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How to Unlink Xfinity accounts

If you want to learn how to link, unlink, or even switch among your accounts? You can use your Xfinity ID to change or manage multiple accounts through Xfinity My Account online.

Let’s begin!

Link Accounts

You can easily link your Xfinity ID to an account by simply accepting an invitation that is from the account’s Primary user for you to join it.

You will be getting the invitation through email, SMS text message, or both.

  • If your personal email address or your mobile number is identical to what you used on your Xfinity ID.
  • Then you will be directed to the option to link your account. Or it may continue with creating a new profile.

If your personal email address or your mobile number is not the same from the one used on your Xfinity ID; you are still able to sign in with your password to link the accounts.

If you are not wishing to link your accounts, then choose “Create a New Profile”. You do not go to create a separate Xfinity ID for your new account.

  • First of all, click on the button in the email that says “Get start”, or you may receive the invitation by SMS also.
    Now, it will ask you to enter the street address which is on the account to which you are linking.
  • After that, tap on the option ‘Link Accounts’ button and then sign in with an Xfinity ID that is existing, to link your accounts.
  • If you want to link your accounts just by signing in with your existing or current Xfinity ID; then you will see a confirmation screen asking you to select which account you would like to start managing.
    Simply tap on the circle that is next to your service address which you like. After that tap on ‘Go to My Account’ if you want to sign into the specified account.

How to Unlink Xfinity accounts

You can view the accounts which are linked to your Xfinity ID.

  • Select Settings that are on the top of your ‘My Account homepage’.
  • Choose ‘Linked Accounts’ that is below ‘Account Details’.
  • Now to unlink from an account, go to ‘Edit’ that is next to your desired account which you want to unlink.
  • Then select Unlink.
  • After that, you will see a confirmation screen asking if you want to unlink the account. Just select ‘Unlink Account’ and it is all done.

You cannot just unlink from the accounts that you are viewing currently. And after unlinking the account, you will no longer be able to have access to Xfinity Services or My Account of that particular account.


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