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How To Uninstall WPS Office on PC

WPS is basically a free program that you can install on your computer and then you can perform a wide range of tasks like editing, text display document, slideshows, and charts pretty easily. So in a way, it is convenient to perform various tasks.

But sometimes there are certain issues that are faced by users who have installed WPS Office and now they wish to uninstall it but because of certain issues, they are unable to uninstall the WPS office from their computer.

This is why in this article I will tell you how to uninstall WPS office successfully from your PC without any issues.

Reasons for uninstalling WPS Office

  • It is creating issues for other installed applications.
  • It hangs or lags most of the time.
  • It is not as efficient as the user expected.
  • Users think that the program may pose a threat to their computers.
  • It is not listed in the control panel.
  • Even after you have uninstalled it. Some of the programs are still functioning on the computer.
  • It takes a lot of time to remove the program and still it is not successfully removed since a lot of its parts are still found in the computer.

Problems that a user faces during the uninstallation of WPS Office:

  • The uninstaller of the program is not working efficiently.
  • The file necessary for the successful uninstallation of the program is not running properly.
  • Because of some unknown error, the program is not completely removed.
  • Some other process is hindering the way of uninstalling the WPS Office from your pc.

There are also other reasons why the successful and complete uninstallation of the WPS Office is difficult. But it is necessary to remove it completely from your PC because it causes serious issues to the other running programs on your pc.

Here is a complete guide on how to remove the WPS Office complete from your pc. Just follow the steps given below and you will be able to remove the program successfully from your PC.

Guide to uninstall WPS Office

Method no. 1: uninstall with the help of a third-party uninstaller

  • Try uninstalling the WPS office with the third-party uninstaller.
  • Look up Revo uninstaller pro and go to the ‘logs database’
  • In the search bar type ‘WPS office’ and you will find logs of WPS office which are compatible with your current version of windows.
  • Click on the appropriate log and tap on uninstall.
  • This will help you in successfully uninstalling the WPS Office from your pc.

Method no.2: uninstall WPS Office with string run

  • Press the windows and R key simultaneously in order to open the run command.
  • Copy this link and paste it on your run command. (C:\Users\VMS\AppData\Local\Kingsoft\WPS Office\\utility\uninst.exe)
  • Once pasted click on the ‘ok’ button.
  • Now simply follow the uninstallation guide given.

This will successfully uninstall the WPS Office from your PC.


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