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How to Reverse a YouTube Playlist

YouTube is an online clip site featuring thousands of videos that perhaps a vast number of users stream regularly. Here you can reverse a YouTube playlist.

Video playlists seem to be a prevalent occurrence on YouTube. Such playlists could include browser series stage shows, animation episodes, and several other items.

One major problem that anyone who watches specific clips on YouTube experiences is that even the clips are still arranged in sequential order from latest to oldest.

And it’s possible that this isn’t effective for a range of customers.


Whenever it relates to footage, YouTube is a fantastic site that is often very easy to use. YouTube has everything you need to read or binge-watch, as well as any songs you decide to hear to.

However, several additional features that people have demanded for an extended period are still unavailable from the platform, one being the reversed YouTube list option.

Hundreds of feedbacks requesting the capability to restore playlists have been left on YouTube. However, the company has ignored them. But then don’t bother; there are still plenty of third-party applications that can help you quickly change those YouTube playlists.

As a response, recent videos of your preferred web series are performed before old shows, effectively destroying the auto-play function.

You’ll never be sure to establish auto-play for YouTube and watch your beloved plays in comfort if it’s the same.

Any time you wanted to watch a video from either the playlist, you’d have to use it individually.

Reverse a YouTube playlist

However, there are various methods and plugins or various tricks that you can also utilize to switch a compilation on YouTube and display a playlist in reversing on YouTube.

Follow the instructions below and reverse your YouTube playlists, which we’ve discovered to be helpful.

  • Insert for your browser extension
  • In configurations, modify the sequence.
  • Make use of third-party pages. 

Website add-ons

Also, on the Chrome Plugins platform, there have been modules that have the ability to reset a playlist and a variety of other advanced features.

  • First, install software either Iridium for YouTube or Enhance for YouTube.
  • Next, access the playlist that you want to stream backward.
  • People play a single song from all of this.
  • Then click the reversed playlist icon on the right side of the main playlist menu.
  • When you select that, the existing playlist will also be reset.

In the setups, rearrange the sequence.

Unless you’re the playlist’s manager and producer, you may alter the ordering from either the playlist setups.

That method works on both a laptop and a cell phone. If you’re not a playlist’s author and can’t modify it, go along to the next step.

  • Go over to the album you want to restore and open it.
  • Next, pick the ‘Playlist Controls’ choice from either of the three points menus underneath the playlist description.
  • On the following toolbar, choose the ‘Advanced Options’ choices.
  • A new page will be accessed; in that little popup, tap mostly on ordering suggestions and reverse the position of any playlist to whatever you desire.
  • Eventually, press the ‘Save’ icon and save those adjustments.
  • The playlist will still be created in the manner that you specified.

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Manual process Modifying the Playlist’s Command

Mostly from YouTube applications or computer editions, users only can adjust the structure of their playlists.

Although this does not address the concern of new show auto-play, it does address the problem of music playlist sequence.

So at the minimum, your preference music will be playing in the proper sequence, or in some other attempt, you specify, use that form.

Let’s go as to how to shift the structure of the clips on YouTube steps:

  • Launch YouTube onto your machine or even on your mobile device.
  • Select your preferred playlist and select “list” from the drop-down toolbar (three dots on the smartphone version)
  • Choose “Playlist Controls” from the drop-down menu. Select it by clicking on it.
  • With the next tab, you’ll notice a choice called “Advanced Options.”
  • A storage box for organizing the clips on the playlist can be found within the Highly developed application options
  • Again, from the selection menu, choose the clips’ sequence and then press on the time attached (oldest) to display them in sequential sequence from oldest to latest.
  • After you’ve finished choosing the sequence, press a save key to see the clips ordered correctly.


Including finding no way to change a YouTube list to getting three options for modifying the clips in the folder in the proper sequence. We assume our suggestions were beneficial and that you really can now conveniently change your list to view this in the proper sequence.

When you get stuck when attempting to use such tools, refer to our post for a quick overview of how to restore a YouTube list or reverse a YouTube playlist. But we don’t think you’ll have to because we’ve covered everything you want to know. Have a good time enjoying your series!

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