How to Access Full Play Store on Chromecast with Google TV

Google TV Apps tab is the best app for the installation of games and testation of new ones.

You can also use voice search to view specific applications on Chromecast with google TV. But that’s where the interface stands.

For managing the apps, check your updates, install them, and change the settings; you need to access the full Play Store.

You can browse apps by many methods and search for special ones using Google Assistant, but this new layout can be challenging for anyone familiar with and like the Google Play Store app.

Fortunately, accessing the Google Play Store, as you know, is surprisingly easy.

How to Access Full Play Store on Chromecast with Google TV

A few ways are recommended to access the full play store, the first one that requires nothing but voice command.

Method 1: Google Assistant

  • The simplest way to use Google assistant is to tap the help button on the remote and call “Google Play Store.”

Google assistant

  • to reach the Google Play Store on Chromecast within the Google TV.

Google Play Store on Chromecast

  • Google Play Store will open with the help of Google Assistant.

Google Play Store

Method 2: App settings

The second method is also the easiest if you do not use Google Assistant or do not want to speak loud for opening it.

  • Open the side options on your Chromecast.


  • And then go to Settings of the Google play store and view all the apps present in it.

Access Full Play Store on Chromecast with Google TV

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Method 3: Button Mapper

This third method will need to be set up a bit but once completed, you will have access to one button in the Google Play Store whenever you want.

  • The First to do is to install the Button Mapper and follow the steps present in the app.

Button Mapper

  • After completing all the steps, select the remote control button to open the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store

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