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How to Find a Book Using a Vague Description

Do you remember what happened in the novel, each and every character’s name, but not the name of the author of the book? You can find a book using a Vague description here!

That happens to many people, they forget the major details of a book and remember the minor ones. However, even though it might sound frustrating and impossible, finding a book with a vague description in your mind is possible.

How to Find a Book Using a Vague Description?

Google Books

Google Books is a great way to find books that you don’t remember much about. There are many digitized books on Google Books, and this search engine works similar to Google search.

  • If you remember the exact phrase of a book or any quote, then it will become easier to find that book.
  • If you want to narrow down your search, then use Google’s Advanced Book Search, where you input the details you remember.
  • For example, you might remember the publisher’s name, and can easily input the genre or subject of the book.
  • The main thing to remember when using Google Books is that the right keyword relevant to the book will give quicker results.

Social Media Platforms

There are active book communities on social media platforms, where people discuss their favorite books and talk about new releases.

  • If you remember some details of the book you are trying to find out, then put them up on Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook, and you will surely get an answer.
  • Even though you might not get an answer right away, they will be someone who is looking for the exact same book, or has read it, and will be able to help you.


This is a website, where you can find the book you are looking for. There are category tags, which can help you refine your book search.

If you are already a member of this website, then you can find similar books to the ones you have been reading, or find reference books as well. Read more: How to Unflag a Post on Craigslist?

  • There are so many fiction genres available on this website. For example, if you remember that the book you’re looking for is historical fiction.
  • Then this genre is available on BookBub’s website.
  • When you browse through the genre, you can surely recognize the book you’re looking for, from its cover page.

Link: Here


As librarians spend a lot of time sorting out books and putting them on shelves, it is highly likely that you can get this information from them.

  • Go to your nearest library, and describe the book to them.
  • If it is a new book, then they must have filed it, or put it on the shelf.
  • This way, you will be able to browse around more books related to the one you are looking for.
  • The best way, among all these four, is to look for a book on social media.
  • You just have to find a book club that usually reads the genre you are reading, and chances are that you can find the book right away.

If you remember a quote, or something unique about the cover of the book, then you can put those details in Google, and something will come up. Read more: Deslide Website: Remove Slideshow From A Webpage


Each and every book has something unique about it, especially since the tagline of all books is different. If you do remember the tagline, but not what the cover looks like, then that would do too.

Reading books should be everyone’s priority, because even though watching television shows and movies are fun, reading a book literally transports you into another world. We should all invest time in reading both fiction and non-fiction books, as it is a good time pass.

How to find a book from my childhood?

If you have been reading books ever since you were a child, there might have been one book that you used to adore but have forgotten the name of.

This question will show you how you can easily search for a lost book using some easy-to-use sites.

Since the search for a particular book will be based totally on what details you can remember about the book, try making notes about things such as:

  • What did the cover look like?
  • What can you remember from the plot?
  • What were the characters’ names?

Google books search

This site is a great option since it allows you to search for books through their content and text.

Book cave

Another excellent option is book cave since it helps you by excluding a lot of books. For example, if you can remember it was a children’s book, all adult books will be excluded, making the search easier.

Some other sites include

  • The library of congress
  • WorldCat
  • Big Book search.


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