If Your Amazon Fire Stick Won’t Connect to WiFi

Amazon’s Fire TV stick is a really different way of watching Hulu and Netflix. If you get the Fire TV stick,  then you can play games, and play music on Spotify. The reason the Fire TV stick is so popular is due to its size. It is compact, very easy to set up and the user can learn navigation within minutes.

Amazon TV Firestick is not very expensive and gives the user a great experience of watching movies and TV shows.

However, even though a device is good, it can still stop functioning at times.

There could be some connectivity issues, like the Amazon Fire Stick might not connect with the Wi-Fi. So, what should you do in such a situation?

Amazon Fire Stick

The first thing that you need to do, is looking at the setup of the Amazon Fire Stick. If the router of the internet is away from the device, then this could be a physical distance problem,  which means poor signals.

You also need to keep the main device away from other electronics. If there are any electronics close by, then they can interfere with the connectivity.

Restart the device

The next thing you can try doing is restarting the device. It could be that there is a temporary glitch in the device, and restarting it would fix the problem.

There are two different ways through which you can restart the device:

  • You can physically unplug it, and after some moments, plug it back in
  • If there is an app connected to the stick, then it is most likely that you can restart the stick through it. You can even do this using the remote control and pressing the play and select buttons at the same time.

At times, this method works and the device gets connected to the Wi-Fi.


In case the above method doesn’t work, then you need to check your Wi-Fi connection.

Try connecting the internet with some other device, and if it works then there is a problem with the stick and not the Wi-Fi.

If you think that the modem is the problem, then you can restart it and then connecting it with the device again.

  • Another thing that works in these circumstances is that you forget your network.
  • When you forget your network, then you have to input a password the next time you use the internet. This way, you will have to set up the Wi-Fi again, and it might work.

If you are using a shared Wi-Fi device, then it could be that the other person has changed the password. If you are using a Wi-Fi that is for everyone in an apartment complex, and you have been using too much data, then the admin might even block your device.

Thus, before you take the device to someone for repairing, or spend more time checking the Wi-Fi, make sure that the password is correct.

Even if the password is correct, you can retype it to see if the Wi-Fi works.

Change the Wi-Fi connection

If the above methods don’t work, then the last thing you should do is change the Wi-Fi connection. It could be that the device is not compatible with the router, and is creating connectivity issues.

The most effective way to find out if this works is by connecting it with another router, and if the problem persists, then it could be that there is something wrong with the Fire Stick.

If you have just received the Fire Stick recently and it doesn’t work on your first try, then you might have gotten a faulty piece in the parcel.

For this, you need to contact the customer service department of Amazon Fire Stick TV and tell them about how the product isn’t working. However, the methods mentioned above would surely work, if the problem is associated with the Wi-Fi and not the device.

The most effective method of solving this problem is restarting the Wi-Fi connection and restarting the Fire Stick. Sometimes, due to a temporary glitch, a connectivity issue might arise.

However, if you restart both devices, then it will surely go away. Fire Stick is a good thing for entertainment, and customers should definitely give it a try.

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