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How to Fix Xfinity Modem Blinking Green

Many people face the problem of the Xfinity router blinking green. This indicates that the xFi Gateway and the WiFi router have not connected to Xfinity systems.

If it continues to blink green for more than 15 minutes, then you must do something about it.

Let’s begin!

How to Fix Xfinity Modem Blinking Green?

Here are some easy steps that will help you to fix the Xfinity modem blinking green.

Step 1: Restart the Xfinity Gateway

  • Restarting your Xfinity Gateway will allow you to solve the issue easily.
  • Most WiFi connectivity issues are solved by restarting your system.
  • You can use the Xfinity website if your system discovers an issue.

Step 2: Do A Routine System Maintenance

  • Many times the reason behind your Xfinity Gateway blinking green is that the system is not getting connected due to the scheduled Xfinity maintenance.
  • Check the internet outages in your areas as well to fix the issue.

Step 3: Optimize The Physical location of the Gateway

  • The router sends signals in all directions.
  • The physical location of the Gateway has a huge impact on the coverage of your internet.
  • Change the location of your Gateway as this will help you to fix your problem.

Step 4: Restrict The Number Of Devices Using The Network

  • If they are too many devices on one network.
  • Then this can also create a big problem.
  • Make sure to use artwork that has fewer devices working on it.

Step 5: Tighten The Coax Cable

  • The coax cable is responsible for most of the internet connectivity issues.
  • You should make sure to straighten the bends that are inside the cable.

Step 6: Use A Different Coax Cable Outlet

Try to move your coax to a different cable outlet.

  • The dead coax cable is common if you have moved to a new space.
  • If your home is designed with multiple coax wall outlets, then try connecting your Xfinity Gateway to every outlet until the issue is resolved.

Step 7: Review The Xfinity Account Status

  • Your Xfinity router blinking green is often due to the issues with your Xfinity account.
  • Sign in to your account to make sure that it is working and active.

Step 8: Factory Reset Xfinity Gateway

  • Try the factory reset on your xFi Gateway.
  • This will fully restore your Xfinity Gateway.
  • You can also change the custom settings of your device.

Step 9: Arrange A New xFi Gateway

  • If you have tried all the steps and your Xfinity router is still blinking then your Gateway hardware might have an issue.
  • Try to get a new gateway for your system.


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