DirecTV Channel List Numerical Order

DirecTV is a satellite TV service, which has a variety of channels available. There are premium channels on DirecTV like HBO and Showtime.

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Direct Channel List

This platform has channels ranging from movies to sports to reality shows. This is the reason why every family member would find at least one channel that would appeal to them.

There are four plans of Directv channel lineup, which users can pick from. These plans depend on the number of channels offered to users.

Entertainment All-Included

In this package, the customer would have to pay $54.99, and they will get access to 160+ channels. However, the prices will be higher in the second year.

Choice All-Included

The customer would have to pay $69.99, and the regional sports channel fee would $9.99/month. The customer would get access to 185+ channels. There is an advanced receiver service fee 15/mo is extra and applies.

Ultimate All-Included: DirecTV channel guide

The price of this plan is $84.99, and the customer will have access to 250+ channels.

Premier All-Included

This plan’s price is $134.99, and the number of channels included would be 330+.

If you buy any of the plans that DirecTV offers you, then it would give you tons of channels. In fact, you will even get NFL Sunday Ticket. However, there are two drawbacks of DirecTV.

The first drawback is that the 2nd year prices increase in most packages. Plans that DirecTV offers are not very straightforward, because apart from getting access to many channels and having a fixed price, there are some hidden costs too.

On the other hand, DirecTV is very useful for people who like to have access to many channels and don’t like the limited content that video streaming websites offer them.

For many people, sport is an important part of their life, and none of the video streaming devices offer sports channels to their customers. This is the advantage that DirecTV has over other services.

Fee for DirecTV: Autopay and paperless bill

Apart from the above plans mentioned, there are three other fees included in DirecTV. The DVR service fee is included in the monthly price, along with the installation cost.

However, the additional receiver fee is actually $7 per month, along with the $99 installation fee. The regional sports fee is up to $9.99/month.

Which Package to Choose In DirecTV?

The main question that every customer would be worrying about is, which package should they choose?

There are four packages; entertainment, choice, ultimate, and premier. In the entertainment package, the customer will find many family favorites like Disney Channel, ESPN, Lifetime Movie Network, and CNN. However, the user won’t get access to TeenNick and TVLand.

The choice package is more for families who watch sports channels. When you buy the Choice channel, then you will get access to NFL Network, football channels, NFL Sunday Ticket free subscription, and much more!

The Ultimate package brings channels for movie lovers, like ENCORE drama. In case you are a huge fan of tennis, then you will enjoy the Tennis channel that comes with this package. As for children, they will get access to Boomerang and PBS Kids.

The premier channel brings you the top names like HBO and Showtime. There are international sports channels included in this package, like Fox Deportes and Fox Soccer Channel. Official channel link: here

Numerical Order

There are channels that customers watch, more than the others. Some of these channels, along with their number are listed below:

  • 106 ESPN
  • 202 CNN
  • 207 ESPNews
  • 217 Golf Channel
  • 230 DIY Network
  • 244 Syfy
  • 249 Comedy Central
  • 258 Fox Movie Channel
  • 282 Animal Planet
  • 283 National Geographic Wild
  • 291 Disney Channel
  • 297 Cartoon Network
  • 299 Nickelodeon
  • 333 MTV2
  • 353 Bloomberg Television
  • 357 CNBC World
  • 360 Fox News Channel

There are private networks available on DirecTV as well, where people can find adult channels. Perhaps, the best part that customers will find in DirecTV is that there is a list of channels for everyone.

Whether it is sports or movies, people have many choices available to them. This way, they can get access to more content that they pay for on video streaming websites, and would be able to have a good time in this pandemic.

DirecTV is a good cable TV service, which provides a lot of channels for customers. It is an expensive service, but it is worth it, considering the number of channels that they offer to the user. However, the customer should remember that the second year of Direct TV does become expensive, so they should cancel their service if they cannot afford it.

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