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10 Best Blue Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon 2024

Finding the best alternative to the ultimate blue-eyes dragon without information can be a hassle. For those that don’t know, Blues Ultimate Dragon is a three-headed dragon from Yugo! The franchise was used by SEO Kiera, but it was used by AMI Yuri and then Kaibaman by Yugo! EX.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is not even the most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! card ever listed. In 1999, the winner of the very first YuGiOh tournament held in Japan received a unique stainless steel Black Luster Soldier card.

It was listed online for a whopping 998,000,000 yen (around $10 million), but it reportedly sold for closer to $2 million, making it one of the most valuable trading cards of all time.

Highest documented sale for a single Yu-Gi-Oh! the card falls quite short of all these numbers — $9,000 for Armament of the Lethal Lords, given to the winners of the World Championship Series in 2006.

The BlueEyes archetype is indeed complete with the addition of its new “boss”; monster and can now compete with any deck in Duel Monsters.

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The BlueEyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon is a monster designed to wreak havoc in the world of YuGiOh! Trading Card Game and players expect it to do just that with its high attack stat and crippling effects.

Konami has shown great love for the most popular YuGiOh card known as the BlueEyes White Dragon. Here are the top 10 maps of Kaiba’s favorite archetype.

In episode 22, this card appears in Kaiba’s mind when he realizes that his true goal in this duel is to summon this card. This letter was cut out in Kaiba’s mind.

When Kaiba first appeared at Yugi’s grandfather’s card shop, he wanted to buy him the fourth BlueEyes White Dragon … just so he could break it in half.

Why? Because he owned the other three and didn’t want the card that he considered the most powerful monster in Duel Monsters to be used against him.

But many years have passed since Kaiba and Yugi dueled over Kaiba’s extraordinary actions. During this time, BlueEyes was outclassed and then managed to catch up on the game again.

10 Best Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon 2024

As if Kaiba was in control of Konami, today’s BlueEyes deck might just be the best monster-based deck from the original YuGiOh. Serie. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best cards in this deck.

Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Best Blue Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon

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Of course, it doesn’t say “Blue Eyes” anywhere, but the effect is “Add up to 2 Dragon monsters with 3000 or more ATK and 2500 or less DEF from your Deck to your hand.”

The accurate stats of the legendary BlueEyes White Dragon itself. The only reason it doesn’t say ” add 2 BlueEyes to your hand” is so they can keep doing what they can to support the BlueEyes Card deck too.

Let them work with them too. This spell card is designed to get BlueEyes into the player’s hand as quickly and efficiently as possible, all for the cost of discarding a single card.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Best Blue Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon

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The standard BlueEyes Ultimate Dragon has 500 attack points, which is great, but that’s all it has to offer.

It is a very expensive monster to take to the field and has no protection to stay on the field. While he certainly has some great stats, those stats make him a great target.

Without protecting oneself from the effects, problems write themselves down. It costs too much to bring them to light.

Deep-Eyes White Dragon

Best Blue Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon

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In Deep Eyes White Dragon, the power of these monsters begins to grow. When a Blue-Eyes card is destroyed and there is a dragon in the player’s graveyard, that card can be Summoned.

A bit strange, but once it’s on the field, it deals 600 damage to the opponent for every other dragon named dragon in the graveyard.

This card also chooses a Dragon Monster from the graveyard and clones its attack points. Finally, if this card is destroyed by an effect, all monsters on the opposite side of the field are destroyed along with it. Mutually assured destruction, what else could a player need?

Deep Eyes may be situationally good, but he has no protection to keep you on the field. By doing this to eliminate your opponent’s monsters, factual protection probably serves him better. Fortunately, the next monster on the list has solid protection.

Blue-eyes White Dragon

Blue-eyes White Dragon

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Similar to Dark Magician, Konami was smart enough to keep the ” most powerful monster in YuGiOh” relevant in his deck.

It has 3000 ATK, which is still the most powerful of all monsters that are not a Fusion or Synchro or any additional deck monster form.

It has no effects ( we’d have to go to BlueEyes Alternative White Dragon for that), but it can be Special Summoned so easily that it’s not necessary.

Plus, it pairs so well with all the support that it can easily be turned into something that packs a punch if needed.

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Spirit Dragon

Best Blue Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon

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Kaiba’s most powerful monster harnessed the power of Synchro to take his evolution to a new level.

In particular, the card works by fusing “BlueEyes” monsters with the tuners that are part of the BlueEyes deck, giving us a level 9 with inverse stats from the original BlueEyes White Dragon. Spirit Dragon also does a lot for the deck.

Prevents the opposing player from summoning two or more monsters at the same time, severely restricting pendulum play.

But he can also negate the effects of cards from the graveyard and, if necessary, pay homage to himself to spawn any other dragon monsters with light properties. At this point, the BlueEyes are more like a brotherhood.

Shining Dragon

Best Blue Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon

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BlueEyes Shining Dragon can only be Special Summoned by Tributing a BlueEyes Ultimate Dragon, which is a huge disadvantage.

Otherwise, however, he receives 300 attack points for each dragon in the graveyard (which can be up to 200 points with Ultimate and its Shiny Dragon materials) and can negate an effect that targets this card any number of times.

This deck may not be that great, but it’s certainly better than the decks it’s based on.

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Chaos MAX Dragon

Chaos MAX Dragon

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BlueEyes Chaos MAX Dragon is another upgraded version of the BlueEyes card with a variety of additional effects.

At 000 attack points, this ritual monster deals double the damage per jab, which is a nice effect, but generally not that relevant.

Its best effect is that it cannot be attacked or destroyed by the effects of the opponent’s cards, which gives it some protection to remain in play. It is a great beatstick that is hard to break.

Azure-eyes silver dragon

Azure-eyes silver dragon

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We had RedEyes Black Dragon and BlueEyes White Dragon, but something new was needed for the first synced card – enter AzureEyes Silver Dragon.

This is a bit of a con as this is BlueEyes with more defined colors, but we can stick with that. A level nine synced monster whose values ​​are reversed to BlueEyes White Dragon at 2500 ATK and 3000 DEF.

However, its effects make it impossible for the opponent to target dragon monsters with card effects or be destroyed by non-target effects.

Also, if he survives around, he can summon a Normal Monster from the graveyard in the next round like the BlueEyes a player probably used to summon him.

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White dragon

White dragon

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BlueEyes Alternative White Dragon is the version of BlueEyes that Kaiba would use if they made a Duel Monsters remake.

The card has identical stats to the original BlueEyes, but much simpler summoning conditions.

He can Special Summon himself by revealing a Blue-Eyes White Dragon in his hand. From there, he can activate an effect to destroy a monster his opponent controls, even if he uses it at the expense of his attack.

The only downside to this deck is that it tries to balance it out by doing all of its effects once per turn, but that prevents the card from being banned forever.

Ultimate Dragon

Best Blue Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon

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If BlueEyes White Dragon has a higher potency form, it stands to reason that the fusion of the three BlueEyes would also get one.

Like BlueEyes Alternative White Dragon, Alternative Ultimate Dragon has the same stats as the other Fusion. But it can’t be targeted or destroyed with card effects, which means it’s a 500 ATK beatstick that the opponent must find a way to easily attack or take out with indirect effects.

Alternatively, you can destroy a card on the field once per turn, but if BlueEyes Alternative White Dragon was used as a material, you can target three cards instead.

This is a truly terrifying card, and it deserves an appearance in at least one YuGiOh! Movies of the future.

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