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10 Best Barcode Scanner Apps for Android And iPhone

People have become so advanced, and the smartphone has become one of the essential devices of our modern society.

A smartphone in your pocket is more than enough to control all the daily activities, from you home to your big enterprise. People usually use thousands of mobile applications to live their life more comfortably.

Some of these apps inexpensive can turn your pocket smartphone into a powerful data-tracking and collecting barcode scanners which might change your life by assisting for many asset tracking, inventory management, etc. here are the examples of some barcode mobile apps.

10 Best Barcode Scanner Apps for Android And iPhone

Scout Mobile Management

Barcode Scanner Apps for Android And iPhone

Scout Mobile Management is best suited for warehouse and inventory management applications. This App is corporate with topShelf and based on the App cloud. It is a suitable scanner for any business from a small retail business to a big international warehouse.

This app offers almost all the basic and advanced functions necessary for the inventory management, including order picking, shipping or receiving, cycle counting, kit building or BOM, proof-of-delivery and wave picking, but it depends on the version of topShelf.

You can do all the tasks of your business inventory and supply chain management which is available on the web portal of your phone so that you can easily access to your inventory.

  • It is very scalable.

  • It offers real-time data reporting and updates.

  • This one does not need updates or loading of any software.

  • A comprehensive package for all type and size of inventory.

  • It requires a top-shelf subscription.

Compatible: iOS and Android.

Cost: Free of cost, but requires a top-shelf subscription.

Application:  Perfect fit for 1D, 2D smartphones, and tablets for Warehouse Inventory Management

Scan to Spreadsheet

Barcode Scanner Apps for Android And iPhone

Scan to Spreadsheet is one of the best options for basic spreadsheet-based data collection. This app stores data in the form of a simple spreadsheet. This app offers a built-in barcode scanning option, so you can input your data, either through manually key or barcodes.

The spreadsheet features 2 user-defined fields, item ID, and a timestamp. You can use it by emailing or downloading this spreadsheet without the SD Card. It can use for attendance tracking, physical inventory, cycle counting, and general data collection.

  • It has very easy to use the tool.

  • The cost is very low.

  • It is compatible with many Operating Systems of devices.

  • It features with automatic time stamping

  • This one gives a limited offer to four data fields in which two are customizable./i2cons]

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Cost: $2.99.

Application:  Perfect fit for 1D, 2D smartphones, and tablets for spreadsheet-based data collection.

Inventory Droid

Barcode Scanner Apps for Android And iPhone

Inventory Droid is a simple management App for asset management and general inventory. It offers a wide range of custom and pre-defined inventory features, such as model, buys date, location, value, serial#, etc.

You can also add Image of the items and all type receipts in the inventory. It offers barcode scanning of UPCs of every item, and support for online UPC databases form Amazon and Google.

The standard version supports only one device and the data exports as a CSV file. While the Pro version that offers a shared cloud-based database.

  • It offers a very customizable and extensive attribute list.

  • There is an option for many accounts.

  • An automatic attribute population by scanning UPC.

  • It supports images and on-loan reminders.

  • Only the Pro version supports multiple users sharing. It has limited reporting.

Compatibility: Android.

Cost: $4.99.

Application:  Perfect fit for 1D, 2D smartphones, and tablets for inventory and asset tracking.

Stock Control


Stock Control is an inventory tracking and asset management app. This app offers you multiple tracking options of the items, such as by their category, location, and attributes.

It is very customizable, supports loan function, and location barcodes searching option for perfect asset management. This one also offers an easily export and import data inventory data option of CSV files that supports PC and Mac devices.

  • It offers an easy searching option.

  • There is a shortage of alerts for every item.

  • Highly customizable for categories, attributes, and locations.

  • For data transfer, you must need iTunes or iCloud that is only supported by iOS 5 devices.

Compatibility: Only for iOS

Cost: $9.99

Application:  Perfect fit for 1D, 2D smartphones, and tablets for inventory management.

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Barcode Express Pro

Barcode Scanner Apps for Android

Barcode Express Pro is an easy to use inventory tracking app for Android devices. You can track items in different ways, such as by category, location, ID tag, value, etc. you can also add the product images.

It has a customizable and comprehensive search function. You can export your inventory as a CSV file to the Google Docs or can send SMS or Email. This one also supports the import images and product data from Amazon

  • It offers an extensive search function.

  • It supports reporting, as well as multiple export options.

  • This one has very limited customization which is not free.

Download: Android.

Cost: $1.99.

Application:  Perfect fit for 1D, 2D smartphones, and tablets for Inventory tracking.

Entry Manager


Entry Manager is the best application to check-in events tickets. It works to scan and track the tickets at any event to make sure the validity of recipients.

This app also allows tag VIP patrons or specific guests. It supports an online cloud-based portal for the entry manager so that you can upload all the valid tickets and patrons.

  • It validates all the tickets along with the patron information.

  • This one supports multiple devices access.

  • It offers an online cloud-based reporting.

  • It requires a service subscription with Eventbrite for every paid event

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Increase your efficiency and scanning speed with a dedicated scanner for:

Cost: Free for everyone, but the ticket payment service required subscription by Eventbrite.

Application:  Perfect fit for 1D, 2D smartphones, and tablets for event ticket tracking and check-in.



JumpTrack is a great proof-of-delivery application. This app offers an easy way of delivery to capture scan products, signatures, and start returns from the field.

You can get you paid faster by sending proof-of-delivery information to the payable departments of your customers’ accounts, as this proof-of-delivery information upload in real-time.

By using the JumpTrack app, you can also watch the delivered packages by tracking out the driver’s performance. You can also track out who received the package and when.

  • It provides real-time delivery information.

  • It has a powerful search function.

  • There are also the signature, barcode, and photo capturing options.

  • It is a subscription-based service.

Compatibility:  iOS and Android.

Cost: It is free, but requires a JumpTrack license for a subscription.

Application:  Perfect fit for 1D, 2D smartphones, and tablets for remote proof-of-delivery tracking events.

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Barcode Scanner Apps for Android And iPhone

vWorkApp is a comprehensive application of field scheduling and dispatching for delivery workers. In this app, all the information saved in real-time, as this is a cloud-based application.

With the help of GPS service and web interface, you can easily track out your workers and send them a work task.

Field workers can scan the photo, barcode, and signature to make sure that the delivery has completed. This one also allows accessing directions and maps for every location.

  • It offers a Real-time dispatching and data update.

  • This one allows GPS phone tracking.

  • Multiple data capturing options.

  • It allows for accessing maps and directions.

  • It offers a simple web interface.

  • This one offers a user-based service.

Compatibility: iOS and Android.

Cost: Free to use, but requires vWorkApp account.

Application:  Perfect fit for 1D, 2D smartphones, and tablets for job management

event and scheduling field deliveries with remote proof-of-delivery.

EZ Office Inventory


EZ Office Inventory is a cloud-based application for asset management. It allows a quickly tracking of every asset in any size of business using your pocket device.

All the data store in real-time through an extensive reporting on a web portal, so all the users can access the documentation and drivers at any time along with the peer feedback.

Additionally, it offers all the basic asset attributes, inventory check-in/out, and location data.

  • Extensive reporting of data.

  • It is scalable and offers check-in/out features.

  • It requires a subscription for more assets and users.

Compatibility: iOS and Android.

Cost: Standard version is free, the full version needs a subscription.

Application:  Perfect fit for 1D, 2D smartphones, and tablets for enterprise asset management.

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Time Station


Time Station is a time and attendance tracking application based on barcode scanning. This app supports all the Apple smart-devices, like iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

You can make barcodes for every user by this online service. You can watch all their movements whenever they scan this barcode on the device until the sign-out.

  • It offers unlimited departments, devices, and locations.

  • It allows GPS tagging.

  • You can export the data to Excel sheets.

  • The free version allows limited users.

Compatibility: iOS.

Cost: Free to use, but you have to subscribe to more than 10 users.

Application:  Perfect fit for 1D, 2D smartphones, and tablets for track employee attendance


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