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How to Fix Graphics Card Failure Black Screen?

Graphics Card Failure Black Screen

It can be really hard for you to fix the problems in graphics cards because troubleshooting a graph can be really hard for a user that doesn’t know how things work in the graphics card.

Most of the time, users are not facing this problem, but it may happen when something goes with the graphics cards directly or indirectly.

In this article, we will discuss the major issues you may face when using a graphic card.

It’s become the most common problem for my graphic card users. In this problem, your graphics cards stop working from the beginning or at the end or in-between.

You just don’t know during power-up or during Windows boot-up, if you don’t receive a graphic card detection notification on the pole then you could get a black screen or will beep codes indicating the problem.

How to Fix Graphics Card Failure Black Screen?

Graphics Card Failure Black Screen

It is also important to get your windows or OS to recognize the graphic cards and if they do not recognize them then you will be unable to make changes or refresh the higher levels. While indent procedure you can also face problems with other application software.

A graphics card error that is not detected may occur because of many different problems. It may also happen because of some compatibility issues of defective video cables inappropriate graphics card, installation drivers, motherboard issues, faulty display cable, power supply, and settings ET Cetera.

Is the performance of the graphics card getting unusual or you are facing lower GPU usage Then there will be major problems that cause them.

Power supply

Graphics Card Failure Black Screen

Most of the time, you do not know if your diet works properly, so you should check. if your power supply is working of its capacity and provides sufficient power to your graphics cards and other components.

If your power supply does not work, then it should provide less power to the graphics and this is why the question of lower performance will occur.

  • If you want to verify the performance of your power supply, you will need to use a proper millimeter.
  • Do set up your power supply is in bad condition, you need to change it to avoid other problems with video graphics cards or other components.

6 pin and eight-pin connectors 

Graphics Card Failure Black Screen

There may be a time when your graphics card needs 6 or 8 pin connectors and for this, you will need to ensure that all the powers are connected to graphic cards from the USP.

If these pins are not connected correctly to the graphics, then they will not work somehow with its full potential.

Video drivers


Graphics Card Failure Black Screen

If your games have poor performance, you can install the latest video drivers to improve performance.

  • If the latest drivers do not make any change then you can uninstall them and go back to your previous drivers and wait for the graphics card driver update. You can also street test your graphic card.

Blue screen of death

Graphics Card Failure Black Screen

When using the graphics card if your display turns blue, you can change your video card drivers or make a GPU update on your graphic card, you can update the iOS B of your video card. 

No display


  • When your computer is perfectly good and running smoothly, but all of a sudden, you just don’t see any display images or video games.
  • Next, you can verify that the display cable is functioning properly and is properly connected to display ports on the graphics card if your display cable is faulty, you will have to change it.
  • Get a new high-quality card for your graphics card to work great.


Graphics Card Failure Black Screen

This problem can occur when the dust enters the heat sink and can cause problems with heat transfer and if you do not know.

There is another thing that a cloud of dust may also stick to the graphic card and it diminishes its full potential.

  • It can increase the temperature of the graphics board, so you need to remove dust from the heat sink.

Drivers not installing

Graphics Card Failure Black Screen

  • If you have tried every way to update your graphics card with your driver and it did not work then you can simply use a tool called uninstall driver screen.DDU is a small tool that is used to completely remove all the graphics card drivers from your computers.
  • It will also help you to download the newer versions without any issue pushing up.

You will also have to repair your defective fan as it may cause problems to your graphic card. If you think that you are defective fan is a damaged one, then you have to buy a new one for your graphics card.

You can also contact the built graphics board to provide you with a defective fan if you are not able to find it online. That will be the easy way to get a new faulty fan.


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