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How To Choose A Wireless Adapter For Desktop?

Find the best wireless adapter out there to improve your internet speed and save your money! That’s why the best wireless adapter for desktop.

The technical hobby among you is buying it in the draw.

The second desktop card on my list comes from the most frequent brand.

When you are out on a search for one of the best and right Wireless Adapter for your desktop system, then you get to understand how much difficult job it is.

There is a huge number of Wireless Adapter available in the market, and finding the best within them can be overwhelming a lot of times.

5+ Best Wireless Adapter For Desktop 2020

First of all, you should know how many types of Wireless Adapters there are and what they do. Do you know about them? If no, then you are just in the right place.

PCI Adapters

wireless adapter for desktop

These PCI adapters are add-in cards that are installed inside the desktop computers.

But before you think of buying one of these PCI adapters, make sure the motherboard of your desktop computer has a PCI slot available for its connectivity.

PCMCIA Adapters

wireless adapter for desktop

This PCMCIA can have easily found inside the notebook computers. These are used notebook computers and you will know about these adapters in notebook computers because of the antenna on it.

A more helpful guide and easy way to purchase: check price

The antenna that can have seen easily on the body of your notebook computer is the sign of this PCMCIA Adapter.


wireless adapter for desktop

This type of wireless adapters, namely MINI OCI has a built-in wireless antenna on the. And these MINI PCI adapters are installed inside of your laptop computer.

The installation of a MINI PCI wireless adapter is straightforward but it does require know-how before installing it.


wireless adapter for desktop

If you don’t want to get stuck with the installation process or don’t like to buy a MINI PCI wireless adapter or a PCMCIA network adapter then you should consider a USB wireless network adapter.

These USB wireless network adapters offer you with plug and play functionality. These are designed to be plugged into your computer through a USB port for connectivity.

USB wireless network adapters are considered as the easiest way to get wireless connectivity on your desktop computer.


wireless adapter for desktop

This is the last type of wireless network adapter you can have. Ethernet port wireless adapters are not that much common like the other wireless network adapters I have mentioned above.

These wireless network adapters work and function by connecting to the Ethernet port on your desktop computer.

Once you plug and connect this device into your Ethernet port, it performs its duty and provides you wireless connectivity. Even in the gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, you will find an Ethernet port wireless adapter.


wireless adapter for desktop

Are you one of those people who find it much easier to use one of the same brands as their router? If yes, then these Home Network Kits are ideal for the people in this scenario.

These Home Network Kits include a router and a wireless network adapter, both of these are bundled together.

These were all the types of wireless adapter that you should keep in mind, good for your knowledge. Now, shall we talk about how to find and choose the right wireless adapter for you? Let’s jump onto it.

Facts and Things to Consider While Choosing a Wireless Adapter for Desktop

choose a Wireless Adapter For Desktop

As every other device, every model, and everything related to technology comes with different shapes and sizes, just like that, these wireless network adapters come in all shapes and sizes. This is because two devices that look similar to each other don’t mean that they are the same thing.

There is a fact that many people don’t know about these wireless network adapters.

The fact is that having two antennas on an adapter doesn’t always make that wireless adapter stronger than the wireless adapter with a single antenna.

To find and choose the right wireless adapter for you, you don’t only need to look at the physique of the adapter, but specifications need to be considered more than anything else.

Look for the following specs to find the right adapter for you.

  • Whenever you will go on a search for a Wi-FI adapter, you will have two options, USB and PCI. The only difference between these two is the way they connect to your computer.
    A USB wireless adapter is said to be more convenient and it is easy to install and operate on your desktop computer.
    On the other hand, PCI adapters come with more antennas. Even accurate installation is required.
  • Look for the wireless routers with having the number 802.11ac, as these will provide the broadest and fastest connectivity than the models with another number like 802.11b.
  • If you are going for a USB connectivity adapter, then the type of ports will decide the speed of your connection.
    USB 2.0 will offer you with 60MB/s, and USB 3.0 tops out by providing you with 640MB/s.
  • Wireless frequency is to consider, whether you want to select 2.4GHz or 5GHz. If your house has many walls, go for 2.4GHz. Your wireless connection might suffer signal loss over long distances in 5GHz transmission.
  • Nowadays, there are many models which are low in build quality which offer great performance but they are known to last hardly a month or two. So, it is very necessary to consider and look for models with greater build quality overall.
  • As I mentioned above that these adapters come in all shapes and sizes, so choose an adapter according to space on your desktop computer so that when you connect the adapter with your computer, it should not block other ports or get stuck somewhere.


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