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How to Change the YouTube Layout Back to the Original

The new YouTube interface continues to irritate many people. They say that the new layout is less sensitive on non-chromium platforms.

People are disappointed with Google’s failure to move several functions from the previous design to the current one. As a result, several users are asking how they would return to the previous design.


Customers have formulated various techniques to do this over time. However, the worrying thing is whether Google is rapidly starting to catch up with alternative solutions and still figuring out a way to disable them.

And that can be not easy to understand where to begin when creating a set date for the clips if you’ve never done so before. Continue reading to learn what you care to know about making a successful YouTube video to keep the audience entertained and returning for even more!

It’s an ideal location for a statement of intent. If you choose to direct audiences to related clips on your page, encourage viewers to like it or subscribe to your stream, add a website link, or do any of the following, a provides you the last opportunity to meet your viewers and drive real that will allow you to develop your platform.

Although there have been some improvements, long-time YouTube viewers can find the current YouTube interface visually close and comfortable.

The number of videos shown, image sizes, and stream analytics can all be personalized. The app also includes a brand-new Night Mode for consumers who favor a darkened backdrop over a white one.

How can I return to the previous YouTube design?

Change the YouTube Layout Back to the Original
Change the YouTube Layout Back to the Original

Google has permanently replaced the previous YouTube design. This indicates that there is no way to get back to the previous YouTube user experience.

  • It’s no longer there.
  • The latest version is more mobile-friendly, but several people don’t like it.

Enhance YouTube’s efficiency

Change YouTube can also be used as a shortcut to recreate the previous system. But then don’t set the hopes too high. The expansion does not restore the old design.

However, it will support you in making YouTube’s user interface more manageable and far less crowded.

So, if you’re looking for a path to get back to the previous YouTube, here are three choices.

Previous YouTube design

In reality, you can restore to the previous edition without using the program. Here’s how to do something:

  • Visit YouTube and log in to the profile.
  • From either the pop-up panel, press on the model and pick YouTube Workshop.
  • Select Creator Studio Classics in the lowest right section of the homepage once you’ve arrived.
  • A tab would then appear. You must verify the factors mentioned below and click Submit. To go back to the previous YouTube, try clicking on Skipped.
  • To reach YouTube’s dashboard, press the three columns icon and pick the Home button.

Make a URL shift

  • If you’d like to go home to the previous YouTube interface more quickly, execute the instructions below and then uninstall the latest YouTube template.

To reach YouTube’s dashboard, open your toolbar, go to the original YouTube homepage, and sign in with your YouTube profile.

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  • Next, in the URL toolbar and type “/?uninstalled polymer=1” to even get a URL such as “https://www.youtube.com/?uninstalled polymer=1.”
  • Users will have the older YouTube interface. Execute the process as it returns to the design update.

Update YouTube Classic

The third option is to utilize the YouTube Classic Browser plugin. One such plugin allows you to toggle between both the latest and older YouTube layouts quickly.

Download and install the YouTube Classic plugin on your device to return to the previous mode.

  • So go to YouTube and press the extensions button to switch back to the previous YouTube style.
  • To be using the current YouTube template, press on the extension button and choose the latest design.

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Seekers of technology are also unwilling to embrace new developments. The reality that several Video creators appear to hate the latest design is problematic. Subscribers have used various alternative solutions they could develop over the days to maintain the older YouTube design working.

YouTube is perhaps the most recent social media site to undergo a significant transformation. YouTube’s latest design will be available in June 2020.

Although there have been different reviews of the new update, it is clear it does have some benefits for developers and companies who use the site for advertising.

Sadly, for everyone, the older YouTube User interface has been completely deleted from the website by Google. As a result, your only option is to support the outdated YouTube design and accept the new one.


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