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15 Best Features of Nova Launcher for Android

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2019)

Nova Launcher is an Android launcher, that helps users customize their phones. A Nova Launcher is a third-party app, which can change the look of a smart phone’s home screen.

Features of Nova Launcher and users can add features, themes and optimize it according to their own wishes and Install the Android SDK.

  1. Hidden Folders

Hidden Folders

Nova Launcher is a feature of Nova Launcher, which allows users to access their most commonly used apps, at a quick pace.

Users don’t have to go to their home screen to access their favorite apps. Best GameBoy Advance Users can make an app folder, which will be hidden in the eyes of others and Android Emulators for PC.

The user gets to decide the icon of the hidden holder. When he taps on the icon, it will open the first app on the list. When the user swipes up, then he will get access to the whole folder.

Users can use the Nova Launcher feature for their music apps. It can be annoying to locate the music app in applications, and the Nova Launcher feature saves time.

  1. Swipe Actions

Swipe Actions nova launcher

An interesting feature of Nova Launcher is to make swipe actions, to open apps. Android vs iOS and the apps that can be opened, have to be related to other apps. Best Android Launchers and there is a camera icon that appears in the Gallery app when the user swipes it.

For example, if a user swipes the calendar on his phone, then he can easily set a reminder about an event and Best iPhone Launchers for Android.

The swipe gesture can be used for opening messenger or any social media app, which the user wants to open.

  1. Home Screen

Home Screen nova launcher

The swipe actions can also be used on the home screen. Android Wireless Charger By using a swipe gesture, the user can easily open the app drawer.

They can set different gestures for different apps, by going to the Nova settings. There is a category of gestures & inputs, which the user should open, and then tap on the gestures section.

  1. Double Tap

Double Tap nova launcher

If the user wants to use gestures to unlock the screen of the mobile phone, then he can choose the double-tap. The reason why Nova Launcher feature is important is because it can save a lot of time for the users.

However, they have to remember the gestures, which they set for each app or function.

  1. Scrolling with Ease

Nova launcher makes it easy to switch between screens. For Nova Launcher, the user has to add the same widget, to all the launcher screens.

The user then has to go to Nova settings, tap on desktop, then scroll effect and then tap on the wipe, which is at the bottom of the list.

  1. App Drawer Tabs

App Drawer Tabs nova launcher

Those who are using Android, know that it takes one whole page. However, when it comes to Nova launcher, users can add more tabs to it, as it makes scrolling pretty easy.

Users can swipe right and left, and even name the tabs that they have made. For example, music or the internet can be tab names.

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  1. Emoji for Drawer tabs

Emoji for Drawer tabs nova launcher

The users can set keyboard emojis for drawer tabs. They have to go to nova settings, app & widget drawers and then chose the option of drawer groups.

There is a pencil icon beside every tab, which the user has to tap on. An edit window appears, and when the user taps on the tab name, they can navigate emojis of their choice.

  1. Scrolling Orientation

Scrolling Orientation nova launcher

Users can easily change scrolling orientation from vertical to horizontal or horizontal to vertical. They should go to settings, App7 Widget drawer, and then app drawer style.

They can choose the style they want to scroll between their apps. When the user is done changing settings, then it is best to test the changes.

  1. Customize icons

Customize icons nova launcher

People want to change the look of their home screen and icons, and Nova launcher can help them achieve Nova Launcher objective.

When users customize icons using the launcher, it will totally change the whole look of their smartphone.

Users should tap on Nova settings and then go to the look & feel option.

When the user taps on the icon style, he will find options of adaptive icons. There are six shapes available to the user. With the help of these shapes, the user can change the icons, without any hassle.

  1. Night Mode

Night Mode nova launcher

When users go to Nova settings, they will be able to view the night mode option. They can apply a dark theme on their search bar, hidden folders and drawer icons. They can switch to either Night mode and set a time for it. Nova Launcher means that the night mode won’t apply during sunset hours.

  1. Secret Menu

If users want to access a secret menu, which contains experimental features, along with debugging options, then all they have to do is hold the volume down button. Nova Launcher can be done when Nova settings are open.

An option, Labs, will be available at the end of the menu.

  1. Sesame shortcuts

Sesame shortcuts nova launcher

Sesame is used for increasing the range and depth of the shortcuts. The shortcuts are compatible with Nova launcher, and other launchers as well.

Nova Launcher works well with the other features of Nova Launcher. The feature can easily bring up apps like Spotify, Reddit, and Netflix.

Users would like to access apps they use frequently, within seconds. Nova Launcher is why the Nova launcher is so helpful.

  1. Pixel Launcher

Pixel Launcher nova launcher

Pixel launcher is no more just a product of Google. In fact, Nova launcher has the pixel feature, through which it can be easier to drag icons on the home screen, of different apps.

These shortcuts can be extremely helpful for users.

  1. App badges

App badges nova launcher

When an app sends a notification to a phone, users would like to know. The unread app badges are important for users, and they can achieve this feature using the Nova launcher.

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When users activate the badge, then a number would appear on the top of an app, telling the user how many messages they have missed or if they have an alert.

  1. Accessing Google

Accessing Google nova launcher

Users use Google services more than once, per day. With the help of the Nova launcher, they can customize their phone’s layout, and with the help of just one glance, access Google.

Nova launcher is indeed helpful, because it customizes a person’s home, and gives them multiple shortcuts to access apps.



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