Best Smartphones to Buy Under 40K INR (2019 Guide)

Apple iPhone 7
Since flagship phones are getting out of range with every passing year so the price between 30k to 40k is considered as mid-range. So if you have a budget of 40k you can still get an awesome smartphone with an eye-catching design, better performance, a satisfactory camera, no worry of running out of battery and a great experience and the Best Smartphones to Buy Under 40K INR (2019 Guide).Here is a list of one of the best smartphones with key specs that you can have if you have a budget up Read more [...]

Longest Battery Life Smartphones of 2019

Longest Battery Life Smartphone
Using smartphones has become an addiction these days. With the passage of time, new technologies and features are being introduced in your smartphones every day. But large battery capacity is something everyone wants to have that follow Longest Battery Life Smartphone.Battery life is the most important thing to consider when it comes to buying a new smartphone. Everyone would want a smartphone that will go for hours with just a single charge all day without draining so quickly and taking all Read more [...]

Your Cute Guide to Buying Smartphones in 2019

Smartphones in 2019
You have a lot of choices when Buying Smartphones in 2019 comes to choosing an android phone. New phones keep arriving in the market all the time. Apple iPhones may be popular but the android phones give you an enormous choice. Here's a list of 10 best smartphones in 2019 with their prices, sizes, and features. 1. Xiaomi Mi 9Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone was launched in February 2019.  It’s one of the first smartphones to launch with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, and the first smartphone Read more [...]