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How to Unlink Path of Exile on Steam

Path of Exile is a game that is free to play. This is an action role-playing video that is developed and published by Grinding Gear Games.

Let’s begin!

Path of Exile

The release date of this game was October 2013. There is also a version for Xbox One as well. 24 August of 2017 is the month that Xbox version released. Whereas the PlayStation version released in the month of 26 March of 2019. And the release date for macOS was 18 Sept 2020.

This game is about a dark fantasy world. In that, the government of the island nation of Oriath exiles people to the continent of Wraeclast. Wraeclast is a ruined continent home to many of the ancient gods.

The players are able to choose as one of the seven character classes to take control of an exile.

The seven character classes are:

  • Marauder.
  • Ranger.
  • Duelist.
  • Shadow.
  • Witch.
  • Scion.
  • Templar.

Each of these classes are set with one or two of the three core attributes that are Dexterity, Intelligence, or Strength.

However, the Scion has aligned all three attributes because it is a locked prestige class that was released in 2013.

In addition, other different classes are not restricted from investing in their skills that are not aligned with their core attributes however they will have easier access to skills which are aligned with their core attributes, also active skills can be changed by the items called as Support Gems. 

The players have a task to fight their way back to Oriath. And have to defeat the ancient gods and great evils along their journey.

Path of Exile game is a bit unusual and rare among all the other action role-playing games if we talk about in-game currency. Because there is no in game currency. The economy in game is based on bartering “currency items”.

Not like those traditional game currencies, these items have their own special use. By these you can update an item’s rarity level, rerolling affixes, or improving a quality of an item therefore offering their own money sinks to avoid inflation.

In addition, you can upgrade equipment by using these items. However, some may identify the items, and create portals to town or use them to grant skill refund points.

How to unlink Path of Exile on Steam

  • There is not a clear way or steps to unlink your Path of Exile on Steam. However, you can email the Support team of Grinding Gear Games on here.
  • And tell them to unlink your Path of Exile on Steam.
  • Firstly, provide them your account name and also 1-2 character names as well.
  • So they can make sure that they have the correct account.


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