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How to Find Someone on Facebook using an Email Address

This is a guide that will explain to you how to find someone on Facebook using an email address by using a web browser or the Facebook mobile app.

Let’s begin!

Find Someone on Facebook using an Email Address

If you are willing to add someone on Facebook, there is this one option to search for their email address. Here are the steps on how to do that:

  • First of all, go to the official website in a web browser. Or open your app on your mobile device and if it is necessary, sign in to your Facebook account as well.
  • Now on the web, type or copy and paste the email address of the person that you are looking for in the Facebook search that is at the top of the Facebook page. After that press the Enter or Return key.
  • Then, on the app, tap on the magnifying glass that is on the upper side of the screen
  • Now enter the email address in the search field and then tap on Go or Search.
    (This will only work if that person that you are finding has their email address listened as public in their About info of Facebook.
  • Many people do not have this because of their privacy.)
  • Now in default settings, this search will result in anything that is termed to your search. It will include pages, places, groups, and many more.
  • Just go to the People tab to filter out other things and just keep the profiles.
    (Keep in mind, that Facebook will only show you the profile results of the people who made their email or contact information public. Or the people who are already having a connection with you.)
  • Now, if you find the matching email address in the search results, then choose the person’s name or profile picture and go to their Facebook profile.
  • You are also able to click on add friend button if you are certain that it’s the right person.

Web browser

If you cannot see the correct profile in your results, then you can filter out the results if you know any other info about that person.

  • On the web browser, you can use the filters that are on the left side.
  • You can filter them by city, education, work, or mutual friends as well.
  • On the other hand, to do that on the app, use the filter button that is in the horizontal menu available above.
  • Now, select Add Friend if you want to add them as a friend.


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