

However, if you don’t want to use this method, then you can access the special characters menu in Mac OS X.

  • There are many special characters in this menu, and you can simply browse it by hovering over it.
  • This could be really helpful for those, who aren’t good at remembering numbers or even keyboard shortcuts.
  • For those who don’t have the time to learn these keyboard tricks, they can simply search for the cent symbol online, copy and paste it in their word file.
  • It would be easy, and less of a hassle. However, if you have a PC or Mac, then you would want to use it efficiently.

Apart from the cent symbol, people can learn so many other shortcuts that would make everyday browsing easier.

For example, if you want to copy and paste something from one place to another, then you can use shortcuts instead of looking at the options every time.

  • For a copy, you should press ctrl+c, and if you want to paste it somewhere, then press ctrl+v.
  • If you want to undo something in word, then you can press ctrl+z, and you won’t even have to delete the mistake you made.

These shortcuts can be further stretched to other areas of your PC. For example, if you have a VLC media player, then you can set hotkeys for each action.

There is a preference menu in the VLC media player, where you can set up hotkeys for taking screenshots, changing the sharpness of the video, and much more.

There are other special characters on the keyboard as well, and all you need to know is how to make them.

  • For example, if you are taking a French class or a Russian language class, there are certain symbols that you need to learn.
  • When you press Alt+021, it gives you Ú; similarly, if you want to make Y with two dashes across it, then you need to press Alt+0165.
  • If you press the Alt button and type in these characters, it will give you ¥.
  • If you want to make the Registered sign, which is also a special character, then you need to hold Alt and then type 0174. When you do this, you will get something like ®.
  • Do you want to make the cross sign, which could be helpful in case you are talking about the Church, the hold Alt and type 0134?
  • This will give you the cross sign; †. Lastly, if you want to make a sign of music, then press Alt ad type 0182; you will get ¶.

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