Do I Need to Know How to Draw for 3D Modeling?

Drawing is a good skill but it is not necessary. You can draw for 3d modeling.

In 3D you have tools that make modeling easier but even then you need some more important aspects.

It is difficult to move. You need to know a lot about the program.

When they are designing a 3D image, they will be able to have the freedom to test different designs and How to Draw for 3D Modeling?.

Learning 2D drawing is important so that the artist can make a 3D image, by combining the elements of both 2D and 3D. The real question isn’t whether it is necessary or not, the real question is how it will help.

Draw for 3D Modeling

Learning 2D drawing would broaden the skills of an artist, and they will be able to achieve more with what they have learned about. However, for those who don’t want to learn 2D drawing, or don’t have the time to do so, they can always mess around with a 3D software.

When making 3D images, there are several special skills, which people should implement.


Draw for 3D Modeling

When an artist wants to draw a 3D image, they would want a general idea about how to make it. For this, they should try to sketch things on paper. Sketching helps, because it is doodling, and if someone thinks that it won’t work, they can always change it.

When an artist sketches, he can ask for people’s opinions on it and take their feedback. This way, they will be able to design a 3D image better.


Draw for 3D Modeling

There is 3D software out there, which provides a really good perspective to the artists. This is why this is one of the things that 3D artists don’t have to learn about when they are drawing images.



This is an aspect of CG, which combines 2D and 3D elements. Artists should learn about how they can place different scenes on a perspective grid.

When they are trying to model a whole scene in 3D, then they will be happy that they learned about a perspective grid. A perspective grid shows artists, how they can be continuous when it comes to a scene.

Artists need to learn about composition, which means to make a character or a design stand on its own. Even though the composition is something that artists learn over time, but it is still important to learn it before implementing 3D.

People who want to indulge in computer graphics, using 3D modeling, don’t have to learn about sight-seeing drawing. This is because, in computer graphics, most of the time the images people come up with are on imaginary things.

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The 3D modeling that people see in movies, is all based on imagination. It includes animals that don’t exist, fantasy environments, and monsters.

However, if someone wants to be perfect in drawing characters, then they can practice drawing reference photographs.

The thing is that people don’t need to learn drawing before they enter the world of 3D modeling. This is because there is 3D modeling software available to them, which can make things easier.


This is a popular 3D modeling software, and people have been using it since 1982. This software is available for both Mac and Windows. AutoCAD is specifically designed for professionals.



For those who like clay sculpting, would love this software. It has professional clay sculpting techniques, and users need to put an effort to learn it.

This software is not for beginners, but professionals. This is a 3D application and is available for free.



This program is for those who have experience with 3D modeling. They can easily make architectural structures and interior designs.

This program is also used for urban planning, construction, and engineering. This program is available for Windows and Mac.



This 3D modeling software can create animated films and cool visual effects. It can also create interactive apps and art; those who are interested in video games should use this tool as well.

This tool works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Morphy is perfect for beginners, who have started to learn about 3D modeling. It can be used in tablets, and it allows users to create 3D models.

This app is easy to use and has many decorative and functional models. Students who go to school, and are interested in 3D modeling, can use this app.



This is a very interactive and user-friendly 3D modeling software. This offers artists to model objects, with the help of colors and text, available in the library.

Even though this app is for beginners, it can be used for designing logos and packaging for products.

Tinker CAD

Tinker CAD

Autodesk produced this software. Beginners should use this software, as it is specifically designed for them. The software comes with a block-building concept, which allows users to create models using basic shapes.

There are many files, which users can use to find shapes and then mold them according to what they want to make.

This is a simple program, which is why beginners should consider using it. This program will teach them a lot about 3D modeling, and how they can progress in the field.

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This program uses digital sculpting, to create a 3D model. Users would be able to create 3D models, from shapes and brush strokes.

The user interface of this software is such that, when users are modeling clay, it gives them the soft clay impression.

They can stretch the clay, dig it and smooth it out. This is a really good tool for creating video games and animated characters.

There is no harm in learning about how to draw if someone wants to try their hand at 3D drawing. If they can learn drawing, then they will see images from a whole new perspective.

Art students should give a try to 3D modeling software because when they experiment with different tools, they get to learn more.

3D modeling software is available on the internet for free, but there are features that students have to purchase.

3D modeling gives a whole new perspective to users, as they enter the world of art and see three sides of a picture. Official support.

Do you need to know how to create 3D animation?

You don’t even need to know how to create 3D animation. Most of your work involves using a computer to manipulate and control the characters as you move the puppet.

Drawing is just one of the few ways to “animate” or “revitalize” an object or character.

Is 3D modeling easier than drawing?

3D modeling is easier for me than 2D and I’m not kidding. For 2D drawing, you have to study perspective, shading, and lighting.

3D also provides you with lighting so you don’t have to worry about the color of your drawing. So you just keep painting your model and that’s it.

Do I need to know how you are attracted to using Blender?

Both are ways to create artistic descriptions of your imagination or what you see. Both details need good attention to create impressive results.

However, where drawing requires a combination of a quiet hand and a high-level hand, Blender does not require this kind of skill.

Can I be motivated if I can’t draw?

Short answer: It depends if you are interested in storyboarding and animation character development, or have an important skill compared to drawing in general 2d animation.

If you are more interested in the computer side and how to create things digitally, you will suffice without drawing.

Can I go to art school if I can’t draw?

Anything else is just a hobby.) No you can’t but it can help, drawing is the basis of creative communication but if you have no idea how to work then you are just studying skills.

Many successful artists can’t be attracted and aren’t respected in art school.

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