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How to Play Xbox 360 Games on PC

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Xbox 360 Games

Xbox 360 games on PC

Xbox has been the best of the last few years and most of the game is available on numerous platforms including Mac, Windows, PlayStation, IOS, and Android. But there are still a few games that are unavailable on PC but you can find them on Xbox because most of the games which you cannot find on the other platforms are still available on Xbox.

So if you need to run such games on PC, you need a guide and if you need to play Xbox games on PC, here is also a quick procedure.

There are a few limitations to playing games on PC, but you may have a great time with the old console.

On Xbox, it’s not enough to play or download the game. You will have to follow a complete process to play Xbox games on a PC. To play games on Xbox, you need emulators to run Xbox 360 games on a PC for free.

Xbox 360 games on PC

Here is an extensive guide on how to play Xbox 360 games on your PC. But to play, you need to get Xbox games you would like to play on PC.

Download Xbox 360 games on PC

  • You can download Xbox 360 games on your PC at the Microsoft Store.

Xbox 360 games on PC

  • Navigate to the Start-up icon in Windows.
  • Locate the Microsoft store on the search bar and open it. There is another way to open Microsoft Store from any of the applications in the section.
  • When you are successfully attained in Microsoft store. Check out which Xbox 360 games you want to download.

Xbox 360 games on PC

  • You can download the games you want and if the download option is not available, you can purchase those games from the shop.
  • This is how you can play whatever you like.

You can also download it from Xbox official site.

  • Navigate to Chrome and look for the official Xbox website.
  • After that, you must select the list of Xbox 360 games.

Xbox 360 games on PC

  • Now you have to select the games you would like to play.
  • Even on the official Xbox, you need to know for sure that you have connected to your Microsoft account.
  • The game may be free or paid, so if its available for free then download it or if its paid then purchase the game and download it.
  • You may download the game once you have purchased it.
  • You can now play games on your personal computer.

How to play Xbox 360 games on PC?

Once you have all the Xbox games, you can simply play those games on PC using an Xbox emulator. You can’t find a standard emulator, because to play Xbox games on your PC, you need a specific emulator.

There’s a better emulator we use, Xenia. Xenia was the best Xbox 360 emulator because of several reasons.

The best and most important reason is, it is so small and in size of 10MB and it does not even require installation.

Xbox 360 games on PC

  • Neither does it give you any kind of annoyance to request permission to play Xbox games on PC.
  • Xenia is the most user-friendly Xbox emulator for 360 games on PCs.
  • This emulator will allow you to play all PC-based Xbox 360 games, including Halo 3, Halo 4.
  • It is expected that Xenia will be able to make much more games work so that the user can fully enjoy them.

Here is how you can download The Xenia Emulator

Each time you want to download any software or games, you must get the requirements of that specific game or software.

It’s the same with Xenia Emulator, if you want to download the Xenia Xbox 360 emulator and play the games you want, then you must comply with these requirements.

  • Windows should be 7 or higher than it.
  • 64-bit Processor supporting AVX

Download Xenia Xbox 360 Emulator

Xbox 360 games on PC

  • Go to ‘Xenia’ official website. Don’t go to any other website because it will not work.
  • Go to the download option.
  • In the download section, you will two options with the name of the master (Vulkan) and d3d12 (D3D12).
  • If your PC has a Vulkan Graphic subsystem then you can just download from it or otherwise download D3D12 and I will prefer D3D12 over Vulkan.

Xbox 360 games on PC

  • Once you have finished uploading the file, be sure to extract it for it to work.
  • Open the extracted file and you can just simply run the Xenia Emulator without any type of installation.

After you have downloaded the Xenia Emulator on PC to play Xbox games, you are done and you can simply play Xbox 360 games on PC.

This is the easiest way to get it to work because the emulator is always helpful.


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