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How To Use Your Own Router With AT&T Fiber

People don’t have to go for a slow DSL or cable internet connection when they can get a good connection at the same price. AT&T is ultra-fast fiber internet, which gives the user the same symmetrical gig, at reasonable prices. It even provides the user a 99% guarantee, that AT&T is reliable.

When users use AT&T, then they can enjoy better games, hardcore streaming, and telecommuting without any hassle.

When a person buys an AT&T fiber internet plan, then they will get a Wi-Fi gateway as well, which includes a modem and Wi-Fi router.

This combo is delivered to a person’s home through a technician, who even installs the internet at their home. However, if you have a router available, then you can use it with AT&T Fiber.

Use Own Router with AT&T Fiber

There are many reasons why a user would want to use their own router. Firstly, their router might bring them the best coverage, which other routers cannot. Sure, AT&T has good speed, but the customer might be used to their own router.

At the moment, AT&T doesn’t allow its customers to rely on a third-party router. However, the user can use their own router, but they have to configure the AT&T router to another.

Configuration of AT&T Router

If you want to use the AT&T router, with the one that you have, then there is a mode called Bridge Mode configuration, which would enable the user to connect two routers, to just one network. This would also avert any sort of performance backlash, and there won’t be any sort of IP conflict as well.

However, there are also limitations attached to this mode, because it is not entirely possible to get bridge mode due to the AT&T gateway.

In case you are using Motorola NVG 510 or 589, then there are multiple configurations available. To give you a general idea about how to achieve this objective, just follow the steps below:

  • When you open the AT&T gateway server, you need to assign the WAN IP address to the device that asks for it.
  • Open the browser of your PC, and then connect it directly to the AT&T fiber gateway.
  • Now, you need to enter your IP address and open the Firewall tab on the gateway’s GUI page.
  • After this, just select the IP passthrough, which you will find under the Firewall tab.
  • When you get a request for a device access code, just enter it.
  • Now, go to the Allocation Mode drop-down menu, and click on the option of Passthrough.
  • In its drop-down menu, you need to choose DHCPS dynamic, and then click on Save.

There is a restart option, which will restart the gateway as soon as it appears. Now, you need to reset your router so that the network connection refreshes, and gets a public IP address.

Cancel AT&T Internet

If you want to cancel AT&T’s internet service, then make sure that you do so in the first 14 days of activation. This is because, after 14 days you have to pay ETF, which is the Early Termination Fee.

  • When you cancel the AT&T internet service, you will be held responsible for the cancellation charges, including the return of the leased equipment.
  • After 14 days, the customer becomes committed, and they have to pay service fees.
  • To cancel this service, you can call the AT&T customer representative service.
  • Moreover, the customer needs to make sure that they have the PIN on hand, as well as their account number.
  • To cancel the internet service, AT&T does require this information.

If the customer has requested the internet service to test it, then they should be very careful in handling the equipment provided by AT&T. This is because, if they damage it in any way, or they don’t return it, then they would have to pay a higher fee to the company.


AT&T’s internet service is a speedy one. However, most people just want to use their own router. This article explains in detail how they can do it with ease. As for returning or canceling the AT&T internet service, the customer should do it before 14 days, to not pay an unnecessary fee.

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