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15+ Best YouTube Audio Downloader 2024

This is software designed for the sole purpose of downloading YouTube videos.

Here is a conversion program that you can download and run on your Windows PC or Mac. Jane YouTube. YtMp3 Video Converter. Videoder Droid YouTube Downloader. ISkySoft Video.

YouTube is a video streaming website, where users will find music, movies, trailers of new movies, and trending games.

If a user wants to download a YouTube video audio, in say MP3 format, then he needs a separate software or website for it and YouTube Video Ideas.

15+ Best YouTube Audio Downloader 2024

The user would want software that converts a video into an MP3 format and then provides the user with a download link.

You like watching and tuning in to music videos on YouTube. If there is a case there was an approach to tune in to the sound that got a bit disconnected. Download YouTube Videos as MP3.

If you have the correct instruments, there is. Individual sites, programming, and program augmentations can strip out the sound bit of any YouTube video and convert it to an MP3 record, which you would then be able to spare to your PC or cell phone.

We’ve recently secured how to download YouTube content as video documents. Here, we’ll center on the assignment of downloading them as sound documents.

Free YouTube Download

Free YouTube Download

This is software designed for the sole purpose of downloading YouTube videos. The software is pretty easy to use, as the user only has to input the URL of the video, they want the audio of.

There is an option of auto-downloading in the software, through which it downloads videos on its own.

Videos can also be downloaded in batches, and it doesn’t require anyone to pay anything.

The software is available for both Windows and Mac.

The only thing that the software can improve on, is its interface.

Link: here

4K Video Downloader

YouTube Audio Downloader

Here’s a change program you download and run on your Windows PC or Mac. The first rendition of the 4K Video Downloader is free.

If you need to remove the advertisements, download YouTube playlists and channels, and get future updates to the product, the excellent rendition costs $15 for three individual licenses.

With a 4K Video Downloader, you can change over and download YouTube content like video or sound records.

For sound documents, you can pick among MP3, M4A, and OGG arranges, and decide on the first quality, top-notch, mid-range quality, or low quality.

You can duplicate a YouTube URL legitimately into the program by tapping the Paste Link button; at that point, pick the arrangement and nature of the sound just as the download area.

Snap-on the Extract button, at that point, double tap on the record in 4K Video Downloader or where it’s saved money on your PC or Mac to play the sound.

Link: here


YouTube Audio Downloader

Another easy-to-understand site, GenYouTube changes over YouTube recordings to MP3 and different configurations for sound and video.

Reorder the connection to a YouTube video in the pursuit field. GenYouTube begins playing the video. You, at that point, select the organization for the sound document, for example, MP3 or M4A. Download the report to play it on your gadget.

GenYouTube has different deceives at its disposal. In case you’re viewing a video on YouTube, permanently add the word gen to the video interface, as in https://www.genyoutube.com/watch?v=qZXdZwsx64I, and you’re cleared away to the GenYouTube webpage to download the video. You can likewise take advantage of the administration by introducing program expansions for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Link: here

YtMp3 Video Converter

YouTube Audio Downloader

Brisk and helpful, YtMp3 Video Converter is where you can reorder the URL of the YouTube video you need to change over. Include the connection, click the Convert button, and the record change commences.

You can change over the YouTube video to either MP3 sound or an MP4 video document, however as far as possible, you to recordings as long as one hour long.

After the video is changed over, you can send the record legitimately to Dropbox or download it to your PC, where you, at that point, can play it with your default music player. Enjoy the music and fall in love all over again with your favorite music.

Link: here


YouTube Audio Downloader

If someone is using their Android phone to download audio from YouTube, then they can download Videoder.

This app allows the user to download audio in bulk. The user can download as much music as they want with this tool you will get youtube downloader HD. All videos you can download from YouTube in HD resolution.

The videos that can be downloaded and converted into audios should be in the following formats:

  • Mp3
  • 4k
  • 1080p-144P
  • 60fps

This app not only supports YouTube but also other websites as well. Videoder can download videos from Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp and convert them into audio formats.

The app doesn’t have any ads, which is the best thing a user can ask for and having a good way such as it is.

Link: Here

Droid YouTube Downloader

YouTube Audio Downloader

This is an app that users can easily download on their phones. People use their phones, more than they use their laptops or PC, which is why it is perfect to have such a handy app.

Droid YouTube allows users to save and download, several pieces of music at the same time. They will be able to download high-quality videos and audio such as youtube downloader HD.

There are no ads to annoy the user in this app. Further, this app can download audio from YouTube and Dailymotion only. The best part is that it is easy to use.

ISkySoft Video Downloader

YouTube Audio Downloader

This is a very effective software for users, which can download video and audio, from more than 100 websites.

It can download all the audios from a single playlist, or multiple playlists.

ISkySoft is excellent software, which can convert videos in 153 formats with this simple and youtube downloader HD may help.

The software is available for Windows and Mac, both. People can extract audio from videos as well.

Even though some of the features of the downloader are free, but others don’t work, unless and until the user pays. One of these features includes downloading videos in a batch.

Those who don’t want to buy the premium version of the software, can still download YouTube videos, without any hassle.

Fastest Tube

Most users don’t want to download the whole software on their desktop because it can be very confusing at times. FastestTube is an extension, available for users on their web browsers.

Users don’t have to download any additional software on their computer.

The best part of the extension is that it is compatible with popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

The user can download videos in high quality, like 1080p, and they can disable or enable downloading annotations.

The user interface of the extension is pretty good, and it eliminates the need for software.

This extension can have downloaded directly from the website of FastestTube.

Link: here

Freemake Video Downloader

YouTube Audio Downloader

This is free software and it allows users to download audios from multiple websites. They can download videos from Facebook, Dailymotion, and Vimeo as well.

The user has to copy and paste the URL of the video in the software and can convert the video in different formats.

If the user only wants to extract the audio from the files, then this one can be done as well.

The benefits of using this software are as follows:

  • It has a very intuitive interface
  • The application setting has to be set up only once
  • youtube downloader app can help you when you have to download anything from YouTube.
  • It can be used for downloading and converting videos into audio format
  • Youtube downloader
  • Audios can be downloaded without any hassle

However, when a user tries to download more than one audio through this software, they might face some problems. To maintain its stability, the user should try downloading two audio at the same time.

Link: here

YouTube MP3 and Video Downloader

YouTube MP3 and Video Downloader

If users want to download both MP3 and videos from the same tool, then this YouTube MP3 and Video Downloader is the tool that they should try.

The advantage of using this tool is that it lets the user download multiple files at the same time.

This means that they can download more than music files, and it won’t slow down the process. Not only youtube video downloader for android is available on this website but also you will find YouTube audio, video, downloader in HD resolution.

It lets the user download MP3 files, from more than one source. There are no limitations that the user has to face.

However, as this app is free, it may show some ads and that is what users find the most irritating aspects of it.

Link: here


ClipGrab YouTube audio downloader

This is excellent software, which allows users to download both audio and video from various websites. These websites include YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.

This is free software, which makes it easier for users to use. The interface is user-friendly, and users won’t face any problems when they try to download videos from it.

The best part is that, if someone doesn’t want to browse videos, then they can simply look for them in the built-in search bar, that they can see in the software.

Users can download audio and video files of any quality. The selection and the download process are very easy to use.

When users look for a while, then the software would give them the option to download audio files of the version. With youtube video downloader free download full version that is such a great idea for us.

Read more: YouTube Free Video Downloader 

There are add-ons, which come with the software. However, it is up to the user to install them or not. When looking for a video file, to convert it into an audio file, the user has to be specific. The built-in search bar only shows 12 entries for the user.

Link: here

All Video Downloader

All Video Downloader YouTube audio downloader

Even though the name of this software is All Video Downloader, it also helps in downloading audio. All the user has to do is copy and paste the URL of the video, and then choose the format.

The format can be audio or video, both. The process of converting a video into audio, or extracting it, is very easy.

Users can download up to two audios at the same time.


TubeMate YouTube audio downloader

This is an app, which lets users download multiple files at the same time. TubeMate preserves the original quality of a video’s audio and lets the user download at a good speed.

With the help of this app, users can easily save videos or audio to their phones. this app is perfect for those who want to download audio from YouTube. However, if they want to download from other websites, they have to look for a different app.

There will be ads that pop up in this app, but the app serves its function to the user. Not only you will be able to download in 4K resolution but also you will use a 4k video downloader.

Link: here

YouTube Song Downloader

YouTube Song Downloader

This is an app that supports YouTube and other websites, with audio files, as well. Most people don’t want to download videos from YouTube and then wait until it is converted.

If they only want the audio from YouTube and other websites, then they should use this app.

The best part is that there are no ads on this app. Users have the chance to browse and download songs, and they won’t be irritated with an in-flow of ads.

This app only saves the audio track, extracted from a YouTube video and 4k video downloader. It can download only one file at a time. However, even though it doesn’t download in a batch, it still serves its main purpose.

Link: here


Peggo YouTube audio downloader

This is a YouTube converter. This means that when a user pastes the URL of a video on this app, then the app extracts the audio from the file.

There are practical options that the app offers users. They can normalize the volume of the audio, and remove the silence from the beginning of a video.

By the way, the user has a chance to normalize the volume of the audio, according to what they like to hear.

Users can access the music directory page in Peggo, which is a dedicated space for the audio files that the user has downloaded.

By the way, the user won’t be confused about which files he has downloaded, and their names.

Link: here


Y2Mate YouTube audio downloader

This is a very easy-to-use website, and users definitely won’t be disappointed. All they have to do is insert the URL of the video in the given space, and click on Start.

When the website processes the video, then it will give the user two options. They can either download the video or audio, in any given resolution or format and the list of youtube downloaders this one is also available because the quality of this extension is better.

This website is effective because it doesn’t take the user to any other page, and simply gives the user the options that he needs.

This can be helpful for those who want to download audio files and save them directly into their phone.

Link: here


SaveFrom YouTube audio downloader

This is the website, which is easy to use as well. The user can download music from YouTube videos, in a very quick way.

Savefrom.net lets the user insert the URL of the video, even if it is 1080p, and then convert the video into audio format. This is a very quick process, and the user doesn’t have to wait for long.

However, users might see some ads come upon this website, but as it supports many other websites, and is easy to use, this factor doesn’t matter.

Link: here


YouTubNow YouTube audio downloader

This is a web application that can download online videos and convert them to audio files. The application comes in ten different languages.

It is a convenient way to download videos and convert them, and the formats that it supports are:

  • MP4
  • 3GP
  • WebM
  • MP3

The quality of video and audio that it supports, ranges from 144p to 1080p. However, if the user wants to extract audio from 4k quality videos or higher than that, then they have to get another application.

Link: here

5 Best YouTube Downloader MP3 iPhone

The most common misperception about the iPhone is that you can’t download or transfer data without buying apps from the Apple store.

In case you need YouTube videos converted in mp3 format, there are software and online websites that can help users accomplish this objective.


Best YouTube Downloader MP3 iPhone

Freemake is software, which helps convert YouTube videos to mp3 files for iPhone users. With the help of this online converter, you can easily convert YouTube files and export them to the iTunes library.

It will take only 30 seconds to convert these files. This way, you don’t have to buy any apps, and can get tons of music on your phone within seconds!

How to Use This Tool?

First, you need to download the software from its official website, which is here.

When you launch the exe file after the software is downloaded from the website, you need to wait a while for the software to download. Freemake supports Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

Then, you need to copy the YouTube link that you want to convert to mp3 for iPhone. You should always run the clip once to make sure that it is the one you want to download.

The third step is to paste the link in the Freemake software, choose the format you want to convert it in and the file would be converted right away!

When you get the download option, you will also get a resolution option; if the file is too big to download, then you can pick a smaller resolution.

After you have downloaded the clip, you can now transport it to iTunes, and enjoy it on your iPhone, whenever you want.

Documents By Readdle

If you don’t want to download software and involve a PC in this process, then there is another way.

You can download ‘Documents by Readdle’ from the App Store and install it. It will be the best way for you to convert YouTube videos to mp3, for iPhone use.

How to Use It?

  • When you have downloaded the Documents by Readdle from the App Store, open it.
  • Make sure that the mp3 song you need, you have copied its link from YouTube.
  • You can copy the link of the video throw a browser, or by using its official app.
  • Go back to the app, and at the bottom right corner, you will see an in-built browser.
  • Open that browser and it will take you to the tube go YouTube to the MP3 converter website.

In the search box, paste the YouTube link that you choose earlier and then click on the blue button, which says download mp3.

The download process will start right away, based on your internet speed, and you will see the file in your iPhone’s download section in no time.

This is the easiest way of downloading an mp3 file, and you don’t even have to install any complicated files.

Link: here

YouTube to MP3 Converter

Best YouTube Downloader MP3 iPhone

This app is available on the App Store, and it allows you to convert videos of different formats, into audio files. This not only includes MP but AAC, M4A, OPUS, and WAV.

It is used the same way as you might have used other converter apps. All you need to do is copy and paste the link, and click on the download button.

When downloading MP3, you can select and customize volume and bitrate, which is a feature that not every app gives to its users. You can select the start and ending point of the video that you want to convert.

If you want to import audio and video from other platforms like Google Drive and One Drive, you can do so, using this app. You can open audio files using this app, and share them on other apps as well.

MediaHuman’s YouTube to MP3 Converter is another free transformation program you introduce and run on Windows or macOS. Even though easy to utilize, the product gives a variety of cutting-edge choices.

  • To begin, reorder or snap and drag the YouTube URL into the program.
  • Click Start Download.
  • You can even change over and download different recordings across the board shot.

The video is then changed over and downloaded to your PC, with a helpful visual chart demonstrating the advancement.

  • To discover the document.
  • Click the Locate Downloaded File button in the converter to open File Explorer or Finder and play the sound.
  • There is additionally an alternative that consequently adds the sound document to your iTunes library
  • To wander past the essential highlights.
  • Click the General choices symbol on the base toolbar and afterward select Preferences.

Here, you can pick to mechanize connect sticking and downloading, control downloads, change organize data transfer capacity, play with the iTunes settings, and change the sound arrangement and download organizer.

Even though you get every one of these highlights for nothing, a $9.99-a-year Turbo Boost mode radically accelerates changing over and downloading to only a couple of moments.

Link: here


airy-downloader YouTube audio downloader

There is no doubt about the popularity of YouTube and how much content it hosts. All the newest releases are there, all the most desired stuff. And then there is iTunes – a very handy and popular mobile app to listen to music or audiobooks, watch movies, create your music libraries, etc.

A lot of music and videos are available for purchase through the iTunes store. But what if you found something on YouTube that the iTunes store doesn’t have and wants to find a YouTube converter to iTunes that will download YouTube audio to iTunes?

There is one! With Airy you will be able to convert music from YouTube to iTunes by just downloading it to your computer and then adding it to iTunes.

Download YouTube to iTunes by Airy

Follow the easy steps below to download from YouTube to iTunes:

  1. Download Airy and install the app on your Mac. There is a download link available on this page and the installation process is a usual one for Mac apps.
  2. Choose the YouTube video you want to save. Enter the link to the video on YouTube in Airy, choose MP3 if you want to save just a soundtrack or MP4 from the formats list. Click Download.
  3. Airy Mac YouTube DownloaderOpen the file. The file you just downloaded can be found in the Airy folder in your Downloads (you can always set any custom location that you want). There is an icon right by the file name in Airy if you need to browse the file from the app.

Now that the download YouTube to iTunes process is finished you can select the downloaded files and right-click on them to choose the “Open with iTunes” option. Now you can upload your videos and music to your iPod, iPhone, or iPad.


Best YouTube Downloader MP3 iPhone

This app work wonders as it converts YouTube videos into mp3 within seconds. You can easily save audio files on your iPhone, in both MP3 and WAV formats.

You can convert YouTube videos and local videos into MP3 format. When you are done with the conversion, you can share them on your social media account, email it to someone or send it on instant messaging.

This app allows you to edit metadata and you can even record through this app, using the microphone or when you are using Skype.

Apart from converting video files, you can rip CDs, rename batch files, and schedule recordings.


Best YouTube Downloader MP3 iPhone

This is software that you have to download on your PC. It is a YouTube music converter and can be used as editing software as well. To download audio files to iPhone, you can choose it as a target device and export the files there.

The user interface of this software is very easy to use. Even if you don’t have the technical knowledge, you can still use this software. In terms of editing, you can use filters and overlays.

If you want to merge videos and audio files, then you can do so without compromising quality. However, this software isn’t free, and you can only try this software for seven days.


Best YouTube Downloader MP3 iPhone

This is an online converter and is very easy to use. You can choose the quality and size of the audio files for your iPhone. There are many formats from which you can choose, like WAV, WMA, and AAC.

You can download videos from not only YouTube but many other websites as well. It helps you rip CDs and extract audio from them. The converter acts as a video editor as well, as you can input special effects in it, and crop them as well.

The reason why most people want to convert YouTube videos into MP3 files is that YouTube has a really good collection of songs.

Moreover, if you want audiobooks of different stories, you can find them on YouTube. You can listen to these audio files on your iPhone, when you are bored, working out, or jogging out in the field. All these software and websites work pretty well for conversion.

This application is free, and users can download unlimited content from them. There is also a built-in search engine, from where the users can download videos and audio directly.

When looking for an audio downloader, users should always look for one that has a very friendly user interface. The websites which ask for the URL of a video only, and then convert the video into audio format, are very easy to use.

Further, when downloading audios, the user should use the highest quality, so that the original part of the audio isn’t affected.

Most people like to download audio files because they can listen to them easily. When they are out driving, or when they are exercising in the gym, they don’t have the time to look at their phones.

When they want to listen to nice, good quality music, then they download videos from YouTube and convert them.

The reason why people like to use YouTube, download videos, and even audios, is because YouTube has a lot of content.

Users can find songs, and movies, from all over the world on YouTube.

They can find videos and audio uploaded by other people, from all parts of the world. Users can hear songs in different languages, and if they don’t understand the language, then they can see the subtitles.

YouTube is an excellent source, from where users can download audio files. For example, if someone is looking for an anime, then they can easily get the audio of that anime.

Users can download the theme songs of movies, and they can even download the latest songs, which the Vevo pages of artists have. If users can get all things in one place, they won’t look elsewhere.

No Downloading Required: YouTube Music

On the off chance that you need to tune in to YouTube music and needn’t bother with an MP3 document, YouTube offers its application for tuning in to your preferred music.

With YouTube Music for iOS, iPad, and Android, you can peruse and look for music from changed artisans, collections, and classes on YouTube. You can’t download melodies with the free form, yet you can with the top-notch release, however, you can hear them out inside the application.

Select most loved artisans, and the application turns up a playlist of prescribed channels; famous recordings are served up through a video hotlist.

The app monitors the music and channels you get to so you can without much of a stretch come back to them. What’s more, you can make your library of most loved music.

The essential form of YouTube Music is free. However, YouTube Music Premium is a paid choice that strips out the promotions that can play music out of sight. Do you need to know more about who am I?

At the same time, you utilize your gadget and lets you download music and playlists for disconnected tuning inside the application.

Following a one-month free preliminary, YouTube Music is $9.99 per month on Android or $12.99 every month on iOS. Indeed, Apple charges 30 percent extra for the membership.

However, you can stay away from the additional expense by joining on the web for $9.99 and getting to your exceptional record on your iPhone or iPad.

A Legal Warning

Before making a plunge, however, we should get one prickly issue off the beaten path. Is this sort of transformation and download lawful?

That relies upon the video. You can unquestionably change over and download your very own YouTube recordings, just as open space and non-copyrighted records; look YouTube for “open area” and “non-copyrighted” content.

However, you can’t legitimately change over and download copyrighted recordings without the proprietor’s consent.

Is 123movies a Safe Site?


There are many reports from users that this site often distributes malware and viruses. This applies to both the website and the mobile app.



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