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How to Fix 500 internal server error Discord

The Discord users are recently facing this problem which is 500 Internal Server Error on their devices. This error is very bothering as it does not allow anyone to use the app properly.

The app will come up with problems such as users being disconnected from servers or being rendered unable to use the services and features of Discord. As many people cannot understand the solution to this problem.

Here is the guide for those people who are looking for a solution to this problem.

How to Fix Discord 500 Internal Server Error?

Check your Internet Connection

  • First of all, check your internet connection because it is one of the first steps you should take.
  • It is possible that an issue with the internet connection can be the cause behind the 500 Internal Server Error.
  • If you find if there is any problem with the internet.
  • Then simply switch your network.
  • Moreover, try the alternate network sources also, and check if the error pops up in those also or not.

Restart Discord to fix 500 Internal Server Error

It is better if you restart your Discord. When you restart your app, you have to look out for the error.

If you do come up with a 500 Internal Server error, then read for other possible solutions for this error.

Check for Discord Updates

  • The next step is that you should check for the updates of your Discord App.
  • If you see there are any updates, then you should download and update them.
  • Having the latest version of the Discord app can fix a lot of errors and bugs.

Log in with another Account

This is also a step that you can take to fix this error, you can just simply log in with another account.

Doing that will help you understand if the error is in your account only, or if it is in every account.

Restart your Device

You can also choose to restart your device to fix it.

When you do that, just go back into the Discord app and check for this error. If it does come again, then check for other solutions.

Re-install Discord

If all of the solutions given above are not working, then just uninstall and re-install your Discord app. When you reinstall the app, then check if there is still that error or not.

And that’s all people. These were some of the different solutions for solving the 500 Internal Server error.


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