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How to Clear Printer Queue in Windows 10?

clear Printer Queue in Windows 10

A computer can show the problem where a document can get stuck in a printer queue and does not work.

A print queue is the list of documents or pictures waiting to get print once the printer completes the pending tasks. Windows 10 places the picture or document in a line when you try to print it.

It will not print any documents or pictures and also stops printing all the files coming behind.

How to Clear Printer Queue in Windows 10?

So you have to resolve this issue manually or by using other techniques so that the files do not get piled up in the printer. Here are some methods that you can use to clear the print queue:

clear Printer Queue in Windows 10

  • Troubleshooting Methods
  • Management Console
  • Command Prompt
  • Control Panel
  • Settings App

Using Troubleshooting Tips

When all the files print easily but only one file is not printing correctly then you just have to handle that one particular file. You have to follow these simple steps

  • Click on settings > Printer > Open Queue

clear Printer Queue in Windows 10

  • Select the file that you think is creating the issue in printing.
  • Stop the printer to try printing it cancel the file.

If the printer is still not working then try to printer menu and delete all the printing activity. You can also try restarting your computer and printer or unplug the connections and then plug again.

Using Management Console

Management consoles use many simple steps to clear the files. You can use the management console to clear the print queue as Services. msc is used in the Windows operating system that tells you about the services running in the computer and allows the start and stop of these services.

The Management console is a manual method that works by following these steps

  • Use the Windows button along with pressing R to run the dialog menu.
  • Type services. msc in the window > Enter and then find Print spooler.

clear Printer Queue in Windows 10

  • Click on print spooler and click on ‘Stop the service’ on the top left corner of the window and leave the window open.

  • Start the File explorer and this will show all the documents that are in the print queue.
  • Select the files and delete them.
  • Again open the print service window and start the services.

Using Command Prompt

The command prompt method is the simplest method to remove the printer queue. You just have to follow these simple steps

  • Right-click on Start button > Command Prompt (admin).

clear Printer Queue in Windows 10

  • A window will open and you have to write ‘Net stop spooler’ in it and press Enter.

clear Printer Queue in Windows 10

  • It will give the command to the spooler to stop running.
  • Then type systemroot% \ system32 \ spool \ printera* / Q > Enter.

clear Printer Queue in Windows 10

After these steps, you simply have to start the spooler again so that it will start printing. It will give accurate results and remove all the bugs and issues in just some clicks.

Using Control Panel

You can use the control panel method by following the steps

  • Open the search box and type Control panel > App.
  • Type Printer in the search box and view Devices and Printers.

clear Printer Queue in Windows 10

  • Right, click on the printer > See what’s printing.
  • Click on the printer in the menu bar > Cancel all documents.

clear Printer Queue in Windows 10

Using The Settings App

This method is the simplest and easiest method to solve the print queue issue. You can use the settings app to clear the problems in the printer by following these steps

clear Printer Queue in Windows 10

  • Click on the printer option to see the Open queue button.
  • Click on the Open queue button and it will show you all the printer jobs that are remaining.
  • Select a print job and right-click on it and then press cancel to clear it from the queue.
  • You can select and delete all the files in the queue by clicking on the printer menu > Cancel all documents.

Out of all these methods, there is another simple and easy method that can clear the queue.

clear Printer Queue in Windows 10

  • You just have to select the printer icon in the taskbar and double-click on it will show you the pending files.
  • Now click the printer menu and then select ‘Clear all documents’.

So you can easily clear the Printer queue in Windows 10.


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