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Deslide Website: Remove Slideshow From A Webpage

You will find slideshows on web pages, and that might get really frustrating. Let’s know how to deslide the website?

This usually happens when you are reading something on the internet, for example, an article might be divided into a number of slideshows and that could become irritating.

A slideshow, for those who don’t know, is when you visit a website and the webmaster won’t let you read the whole article on one page.

Instead, you have to sit through a whole slideshow. When you are done reading the article, you have actually gone through about ten slides.

Deslide Website: Remove Slideshow From A Webpage

Deslide Website

The reason why webmasters do this is that, users than spend more time on a website. Moreover, while some people find slides very irritating, others find them interesting because they don’t want to go through the same old boring reading experience.

For those who find these slides a nuisance, they can easily decide websites.

Web App

Deslide Website

  • To remove the slideshow from the webpage of your choice, visit the hyperlink.
  • Paste the URL of your webpage in the slideshow URL box that you see on screen.
  • The screen will show you display options, where you get combinations like small images+titles+text, big images+titles+text, big images only, tiled summary images, data as XML, TGP image overview, or URLs of images.

When you click on the Deslide option, your webpage will then be displayed without any slides now.


Deslide Website

This website is very helpful in deciding web pages. This is made specifically for making pages printable so that they get into a page format.

  • Open the print-friendly website, and then copy the URL of the webpage or website that you want to deslide.
  • Paste the URL on the website, and then press on Preview. The screen will show you what your printed page will look like.

There will be no ads or slideshows on your print preview, and you can even convert the final page to pdf for reading it later.

PageZipper Bookmarklet

Deslide Website

  • If you want to view all the slides on one page, you can add the PageZipper bookmarklet on your Chrome browser, as there is an extension for it. If you have a Firefox browser, you can add this extension too.
  • When you get this extension for your browser, then it will combine the slideshows from the webpage or article you have chosen. These slideshows will be merged into one article.
  • If you want to add PageZipper to your browser, then visit the website first. Drag the PageZipper Bookmarklet into the bookmarks toolbar, and whenever you visit the website, click on the extension.


Deslide Website

For some people, who don’t want to see pictures with text because it is distracting, desliding is an important option.

There are many article websites, which give users the option to print their articles or convert them into a printable version. In this case, when you want to deslide an article, simply click on the print option.

This way, the user will be able to see the preview version of the article and read it. While some websites might try to print the article you are previewing, you can simply cancel this operation.

  • If there is no option for printing on the website, then you can just print Ctrl+P, and read the preview of the article.
  • You can use any of the above methods to deslide web pages so that you can read them easily.
  • Desliding is very easy, and it is not time-consuming at all.
  • These websites are quick to respond to desliding requests, and the user doesn’t have to worry about reading slides and not text, at all.
  • The main problem with slideshows on a web page is that they are very time-consuming.
  • When you want to read an article fully, you have to move from one web page to another, and each page might have its own loading time.
  • The loading time depends on the content of a page. If there are large videos in slideshows or even videos or animation in them, then the contents of a page will load slowly.

The web pages that have slideshows, most of the time, are the ones that have pop up ads.

You might try to read a slide, and an ad would pop up out of nowhere. This could be really irritating for readers, who are trying to understand important information or extract something from the slides.


Another reason why desliding is important is that moving from one slide to another could mean the reader misses some part of the information.

This usually happens when the slideshow isn’t made properly, and there is text at the end of the slides.

When webmasters insert slideshows in their web pages, then they should be very careful about the content that they include in it, and how it is placed. Don’t include heavy or large size pictures, as they might slow downloading. Read more: How to Change Twitch Name Color?


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