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Groovy Music Bot on Discord: The Complete Guide

Groovy Music Bot on Discord

Discord gives you the option to assign different bots for different tasks and it also gives you the option to add Groovy bot to your Discord as well and then you can listen to songs through that.

And who doesn’t like listening to songs right? So now add Groovy bot to Discord and listen to songs on your Discord.

In this article I will tell you everything that you need to know about Groovy bot and how to install, invite and use Groovy bot on Discord. So stick around still the end of the article to find out how.

But before I do that, let’s take a look into what Discord actually is.

What is Discord?

There is a common myth that Discord is solely for gamers and they rule the Discord world. Well, that is not entirely true. Discord is used for multipurpose and gaming is just one of them.

Discord also offers the feature of free text or video chatting to people and gives you the chance to create your own either private or public community online.

You can either create one or you can join one as well. There are so many communities on Discord, varies from different niches, the popular is game and then books, animal lovers, climate change enthusiasts and so much more.

But gaming does rule the Discord world because it allows gamers a chance to communicate either via chat or video with other gamers as well.

What does one do on Discord?

Groovy Music Bot on Discord

Now that I have explained what Discord is, let’s take a look into how one join Discord can.

Joining Discord is not that difficult and it is same as downloading an application or using any other server over the internet.

Discord gives a single user an opportunity to be a part of over 100 servers and you can also prioritize between those servers as well and also choose from which you would prefer to get notifications. It also allows its users to invite friends from one server to the second.

Discord also offers private and public servers. Private servers are reserved for only the people you know and then you do not have random strangers there ruining your fun like that.

And if you have something you want to keep private then you can create a private server and add people there of your choice.

Whereas public servers are the ones where anyone can join and chat with whoever they want and there is no privacy or restriction there.

Public servers are best for meeting like-minded people and then you can join them all and create your own private server as well. It’s all up to the user how they want to take upon the Discord world.

Now let’s take a look into the bots and Discord.

What are bots on Discord and what do they do?

Groovy Music Bot on Discord

Bots are AI tools on Discord and they are used to perform varieties of actions. Their tasks several varies from community engagement to content moderating.

You name it and they do it. These bots are automated to perform tasks, you can use them to welcome new members, act as a moderator in conversations or even ban certain users who are defying the rules.

Various bots are used for music and games as well. Like adding the Groovy bot to Discord for music which we will later explain in the article on how to add and how to operate it as well. So stick around for that.

But it is also essential to know which bot is suitable for your server because your end goal is to establish a good user experience and attract more users instead of shutting them away.

First, you need to identify your need and see which kind of bot you require and once you are clear in your mind then all you need to do is search up that bot and add it to your Discord.

These bots act as a great marketing strategy for Discord because they are AI tools which means that they are efficient in their task all you need to do is to assign them the work and they will automatically carry out the task with smoothness.

Now let’s take a look into what Groovy Bot is and what does it.

You need to install Groovy Music Bot on Discord before going further.

What is a Groovy bot and what does it do?

Music is an essential part of most of the population. And who wouldn’t like to listen to some music while playing games on Discord? Music literally sets the vibe for the games and good music can really make the day.

And This is why Groovy bot is introduced which you can add to your Discord server and play any songs through it.

Groovy bot is a go-to for anyone who would like to play music on their Discord server.

Because it has a wide range of music choices to choose from and it also offers many amazing features as well which makes it the favorite and most used bot by people.

A Groovy bot is also easy to use and it is compatible with not only YouTube but with sound cloud and Spotify as well.

It also allows you to set queue songs and view the lyrics of the song playing as well which is pretty good if you are in the mood for singing alone.

People prefer Groovy bot for music over any other music bot because it is very easy to use and can be set up in a few simple steps whereas other music bots are complicated and do not even offer that many features, unlike Groovy bot. Its easy to use Groovy Music Bot on Discord.

How to install and invite Groovy bot?

It is not that hard to set up Groovy bot on Discord and the entire setup takes only a few minutes but you need a good and running Discord server for that.

So if you have that then follow the steps below to learn how to install and invite Groovy bot on Discord.

Steps to install and then invite Groovy bot on Discord

Groovy Music Bot on Discord

  • Now sign in with your Discord account.
  • Now Groovy bot will require certain permissions, so grant them.

Groovy Music Bot on Discord

  • You will also find an option to add a bot, click on it and select Discord from the list in order to add it to Discord.
  • Click on continue and then tap on authorize to finish the action.
  • You will be asked to do a human verification.
  • Now once you are done with the verification, the Groovy bot will be added to your Discord.

Groovy Music Bot on Discord

After completing these steps you can invite Groovy Music Bot on Discord.

Learn How to use Groovy Music Bot on Discord?

Once you have successfully added Groovy bot to your Discord server. And now you are confused and have no idea how to use it.

Well, worry not because now I will tell you how to operate Groovy bot on Discord. Following are the few commands which you can use on Discord to operate Groovy bot. So read through them and practice it on your Discord server.

These are basic commands like play music, add music, and a few more.

Play music command

In order for you to play music with the Groovy bot, you need to be connected with a voice channel.

Play link or search query.

This command is used to play audio from any link you will add next to play. And when you will hit enter, your desired song will start playing.

Resume or pause music command

If you like to pause a music track then follow the given command.


This will pause the music for you and now that you are done with whatever work you paused the music for. Hit the following command to resume the music again.


You can resume whenever you like.

To view your queue

If you want to see your Groovy current music queue, hit the following command in order to do that.


This will show your current queue on the display.


If you do not want any songs on your stream list. The function delete is also used if you wish to make any song private.

Loop queue:

It will your entire queue on a loop.

Fast forward

It will fast forward your track for 10 seconds.

These are some of the commands that you can use on Discord. But there are so many other commands which you can explore on your own.


Discord is a nice and ever-growing platform as well. And millions of users are online on this platform every day worldwide to play games or interact with their friends through text chats or videos. And when it comes to music bots, the Groovy bot is every user’s first choice because of its simple user interface and many amazing features as well.

I have mentioned every possible command and a clear step-by-step guide on how to add Groovy bot Discord as well.

I hope it helps.


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