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How To Contact Amazon Seller? [ Guidelines ]

Amazon is the perfect place to find products and services. Whether it is books, electronics, or plant-related products, customers can buy anything that they want to.

Many buyers are selling used or new products, and sellers, who are looking for good quality and cheap prices.

How To Contact Amazon Seller?

Buyer-Seller Messaging Service

If you are buying products from Amazon, then it could be from a third party seller. If you have a complaint or a query, then you can directly talk to the buyer.

There is a separate Buyer-Seller Messaging Service that people can access from Buyer-Seller Messages on Amazon.

  • You just have to login t your account, and you can send a message to the seller you purchased a product from.

If you don’t want to get unsolicited messages from a third-party seller, then you can edit this setting in E-mail Preferences & Notifications. There are many benefits of using the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service.

  • The user can view past communication from sellers on Amazon, in case they want to submit a query to Amazon
  • They can respond to third-party sellers about any confusion that they have about their order
  • They can send files to third-party sellers, which are in formats like .txt, pdf, .jpg, and .gif.

Asking Sellers Questions

Just follow the steps below to ask the seller questions regarding products:

  • Go to the product listing on the website
  • Click on the third-party seller’s name
  • Choose the ‘Ask a question’ button
  • Go to the option of ‘Your Orders’
  • Find the order you have placed in the list
  • Click on ‘Problem with Order’
  • The contact with the seller depends on the issue of the customer

Response from Sellers

  • It takes at least 2 days for the seller to respond to the customer
  • The orders that the customer has placed, are covered with A-to-z Guarantee
  • If the user doesn’t get a response from the seller, then they can use this guarantee
  • In case the seller’s listing is covered by Amazon Prime, then Amazon Customer Service will intervene and handle the issues that the customer is facing

A-Z Guarantee

This A-to-Z Guarantee is for the protection of customers. When a person purchases an item, which is sold by a third-party seller, then this guarantee can be used by customers. Most of the customers receive their orders in time, and they fulfill the conditions of the product as well.

If either of these two things is not satisfactory, then the customer will report the problem to the seller. However, the seller might not always answer, and there are three situations in which this guarantee will come into effect:

  • The customer has not received their package, and three days have already passed since the maximum time of delivery. The guarantee will also come into effect when the customer has already received confirmation about their delivery, but haven’t received it.
  • The order that the customer has received, is different from what they expected to get; they have placed a request for return with the seller, and the seller hasn’t replied to them
  • The customer has returned their item with the proper shipping method, but the seller has not given them a refund

Third-Party Seller Feedback

Leaving feedback is very important for Amazon customers because this way they can let other people know how their experience regarding the product. When you leave feedback on the product you have purchased, then others will benefit from that feedback.

  • The first thing that a person looks for is the feedback and the comments that current customers leave on that product. They look for sellers that have 5 stars and then order those products.
  • This is why Amazon sellers should respond to their customers because they know customer feedback matters a great deal.

Customers right detailed reviews of products, talking about the product quality, price, delivery, and other important things. This review can impact the customer purchase decision, and also the overall impression of the product.

Third-party sellers should respond to their customers, asking any query or concern that they might have. Customers can easily contact Amazon sellers as well, to know more about the product, and to complain about a defective product that they have received.

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