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How to Add Peacock to LG Smart TV

Do you ever find yourself wishing to watch all the classic shows once again? Like friends or the office? And you wish to binge-watch all the seasons of these shows on your weekend?

If yes then you have come to the right place to get all the information needed to watch the classic shows of your liking with Peacock TV. It has all the best classic shows for you to watch and binge-watch over your weekend.

With Peacock TV you aren’t required to watch new shows because all your favorite classics are available for you to watch.

It has an array of all the new and classic TV series and apart from that you can also stream sports, news, and another form of entertainment as well on Peacock TV.

This one has two modes. One is free where you can have access to content but your access will be limited and you will get interrupted by annoying ads while streaming your favorite show.

And the other mode is buying the premium membership and watching as many shows as you want along with not having to worry about getting interrupted by annoying ads as well. So it is an investment which I will recommend you to make.

How to Add Peacock to LG Smart TV?

You can easily watch and stream shows on your LG smart TV if you install the application of Peacock TV.

And if you do not want to install the app per se but still want to watch it on your LG smart TV then you can install the Peacock TV app on your computer or mobile phone and mirror or cast the content through chrome cast or airplay on your LG smart TV from your computer or phone.

A step-by-step guide to installing Peacock TV on your LG smart TV

  • Click on the home button on your TV remote.
  • Go to the LG content store.
  • On the search bar, type Peacock TV.
  • Once the Peacock TV appears on the list, click on it.
  • Now click on Install to begin the installation process.
  • Once it has been successfully installed on your LG smart TV. You can create an account and start streaming all your favorite classic shows that you wish to binge-watch.

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Is Peacock TV available on LG smart TV?

Yes, it is available on LG smart TV.

Do I have to purchase movies and shows on Peacock TV?

No, you are not required to purchase movies or shows on Peacock TV separately. All you need to do is get the premium subscription and everything will be available to you for free.

Why my LG smart TV doesn’t have Peacock TV in it?

If you are unable to find Peacock TV on your LG TV then it means that you do not have the webOS 3.0+ or later versions of it.


This is everything that you need to know about the Peacock installation guide on your LG smart TV.


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