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Why Aren’t My Facebook Messages Being Delivered?

Sending a message means that it was sent by you. And delivery means it has reached the recipient that’s why Facebook messages being delivered?.

If your message has not yet arrived, it means the problem is with the recipient. This could be a server issue, an Internet issue, their settings issue, or something else.

In this modern era, the Instant Messaging Service provided by Social Networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Myspace, etc. have become very trendy. And for some people, it is a need. Although it is a long way used to spread information globally by ease.

Facebook is an application that comes in the category of Social Media. Facebook is playing a very important role in this modern world in terms of communications, social interactions, etc. It is accessed by millions of users from all over the world.

But the fact that people expect everyone to receive and respond to their messages instantly is a very big downgrade. Many people take this as an issue and there are various complaints about these problems.

Why Aren’t My Facebook Messages Being Delivered?

As I have mentioned above that Facebook is accessed by millions of users across the globe that is why there are some technical problems in the servers which occur sometimes, not so often. That might be the cause of your problem.

There are many possibilities that the person you sent the message might be currently logged out of Facebook or Messenger. As by the reports, not all Facebook users use the Facebook Messenger Application.

Tests have been done about this issue and the results have shown when a person is logged out of Facebook or Facebook Messenger than the sent messages would not be delivered to the recipient until that person logs back into his Facebook or Facebook Messenger.

Message Sent But Not Delivered to the Online Person Facebook

Message Sent But Not Delivered to the Online Person Facebook

We live in a modern world now, where technology is now very fast-paced today. With all these great technologies, features, capabilities given to the people, they expect every product to be functioning perfectly.

Just like the problem, you have been searching on the internet about a message being sent to the recipient but it is not showing to be delivered, though the recipient is online. There are various potential causes for this error.

Maybe the recipient you are trying to chat with maybe ignoring you or unread your messages. The recipient is allowed to view and ignore a message while it shows only sent. The moment the recipient will choose to reply to you, the status of your sent message will be changed to Delivered.

Another potential cause for this Facebook message Sent but not Delivered problem can have that the recipient deleted your message without even opening it.

It is possible that in a swift moment and extreme scenarios the recipient labeled your message as a SPAM. In this situation, your message will never show the status of being Delivered.

Another possible cause might be the connection. Maybe the network on your end is slow to update the status of your message. Or there are times when your message is sent but not delivered due to some certain glitches in the system.

These might be the possible reasons behind this problem of yours.

And the solution to the problem is found when you find the actual problem. Find out what is the actual reason which is causing this problem to your Facebook messages.

But no need to worry about anything now, sometimes only restarting your application or your internet router saves the day and solves your problem.

And if none of the above-mentioned reasons are your cause of this problem, then contact the Facebook Support. They will solve the technical problems for sure.

How to Record a Facebook Messenger Voice Call

How to Record a Facebook Messenger Voice Call

Hi there people and welcome back here! I hope you all guys are having a wonderful day.

So you want to record your voice calls with your friends on Facebook Messenger? No worries! You know I always come up with a solution to your problems so just relax and continue reading this article till the end.

Facebook and all other social application are becoming trendy day by day. In this modern world and modern technology, people are admiring and loving these Social Media services provided by Facebook, Instagram, and other social media applications.

As each and everybody even the kids nowadays knows that Facebook is a social media application that is mainly used for social interaction, social connection with others.

You can stay in touch with your friends on Facebook by sending text messages, pictures, videos, and music. With Facebook Messenger, you can even have a voice call and a video call with your friends.

Sometimes, people like me need to save these wonderful memories that we have with our beloved persons.

So, to record these wonderful moments and full of fun talks with your beloved person, there are several applications you can find on the Google Play Store or Google for desktop.

These recording apps will help you in recording your voice calls as well as video calls. There are a lot of applications available like the LAEWO MUSIC RECORDER, MESSENGER CALL RECORDER, AZ SCREEN RECORDER, CALL RECORDER, and AUTOMATIC CALL RECORDER.

All these applications I have mentioned in the upper paragraph can have found on the Google Play Store for Android smartphones. And for the desktop, search these applications on the Google website and find the call recorder you want.

I am sure these applications will help you with recording your fun and loving voice calls with friends and family.

How to Share a Video from Facebook to WhatsApp

How to Share a Video from Facebook to WhatsApp

Hello there people and welcome back here! I am happy to see you guys here again reading my article.

I try my best to solve out every single problem you face. And here in this article, I will tell you how to share a video from Facebook to WhatsApp.

Well, it is pretty easy to share videos from Facebook on Whatsapp as both of these social media applications are owned by the same single Company.

Generally, there are two ways to share videos from Facebook to WhatsApp. One way is for the videos which are set to public and the other is for the videos which are set to private.

If the video on Facebook which you want to share with WhatsApp is set to public, then simply you will just have to use the “Share” button on Facebook and select WhatsApp to share it there directly.

If the video is set to private on Facebook, which means the other users won’t be able to watch that video. To share the private video, follow the steps I am going to mention below:

  1. Open the Facebook application on your Android phone, locate and open the video you wish to share.
  2. After you open that video, tap on the three dots option which opens up the “MORE OPTION” dialog. If you can’t find this option then simply tap the “Share” option on the bar with “Like” and “Comment” options.
  3. You will see a lot of options there, tap on the “Copy Link” to copy the official URL of that video.
  4. Exit Facebook and open WhatsApp on your phone. Open the conversation with whom you want to share this video.
  5. Simply paste here the URL of the video that you copied from Facebook.

These steps will surely help you in sharing a video from Facebook to WhatsApp

How to Send a Picture/Message from Facebook to WhatsApp

How to Send a Picture/Message from Facebook to WhatsApp

Hello there again my people, I welcome you all here. I am really happy to see you guys here reading my article.

It always try the best of me to solve all the problems you face and search for the solutions here on the internet. I try to give the best solutions to all of your problems and today I am going to do the same.

I see you are surfing the internet to know how to send a picture or a message from Facebook to WhatsApp. No worries, in this article I will tell you all the possible ways you can do to send a picture or a message from Facebook to WhatsApp.

If there is a photo on Facebook which you want to share on WhatsApp, then first of all open that photo on Facebook.

After opening it when you are viewing that picture, look at the top right corner of your smartphone screen you will see three small dots, tap those dots and select the option “SHARE EXTERNAL” from that menu. You will see different options there about where to share this picture. Select WhatsApp on this option and it will send that photo from Facebook to WhatsApp easily.

For the iOS users, don’t worry I have the same solution for you guys too.

When you are viewing a picture on the device which supports iOS like iPhone or iPads, you will see there is an option of three small dots beside the LIKE button.

Tap that three small dots option and you will see several actions, choose and select “Save” this will save that photo into your camera roll.

Exit Facebook and open WhatsApp, go into the conversation where you want to share that picture. Open images, select the photo you want to share, and tap the ‘’Send” button.

Best Facebook Messenger Bots

Best Facebook Messenger Bots

Hi there people and welcome back here! I am pleased to see you back here to find the solutions to your problems which I search and provide you with.

In this article, we will be talking about the best Facebook messenger bots you can use. But before that, let me tell you what a Messenger Bot is.

A chatbot is an impressive technology. It is an automated messaging software that uses AI to have a conversation with several people. Chatbots have been around us for decades.

Even you have chatted with a Chatbot many times and you don’t even realize it. These chatbots are found in some webpages, in applications, on social media, etc.

But if we talk about Facebook Messenger bot, this chatbot lives in Facebook Messenger only and it converses with some of the 1.3 billion people who are using Facebook Messenger from across the globe.

Have you ever sent a message to any company on Facebook and a bot responds suddenly and further provides you with various options you would like to take and asks some questions? That is a Facebook Bot.

Here are only some of the best Facebook messenger bots you should try:


If you want to book tickets for a movie, book a cab, reserve and book a hotel, this facebook messenger bot “Niki.AI” will do all these things for you in a moment.

This is a smart AI-powered bot that will help you get things done swiftly on chat.


If you want to get answers to your health queries, then this HealthTap Facebook messenger bot is just for you.

This bot helps you in getting answers for your health queries from different experienced physicians around the world, all for free. There will be many similar queries as yours, you can browse through them.


This bot is more focused on the AI part. With this Odus.ai, you can use this bot to chat with other people just as if a person is having a conversation with them.

You will have to do all the script work leave the rest to the bot.

Voice Call Not Working on Facebook Messenger

Voice Call Not Working on Facebook Messenger

Hello there ladies and gentlemen! I welcome you here with all my heart. I hope you guys are having a wonderful day.

Are you having an issue with Facebook Messenger voice call? No worries at all now. I will provide you with the best and possible solution to this problem of yours. So relax and read this article of mine till the end.

Voice Call issues happen because of a lot of reasons. Sometimes people face this issue because of their poor internet connection, sometimes WiFi blocks certain applications from usage, a technical problem, etc.

Well, whatever the cause is, I am going to tell you some solutions to try. Keep trying these solutions one by one until you fix this problem of yours, like this, you will also find out the actual cause of your problem.

  1. The very first thing you should ensure whether the person you are trying to call on Facebook Messenger is using this Messenger application or not. Because if that person doesn’t use Messenger application, you won’t be able to call that person from Facebook Messenger.
  2. Always keep your Facebook Messenger application updated. If you have not updated your Facebook Messenger application for a while, that might be causing some glitches.
  3. Check if your internet connection is working perfectly. Sometimes your internet connection signals are so poor that the messenger is unable to connect the calls.
  4. Make sure if you are using WiFi that certain applications are not blocked from usage.
  5. Restart your phone immediately, some of the times there are technical problems, and just restarting your smartphone saves the day for you.
  6. Uninstall your Facebook messenger, download it again from the Google Play Store or App Store and install it.

These solutions will hopefully solve this problem. Try these solutions one by one and keep checking if any of these solutions have solved your problem.

How Can I Send Files Using Facebook Messenger App in My Smartphone

How Can I Send Files Using Facebook Messenger App in My Smartphone

Hello there ladies and gents, hope you all are having a wonderful day and I hope you all are fit and fine. Out there looking for a problem with Facebook Messenger app on how to send files on Facebook Messenger?

Well, just read the article below, and hopefully, you will know how to send a file using the Facebook Messenger app on the smartphone.

A Facebook Messenger is a mobile app that has lots and lots of features such as audio and video calling all across the world and it is all free of charge. You can also send photos and videos instantaneously from your current location.

You can send the files from messenger on PC also but we are discussing here the phone app Facebook Messenger, so let’s focus on that.

In the Facebook Messenger app, you will see an attachment button, this attachment button can only upload the photos and videos on a smartphone.

There is another option to upload document files including the photos and videos. If you want to send a miscellaneous file type such as Docs, Zip, etc. This tweak will help you to send files using the Messenger app on an Android, iOS, and also Windows phone.

You are also able to install any file hosting service app like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and iCloud into your smartphone which will allow you to send files via messenger app. You can try to tap the required file or hold the required file which you want to send in the file manager. There, you can find an icon of messenger app, simply click on that icon and send the file to whomever you want to send.

There are also other tips and tricks to send a file using the Messenger app.

  1. You can download and install the RAR application from Google Play Store.
  2. Open the RAR application and select what you want to send.
  3. Click on the three vertical dots and click on send.
  4. Scroll down to choose messenger and it will open the messenger contact list.
  5. Now you have to find the person from your contact list and click on the “Send” button.

Why Can’t my Facebook Messenger Make Calls?

Why Can’t my Facebook Messenger Make Calls?

Hey there people, hope you all are doing great and having a wonderful life. Are you looking for a problem of why you Facebook Messenger is not making calls, you don’t have to worry about this problem at all as I will discuss the problem and I will also provide you with some tips and solutions to overcome this problem.

Nowadays, Facebook is the most used social network all around the world, and it can have used on the PC and the smartphone. Recently, Facebook has offered its users an application which is called Messenger and it is used to send instant messages, pictures, audio voices, videos, voice call/video calls, etc all across the world, which is all free of cost.

People face a problem of Facebook Messenger that is not making calls, it is often due to 2 main reasons:

  • Either the person you are calling is not on Messenger or
  • Your Facebook Messenger is not updated

If the person whom you are calling is not on Messenger then you will be able to know that whether the person has or does not have a Messenger by looking at a call sign.

And the call sign is Grey then it means the person is not on Messenger and if the call sign is marked in blue call sign then it means the person is having a Messenger app.

If this is the scenario, then you should ask your friend to install the latest version of Facebook Messenger so you will be able to make free calls.

Your Facebook Messenger is not up to date:

If your Facebook Messenger is not making calls then it could be because your Facebook Messenger is not up to date and it means that the calling option is not available on your version. If this is the reason, then your phone might have some issue in auto-updating the applications because normally a smartphone auto-updates the apps.

Check the settings and do a manual update from Google Play store if needed. You just need the latest version to allow the Messenger to make calls.

How Do I Send PDF File Through Facebook Messenger?

How Do I Send PDF File Through Facebook Messenger?

Hi there boys and girls, hope you all are having an awesome day with good health. Out here searching for a problem on how to send PDF files through the Facebook Messenger?

Well, guess what, you have just came to the right place because I will discuss this problem, all you have to do is just read all of the articles below so you may overcome this issue you are having.

Facebook Messenger is an app that is used all across the globe. It is used for Facebook users to send instant messages, photos, videos, voice call, video call, it offers all of that free of cost.

There is an issue of sending a PDF file in a messenger app as it does not show the same attachment button as it shows it on a PC version. So, people often face this issue and they are unable to send a PDF file to the person whom they want to send.

Well, to be honest, you really can’t directly send the PDF file from your Facebook Messenger. But there is a trick to it. Open Google Chrome in your smartphone and go to www.facebook.com, it will be redirected to m.facebook.com or you could just simply write m.facebook.com.

Now you will see a chatbox, click on that chatbox, there you will be able to see the same attachment icon which is shown on the desktop version, just click on that and you will be able to send the PDF file from your smartphone.

I hope this will help you overcome the issues you are facing.

Why isn’t my message reaching Messenger?

Sending a message means that it was sent by you. And delivery means it has reached the recipients.

If your message is not being delivered, it means to the recipient. It could be a server problem, an internet problem, a configuration problem, anything.

Why hasn’t my message arrived?

Not saying iMessage is “delivered” simply means that for some reason messages have not yet been successfully delivered to the recipient’s device.

The reasons may be: their phone does not have Wi-Fi or cellular data network, their iPhone is off or do distort mode, etc.

How do you get a message to deliver on messenger?

Unfortunately, there is no way to proceed with the delivery. When sent, it means that Facebook is ready to deliver your message to your friend.

The Messenger app usually updates itself, so when you send a message to someone, it arrives without delay.

How do I know if my messages on Messenger are being ignored?

Go to their messenger profile by tapping their name at the top of their messenger page.

Scroll down until you see the block user or something like that, if the ignored messages are not shown above the block then your messages are being ignored.

How do you know if someone has silenced you on Messenger?

When you think you’ve been muted by a user on Facebook, send a message to that user.

If the message you sent is read as ‘viewed’ at the time, it means that you are silent. Check Facebook on another device like a smartphone. If messages have been ‘viewed’ at different times, you have been muted.


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