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Messenger say I’m active when I’m not using Messenger

Clearly, Facebook rebranded itself to a new name called Meta, and all of its apps like Messenger, Whatsapp, and Snapchat, are now connected with the Meta Platforms.

The Messenger app has countless features that anyone knows about. Meta keeps updating its apps’ features in order to make the chat system easier.

Facebook Messenger

A user can best observe how their one account goes offline but can be still available to the other account. This way, the user can make changes to their first account, in order to gain a better understanding of active and not active statuses.

Once they have learned about it, they can easily get rid of the second account.

Why Does Messenger Show Active While You’re on Facebook?

Why Does Messenger Show Active While You're on Facebook?

Regardless of the many privacy issues that people face on Facebook, there aren’t many who have a social networking website.

Gone are the days when only people knew what they did in their free time. Now, every activity is proudly broadcasted, leading to privacy issues and ethical issues.

The Issue

Many users face the problem of their Facebook Messenger showing active when they are browsing on it.

This could be a problem for those who don’t want to chat with anyone and just browse in the background.

Default Settings

Due to the default settings of Facebook Messenger, the activity status of a person appears to be on. When a person is browsing Facebook, then their friends list would see them as online, with a green dot next to their profile name or picture.

The status of being active shows on Facebook Messenger, and it can mislead people who think that a person is online, but not talking to them. There is a simple way through which the activity status can be turned off so that there are no misunderstandings and the user has better control over his privacy.

Activity Status

The following are the steps that a user should follow, to turn their activity status off. These steps are applicable for both Android and iOS users:

  • Tap on the profile icon on Facebook.
  • Open settings that appear in the top left menu.
  • Tap on the option of ‘Activity Status’, which users can find under profile settings.
  • At the tap the slider that appears right next to ‘Show when you’re active.
  • Tap on the option to turn it off.
  • The active status is now disabled.

What Happens After?

When a person has disabled their active status, they can still chat with their friends, but their friends won’t be able to see their status as active. Prior to these settings, people can also see how long a person has been idle, but after these settings are implemented, the information would disappear as well.

Tip: Even if someone has disabled their status on their phone, they have to repeat the same setting on other locations as well. For example, if they are signed in on their Facebook Messenger on the desktop, then the same settings have to be repeated.

The need for “inactive” on Facebook Messenger

Not every Facebook user wants to stay available to others, for a quick chat. Some would like to observe what others are doing in the background, and not tell them that they are actively using Facebook. There are users who value their privacy and alone time and would just like to look at other people’s profiles or memes for entertainment.

For such people, the inactive option on Facebook Messenger is valuable, and it is important for them to know. For example, if someone says that they are sleeping, but their status shows active, then others would think that they are lying. This is what users want to get rid of when they want to be inactive on Facebook Messenger.

How Someone is Showing ‘Active Now’ on Messenger Without The Green Sign?

It has lots of benefits for its users. If someone doesn’t want to make their own website and sell items, then they can easily make a Facebook business page. If someone wants to place an order, then they can contact the business, through Facebook Messenger.

However, at times customers can become angry. If they try to communicate with the business and Messenger shows a green sign, but they don’t get a reply, then they might think the business is ignoring them. Those who are starting new on Facebook, need to know a few things, to be more efficient.

‘Active Now’ With Green Sign

If someone’s profile is showing active now, with a green sign, means that they are active. The profile is actively using Facebook and is available on Messenger. When someone contacts them, they have to reply, because they can’t make any excuses.

‘Active Now’ Without Green Sign

In another scenario, if someone’s profile shows that they are active now, but without a green sign, then this could mean two things:

  • That profile has switched off their chat.
  • The person who is viewing that profile has switched off the chat.

If people don’t want to show another person that they are active on their profile, then they can simply turn off the active status.

Turning Active Status Off

To turn the active status off and get rid of people complaining that they are being ignored, a user has to follow some very simple steps:

  • If the user is using Android, then from the chat option they have to click on their profile picture.
  • The profile picture appears in the top left corner.
  • Then the user has to tap on the active status option.
  • The user toggles the option of turning the active status on or off.
  • The same steps can be followed, in case the user is using iOS.

This is not only important for those who have started their own online business, but for those who don’t want to confuse their contacts. Often, it happens that when people visit Facebook, they don’t go there to chat with other people.

Business Pages

In case someone has a Facebook business page, they might only want to check if there are some urgent queries, and they can do so, without appearing online. If they don’t deactivate their active status, then this would really disappoint the customers. Those who have their own business pages on Facebook should divide their time accordingly.

Personal Use

As for those who go to Facebook for personal purposes, they should remember how having an active status and not talking with others, can cause problems.

Friends might think that you don’t want to talk to them when you weren’t even there in the first place. Understanding the basics of Facebook Messenger might help those, who appear and disappear on Facebook, quite frequently.

It is very helpful and useful, but it can also be a headache sometimes. That is why it should be used properly, with a basic understanding of all rules and tricks.

Does the green dot on Messenger only mean someone is chatting with another person or just active on Facebook?

Does the green dot on Messenger only mean someone is chatting with another person or just active on Facebook?

Perhaps, the curiosity to know if someone is ignoring us led us to ask difficult questions. It is not easy to know if someone is online on Facebook Messenger, was online, and the duration of their online activity. However, people are still curious about whether they are being ignored, or the other party is simply busy. You can see who views your Facebook profile.

The Green Dot

Most Facebook users are aware of the green dot, which they see next to their friend’s name. When they see a green dot, they automatically assume that the person is online. However, the question is, is it that simple?

Meaning of the Green Dot

Even if a person has a green dot next to their profile, it can mean two things:

  1. They are on another browser, and might not be able to reply
  2. They are away from their device and haven’t switched off the Facebook browser

The green dot appears because even if they are not actively doing anything on Facebook, they haven’t switched it off. Even though there is no activity, Facebook still considers a user’s status as active.

The misunderstanding Green Dot

Those who don’t have knowledge about the green dot and the two situations associated with it, would probably feel lost when faced with a situation. Considering the misunderstandings that result because of the green dot, and the many interpretations of it, Facebook should rethink this feature.


Instead of a green dot for someone who is active, but not present, Facebook can come up with an orange dot. Even if someone isn’t active, and their laptop has been idle for some time, others would still see a green dot next to their profile picture. This is unfair for every user, as they are misled by Facebook. If Facebook revises this feature, then it would lead to an improvement in user experience.

Turning Off Active Status

Turning Off Active Status

If someone wants to turn off active status so that their followers or friends won’t be misled, then the following are some of the steps they can take:

  • Click on the profile picture, that is present on the top left of the chat window.
  • Click on activate the status.
  • Toggle between on and off.
  • Repeat the same steps for other devices, like smartphones and computers.

The misleading Green dot

The notion that a green dot can mislead so many people, is astounding. Even if Facebook doesn’t revise this feature, people should try to understand that it is not necessary, every green dot means someone is online.

If someone is denying that they weren’t online, even if there was a green dot, then the other person should research it. There are countless opinions and articles online telling people that a green dot, doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is online.

However, people accuse others of ignoring them, breaking up their relationship with them, over just a lack of information about a green dot. Such assumptions and practices have to change, because they seem ridiculous, considering the facts associated with a green dot.

In short, the green dot doesn’t mean that a person is chatting with another person.

How can you tell if someone is actively using Messenger or if their Facebook account is just active/open?

Those who use Facebook, are aware of the game ‘who is online and who is lying!’. The problem with this game is that people get too invested. If they see someone online, or their account is active and open, they want an immediate response. The thing is that most people leave their app running in the background, and don’t use it.

Facebook’s Privacy Concerns

Even though Facebook shows whether someone is online or was active a few minutes ago, these statuses can be a bit misleading. Perhaps, Facebook does this to respect one’s privacy, but it sure raises a lot of other concerns. Such ‘last seen active’ statuses can create misunderstandings between people.

It can make a business lose their customers, just because they didn’t reply to their message right away.

The Green Dot

One way to know if someone is online or not is through the green dot. Following are the two situations that users should consider:

  • If the green dot is on, and the action now is displayed on the screen, then the user is on Facebook, or they were a moment ago
  • The green dot is turned off, but the status shows active now, then which means they have left the Facebook chat, and have left Facebook open
  • If someone is using a phone Messenger, and a green dot appears next to the phone, then it means the person is texting live
  • If the status shows that the person was active two minutes ago, then this means they are not live texting and are probably video chatting with someone

Patience while using Facebook Messenger

There is a genuine lack of patience when people use Facebook Messenger. If they see someone online, they automatically assume that that person is available to talk to.

However, at times, when someone is browsing Facebook, doing something important or entertaining, they don’t want to have a conversation with the other person. This creates impatience and disappointment in the other person and creates a genuine misunderstanding.

Close Apps And Sign Out

If someone is not on Facebook Messenger, or on Facebook, and they want to show their status offline, then they should do something about it.

They should shut their Facebook Messenger app when they are done using it. It should not let the Facebook Messenger app run in the background, because that would show them as active.

They should sign out from their Facebook account when they are surfing on a laptop or smartphone because that sometimes becomes a reason for showing someone online, even when they aren’t.

If people switch off their Facebook Messenger app online, then it could really help with their battery situation as well. People can save their phone battery and laptop battery, easily.

Moreover, by knowing these tricks, people can get rid of unwanted conversations. Moreover, they can prevent misunderstandings from happening.

It is a great tool, but people really need to learn how to use it. It should be a means of communication, not a means of ending communication.

What does “Active k minutes ago” mean on Facebook Messenger? Is this the time last active on Facebook, or Messenger, or something else?

Those who want to hide from others, and surf any social networking website, can no longer do it. First came WhatsApp that basically told someone when they last accessed their app. This means that if they did access the app and didn’t reply to a message, then they are basically ignoring the person. The same feature can be found in Facebook Messenger.

Active k minutes ago

When someone sees that a person was active 10 minutes ago on Messenger, but didn’t respond to them, then that could lead to disappointment.

This new-age technology has surely ended many relationships. However, people need to understand that if they see someone active 10 minutes ago, then this doesn’t mean that the person was online ten minutes ago. This could mean a number of things:

  • The last message posted on their Facebook Messenger was ‘k’ minutes ago
  • They were active on the Facebook app, but not on Messenger
  • The user checked notifications on Facebook, through the drop-down option, but didn’t actually visit the app
  • The Facebook page could be run on a laptop or computer, where the user isn’t using it

Other Reasons

The ‘active k minutes ago on Facebook Messenger isn’t very accurate. Most people leave their Facebook running in the background, while they do things online. Moreover, those who are using the Facebook Messenger app on their smartphone might not switch it off when they are done with it. If the app is running in the background, then it could show inaccurate time.

Active on Messenger

Active on Messenger

If someone doesn’t switch off their active status on Messenger, then others can see them as appearing to be online. This is why it is important to learn about these things.

However, it is not necessary that when the status is active, someone might not be online and it is a hoax. Businesses should keep their active status on and must respond to their customers timely because Facebook Messenger is a great method to provide good customer service.

Deactivate the Option

The best way to get rid of people annoying you, because you didn’t reply to them, is to deactivate the active now status. All a person has to do is go to their profile picture, and then find out the settings of active status and switch them off.

People should deactivate this setting, not only because of the annoying factor. If they do switch off this option, then they won’t have to worry about being visible to other people, with whom they don’t want to talk. They can also browse in complete privacy and secrecy.

Not everyone goes to Facebook, with the intention of communicating with other people. Even though communication is dying, because people are more interested in staying invisible and commenting, it is still an important process.

However, if other people start being irritating whenever someone gets online, then this could be the number one reason, as to why someone would like to go invisible. They should definitely follow the steps mentioned in this article.

Always Here: Messenger’s Active Status Cheat

Many of us use Facebook for entertainment purposes. When we go online, we get to see things like funny videos, memes, and interesting pictures. However, there are people who use Facebook for purely business or communication purposes. Most users have Facebook Messenger installed on their desktops and smartphones as well. However, there are a few things that they need to learn about, to use effectively.

The Curious Case of Active Status

Now, many users must be concerned about getting backlash from other people, about their being active on Facebook Messenger, and not talking to them. For example, a customer has a query, in the middle of the night. When he visits the Facebook page of a business and sees it as active, posts a query, and doesn’t get a response, then he would feel irritated.

However, it could be true that the business page administrator wasn’t online at that time. This is where the active status comes in. Even if someone isn’t online on Facebook Messenger, but their status shows active, they are still considered online.

Changing the Active Status

Now, nobody wants to get into an argument with a customer or a friend, which is why they need to learn about active status. Moreover, the changes that they made on one device, they should make on all the devices that have Facebook Messenger.

For example, if someone has Messenger installed on a smartphone (iOS and Android), home computer, and office laptop, then these changes should be made to all.

Virtual Presence: Display ‘Active’ on Messenger

The simplest way to make the active status, go deactivate, is to sign out of all the devices. Another simple way is that when someone is not using Facebook Messenger, and they don’t want to appear ‘active’, then it would be best to switch off Wi-Fi.

Switching off Wi-Fi would mean that the person’s applications won’t refresh in the background, and the status won’t be active.

Tip: Facebook Messenger needs Wi-Fi signals to stay active, so simply switching it off can solve the problem, sometimes.

When Wi-Fi disconnection isn’t Enough

At times, users can’t simply disconnect their Wi-Fi, because they have to do other tasks on their phones. To solve this problem, the following steps should be taken:

  • Log in to Facebook Messenger from your phone or laptop.
  • In the ‘Chats’ section, in the top left corner, users can see their profile pictures.
  • Tap on the profile picture.
  • Tap on the active status option.
  • Use the toggle to switch it on or off.

Importance of Learning Tricks

Those who don’t know how to turn off the active status should learn. In fact, keeping up to date on the latest changes in Facebook settings, whether it is ‘chat’ related or privacy related, should be a priority. Facebook changes its settings every now and then, and learning about them through articles can be easier.

Learning about settings can prevent misunderstandings in relationships, and can provide more customer satisfaction. Turning the active status off is not a very difficult thing to do.

How do you check if someone has turned off their active status on Messenger so they can talk to another lover without you knowing?

Messenger app

To know if someone is online or not, would be a big thing for some people. If two people are in a relationship, then they use different mediums to talk to each other, and Facebook Messenger is no exception. However, a couple might use Facebook to talk with other people, and that can cause problems between the two.

Facebook Messenger and Couples

If someone wants to research Facebook Messenger and its impact on relationships, then they will surely search online. They will find a lot of messages from both men and women, about how their counterparts cheated on them. For example, if the female in a couple tells the male she is going to sleep, but her chat icon shows active, then this could become a problem between the two.

Relationships can end, simply because two people don’t understand Facebook well.

Active Status or Not

To know if someone has an active status or not, the following are the things people should know:

  • Users have the option to turn off and turn on their online timing.
  • If that timing doesn’t show when they go offline, then that means they have put off their active status.
  • If someone’s active status is off, then they won’t appear on the active friend list, and this can happen even if they are online.
  • Such users will be shown active only when they are online.

Offline, but not inactive: Messenger at the ready

If people research online, they will find out about Opera Browser. Opera Browser can be installed for PC and using this browser, people can find out the status of their friends if the status is hidden. However, the friend has to be online at the same time the user is online, to check their status.

The hazards of being paranoid

Some people are paranoid because they don’t have faith in the other person. However, what adds to the paranoia, is this feature of Facebook. Facebook, makes it very complicated for users to know if the other person is online or not.

There should be different indications for users who are online, and different for those who are online, but inactive. There are people who open their Facebook Messenger, or just Facebook and start to do something else.

Then there are apps that run in the background and keep on refreshing, making others falsely believe that someone is online.

Can the green dot show and the person not be active?

While communication technology has made interacting with others easier, it has also made the process of not wanting to interact with others, very difficult. For example, if a person doesn’t want to talk to someone, but the other side is insistent, then the said person will have to completely log out of all social networking websites.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has made it easier for people to talk to each other. The app works well on both Android and iOS. Through Facebook, people can even talk to their customers, loved ones, family, and friends. However, the same Facebook Messenger can cause a lot of confusion between two or more people.

There are many questions about whether someone is online, how to know if someone is online and if they are online, but not really active on Facebook. These questions cannot be answered fully, but it would help Facebook users to know a couple of facts.

Green Dot

When a green dot appears next to a person’s name, this simply means that they are logged into Facebook Messenger chat. However, this can also mean that while their Facebook chat is open, they are doing something else.

If users don’t want to cause any confusion, then they can change their active status, from on to off. This way, even if they are online, surfing Facebook, or have their chat open, no one can know.

The double tick

It is common knowledge that when someone reads another person’s message, there is a double tick right underneath their message, on the right-hand side. However, even when people don’t see the double tick, or they feel that the other user has turned off this feature, they still doubt that they are being ignored.

These misunderstandings not only happen in romantic relationships, but friends may also feel that their friends are ignoring them. Even if the other person says that they weren’t online, they might still face disbelief from their friends.

Know the technology

If someone is using Facebook, then it is best to know about it as well. Knowing about an application or a social networking website, only helps users become more effective when they are using it.

If users know about double tick, active status, and green dot, then they won’t have fights with others. These fights usually result in an ugly ‘not talking to you for a long time scenario. However, users should know that there is no confirmed way of knowing whether someone is online or not.

Background App Refresh

Those who don’t want to cause such problems should follow two things. Firstly, they should turn off the background app refresh option and close the app completely. This means, that the Facebook Messenger app won’t refresh in the background, and when it is not functioning, then it won’t show the green dot or the person as active.

Secondly, it would be best to log out of Facebook Messenger or even Facebook, when the user is not using it, because this shows them as active, even when they aren’t.



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