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10 Best Workout Headphones Under 100 2024

You need headphones to listen to music, watch movies on Netflix, for playing games, and sometimes, just make the external noise disappear.

Let’s begin!

Things to Consider in Headphones

Bluetooth or Non-Bluetooth?

The first thing you need to decide is, whether you need a headphone with Bluetooth or without one.

If a headphone comes with Bluetooth connectivity, then it is a wireless Bluetooth headset. However, most people prefer wired Bluetooth, because they have a more stylish look, as compared to wireless Bluetooth.

Type Of Headphone

The next thing you need to decide is what type of headphones you want. There are two types of headphones; encompassing and path.

Headphones are usually big because they are placed on the ears. They are large and can shut down the noise from the outside world.

Frequency of the Headphones

A person can hear sound in the range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Normal headphones play in the range of 30-17,000 Hz, and some even offer 20-20,000 Hz.

However, it doesn’t mean that if the frequency is higher, then the sound quality would be good as well.


Headphone sensitivity means the strength of the sound when someone is using electrical power.

When headphones are sensitive, then they will give a stronger and better sound to the user.

Sensitive headphones use the same power as less sensitive headphones use.

The headphone sensitivity that users should look for is 100 decibels.


When headphones have a higher resistance supply, they provide better-quality sound to the user. However, the more resistance, the more energy the headphones are going to consume.

Further, you need to decide if you need a microphone with your headphones or not. Most people buy headphones without microphones because they don’t buy them for communication purposes.

However, if someone has bought light headphones for communication use, then they would need an effective microphone with it as well.

Lastly, the two things you need to consider are the ergonomics of the headphones and their weight. Acoustic headphones don’t weigh more than 10kg, however, a user should make sure that they are comfortable with the weight of their headphones.

10 Best Workout Headphones Under 100 2024

Jabra Move Style Edition

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These headphones are the most inexpensive Bluetooth device, and it comes with amazing features. The headphones are wireless and would be a good choice for those who work out most days of the week. Image source: here

The headphones have unparalleled sound quality, and there are no other headphones that would give the user such crisp quality. You can play music and movies, and the output you will hear will have depth and clarity.

This is a multifunctional headphone; those who are working out, can listen to music, and take calls from this headphone directly.

If you run out of battery, then you can use the 3.5mm cable, which the company gives with the best workout earphones under 1000. This headphone comes in beige, navy, blue, red, and black colors.

The cost of these headphones is only $99.99 on Amazon. If you want to buy used headphones in this model, then you can get them for $64.23.

  • The battery life of the headphones is really good

  • It has a 2-microphone technology

  • The sound quality of the headphones is exceptional

  • It comes with a cable, giving the user a 2-in-1 solution

  • The cable that is included with the headphones don’t have a remote or a microphone, if the battery of the headphones dies, then you can’t make calls

  • The sound via the cable is better than the sound via Bluetooth

  • It doesn’t come with replaceable earpads

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

Best Workout Headphones Under 100

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This headphone contains neodymium magnets, and 40-millimeter drivers, so that they can produce detailed and quality sound.

The headphone has a closed-ear design and is perfect for working out because it provides comfort and reduction of external noises.

This is the perfect thing for those who love to work out because it easily folds up when it’s not in use. The frequency response of the headphone is 10 Hertz-20 Kilohertz.

The construction of the headphone is quite rugged. The headphone can be placed on the ears securely, and are very effective. The weight of these headphones is 8.1 oz, which means it is lightweight and can be easily carried around.

  • The headphone provides a neutral sound across all frequency ranges

  • Give a better sense of space and dynamics in music

  • This is an affordable headphone and provides the same value as an expensive headphone would offer you

  • The headphone is not very stylish looking

  • If you want a shorter cord for your headphone, then these are not the headphone for you

I-Kool Sport-101

Best Workout Headphones Under 100

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This is a compact and wireless headphone, which is specially made for sports and working out. The Bluetooth version in this headphone is 4.0 +EDR.

This type of Bluetooth connection provides the user with stereo sound and clear speech. The headphone has an over-ear cushion earcup, along with an ear hook design. This ear hook design sets it apart from other headsets.

The headphones take 2 hours to fully charge; if they charge for 2 hours, but last for 8, then this is an appealing feature.

This headphone is available in black, blue, pink, and white colors. Its price is only $9.99, making it a very affordable choice for customers.

  • These are noise-canceling headphones, and appropriate for those who just want to focus on their workout session

  • It is very lightweight

  • A great option for fitness conscious people; you can use them in the gym, and cancel out the background music

  • The Bluetooth technology is strong and delivers a stable connection to the user

  • Some customers face problems in keeping the headphones on for long, because of their unique design

Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones

Best Workout Headphones Under 100

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The reason why so many people prefer Bluetooth headphones over wired headphones is that nobody wants to handle wires.

A wire usually gets tangled into things, especially when you are working out. If you are lifting weights in the gym, then you would want to use Bluetooth headphones and not one with a cord.

These headphones have a space-saving design. Have you noticed that when you put your headphones in your bag, they take a lot of space? You can easily rotate these headphones for saving space; these are lightweight headphones, which is why it is easy to carry them around.

The best part of these headphones is their ergonomic design. The earmuffs are very comfortable, and they don’t get sweaty while you work out.

There is an adjustable metal slider on the headphones, which you can adjust to reduce the pressure on the ear. If you think that the headphones are going to come right off when you are using them, then be assured that they are a perfect fit.

It has a built-in microphone, which gives you the hands-free option. Even when you are working out, you don’t have to worry about missing any calls. Now it is very easy to use and is compatible with most devices.

  • The price of the product is pretty affordable; $22.99

  • The earcups part is easily adjustable

  • The battery life of these headphones is quite good

  • The Bluetooth connectivity is pretty strong

  • The sound quality is good

  • The controls on the headphones require a bit of practice

  • Some customers feel that the materials used in the manufacturing of these headphones are of poor quality

  • Even though the earpads are advertised as memory foam earpads, they don’t feel like memory foam

Vogek On-Ear Headphones

Best Workout Headphones Under 100

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The style of these headphones is on-ear, and they come with 40mm driver units. They deliver a fully balanced sound to the user and provide them with a full listening experience. The Hz range of the headphones is 20-22,000.

The microphone function on these headphones does not support PC, and can only be used on mobile phones.

The in-line microphone is designed in a way, that facilitates the user with hands-free calling.

There is a 1.5m cable with the headphone, and it doesn’t tangle at all. Only one headphone has a cord attached to it, which is much better and less cluttered than 2 wired headphones.

The headphones are available in multiple colors; black, blue, green, pink, red, white, claret, gold, and navy. There is a 12-month warranty on these headphones, and the features that customers love, are the swivel ear cups.

The headphone is designed in a way, that it becomes good for compact storage. You can easily store it in your gym locker if that is the only place you use it. The price of these headphones is $12.99.

The earpads are made with protein leather and memory foam, which is the main reason people don’t have to hear external noises.

  • The headphones produce quality sound

  • The design of the headphones is pretty sleek

  • Perfect for working out, because they fit perfectly around the head

  • You can easily make calls

  • Some customers found these headphones uncomfortable, even if they have a good-sized head

  • The audio quality of the headphones is not very good for some customers

Solitude WX1 Premium Wireless

best over ear bluetooth headphones under 100

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These are wireless headphones, which come with dual-driver technology. The prices of these headphones are just $98.97. The reason why these headphones are the best for a workout session is that they cancel out the external noises, and give much clearer audio to the user.

The audio has no distortion, and the headphones are successful in maintaining the fidelity of mid-range frequencies.

The earpads are ultra-soft lush, and the headband is adjustable. If someone is wearing these headphones for a long duration, they won’t feel uncomfortable at all.

The headband can be easily adjustable, according to the liking of the user. These headphones can be conveniently folded for easy storage, and you can simply put them in your gym bag or anywhere you want.

  • Turn on the headset; you will see a green light
  • Scan the Bluetooth devices around you, on your cell phone
  • Press the name of your headset
  • You will see a blue light flash
  • The headphones are now connected to your mobile phone

One of the best things about these workout headphones is that the talk time is 30 hours. The charging time is pretty short, which means that even if you forget to charge them before leaving, you still have a playback time to avail.

  • The headphones are good at active noise cancellation

  • If you like bass in your music, then you can hear it wearing these headphones

  • The sound quality is pretty good

  • The headphones are lightweight, easy to carry around, and fold for storage

  • It doesn’t work with Kindle Fire

  • Some customers complained that the volume control buttons didn’t work

  • Few customers heard a loud static in the left ear

United Headphone Wireless over Ear

united Headphone Wireless over Ear

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These headphones come with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, giving more stability to the connection. They cost only $52.89 and are perfect for working out because they actively cancel the noise around people.

A person, who buys them for a workout session, can also use them for travel, work, and anywhere else. Whether they are on a bus, or in a restaurant, and don’t want to listen to other people’s chatter, these headphones can be very effective.

The microphone technology is 6.0 and it helps stream music and isolates the noise inside the headphones. Whether you are listening to music or making a call, the noise that you hear is going to be very crisp.

A user can easily enjoy high-quality sound using them, and they will feel very comfortable even when they are traveling. They are lightweight, and easily fit around the ear; as they are comfortable, you can wear them all day long.

The playtime of these headphones is 30 hours, per charge. There is a built-in 600mAh battery, which won’t switch off the headphones, and you can enjoy music all day.

The best workout headphones under 100 are that they can be used as wireless headphones and wired headphones.

  • You won’t hear any high pitched noises, as the sound quality is perfectly balanced

  • It charges up quick, and you don’t have to charge them for days after that

  • The microphone is placed perfectly on the headphones and produces a clear voice

  • It is affordable

  • Making calls through these headphones doesn’t produce good sound quality

  • Some customers complained about the battery life

  • A few customers complained that the headphones won’t pair with their device

Now 059 Over-Ear Headphones

Now 059 Over-Ear Headphones

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The sound quality of these headphones is very impressive. They have an over-the-ear design, and are foldable, with soft memory protein earmuffs. These headphones are available for $39.99. They are available in green, red, silver, white, black, pink, and blue colors.

The earbuds provide lasting comfort to the user, and the stainless steel slider, along with a softly padded headband gives the user excellent durability.

The battery life of these headphones is pretty impressive, as it is 20 hours of both music and talking time. All you have to do is charge it fully once.

If you charge it for ten minutes, it will give you 2 hours of playtime. These are wireless and wired headphones, giving you a 2 in 1 benefit, that fewer headphones have.

This is perfect for intense workout sessions because they have a really good performance. They don’t come off easily or become sweaty when you are working out in the gym. These headphones are portable and lightweight, making it easier for you to carry them around.

  • The sound quality is really good; it won’t be muffled and the bass will be deep for the users

  • It is very easy to set up

  • The battery life is good

  • You can pair it with your phone and iPad as well

  • It is a comfortable fit

  • After some time one side of the headphones stops working

  • Some customers complained that the audio sounded dull to them

Plantronics BackBeat

Plantronics BackBeat

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These sporty headphones are very comfortable because they are made of memory foam. They can isolate sound due to the memory foam, and provide customers with the peace they require in a gym.

The headphones come with 40mm drivers, and they possess acoustic technology. This technology provides the user with a rich sound. The wideband-enabled mic allows the user to make calls, or access Siri and Google Now.

The user can connect two devices at the same time, using these headphones. If someone wants to change their wireless headphones into wired headphones, then it comes with a 3.5mm cable, making it easier for them to do so.

  • These headphones are very comfortable, and they fit perfectly

  • The sound quality is really good

  • The Bluetooth technology of the headphones is reliable, and it won’t disconnect unless you disconnect it

  • It is affordable

  • It might stop charging after some time

  • Some customers didn’t like the functionality of the controls

  • The sound quality might not be according to every user’s needs

HyperX Cloud Alpha

HyperX Cloud Alpha

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Even though this is a gaming set, it can be used for a workout session as well. These headphones give more distinction to the sound and have less room for distortion.

  • The sound outcome of the headphone is very decent

  • It comes with a detachable cable and mic

  • They are very comfortable

  • Fits the budget of everyone, who wants to pay less, but needs more features

  • Might not connect to PS4

  • Some customers didn’t like the sound


While people buy headphones, some prefer to buy earbuds. Earbuds are small and compact, while headphones can be huge and noticeable.

However, when it comes to long battery life and better sound quality, headphones are far better than the earbuds people buy. Moreover, while earbuds directly affect the ear canal, headphones have less impact, and won’t result in any hearing problems.

People would rather listen to music on their mobile phones because they specifically make a playlist to enjoy their workout sessions.

Headphones can be both wired and wireless, and one should always buy according to their need.


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