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Can WiFi Owner See What Sites I visited Using Incognito

Many users believe that using Incognito mode will help them hide their activity on the internet. However, you must understand that it is not a magical button that will make you invisible.

The owner of a Wi-Fi network can track your activity or what sites you are visiting. Incognito mode will save your history, cookies, or other data from the site.

Can WiFi Owner See What Sites I visited Using Incognito?

If you are curious to know which information can the Wi-Fi owner view, we have a lot of details.

  • Apps and the website you visit.
  • The name of every website.
  • Web pages and the content that is downloaded.
  • Address of the business providing the advertisement.
  • The time and date when you go online or offline.
  • Similarly, the time and date you visit a particular site.
  • Duration of your stay on the internet.
  • Packets lost, sent, or purchased.
  • Your browsing history.
  • The owner can check the email address and track the sent and received emails.
  • If you are chatting online, the owner will know what it is about.

How to hide browsing history from the Wi-Fi owner?

The internet world is becoming revolutionary. The networking experts and hackers have their ways to trace your data. You can hide your activity on the internet or make yourself untraceable with a different id.

However, the experts have their way out. Users can avail of the service of private browsing that is available in all the browsers. It will help you keep your information secure while the performance of your device will be stable too. You must prevent your system from getting a virus or malware.

If your device is weak it will be vulnerable to plenty of attacks. If you want to hide on the internet try the following:


Virtual Private Networks offer anonymity for the users. They will help you hide your IP and activity on the internet. If a website is blocked in your region, a VPN will help the user access it.

Tor Browser

Nowadays many users are using the Tor browser to keep themselves safe on the internet. It is a good way to make your private browsing easy and convenient.

Use Plugins

When you visit a particular website you may not know which information is tracked. If you use plugins it can make incognito even more effective. Being a user you can follow these steps and make your experience a lot better than before.

Incognito will not record any personal information. It is the Wi-Fi owner that can track your activity.


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