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11 Ways To Fix Fitbit When Your Fitbit Won’t Turn On

If your Fitbit Charge HR is not working properly, then restarting the device should do the trick. Let fix Fitbit and resolve it.

Whether you’re having trouble syncing Fitbit with your phone or the device is running slow, restarting should refresh the software and restore proper function.

When people can see how much they have walked, the duration of their physical activity, and the number of calories they have burned, it motivates them to exercise more.

When people know that their workout has an actual impact and statistics, then they feel inspired to do more. For example, if they have only been walking and losing calories, then the number of calories burned would inspire them to jog.

11 Ways To Fix Fitbit When Your Fitbit Won’t Turn On in 2024

People might panic when their FitBit doesn’t turn on. They won’t be able to sync their exercise data anymore or track their steps.

It might not be turning on because it has been drained of battery life, and simply attaching it to the charger, won’t do the trick. However, there are plenty of other reasons why Fitbit won’t turn on.


Dust Fitbit

If the user has not been using his Fitbit for a while, then it could become dusty, and the underside of the watch could be too dirty to charge.

The best way to clean it is to use a cotton swab, and use it to clean the dirt. When the charger is plugged in, it is most likely that the watch would turn on.

Power Socket

Power Socket

At times when the user plugs in a Fitbit’s charger into the power socket, it might not get the power that it wants or the power socket might be corrupted.

If it doesn’t charge in one power socket, then the user should think about changing the power socket. A USB connection to a USB would be able to charge the Fitbit more efficiently.

If the Fitbit doesn’t open, then it is best to charge it for three hours straight and leave it overnight, without opening it. Sometimes, when the battery isn’t charged for a long time, then it can create problems for some time.

Reboot The Fitbit

Reboot The Fitbit

Regardless of the model that the user has, a Fitbit can be rebooted quite easily. The tracker has to be plugged in, into the charger, then the user has to hold the main button of the Fitbit.

The user should hold it for 20 seconds, and the watch would restart successfully. If it doesn’t restart after this, then it should be recharged and restarted several times, before it starts functioning properly.

However, if nothing works, then the last option for the user is to restore factory settings and risk losing all the data. If the data of the watch is synced to an online account, then it will reappear even after the watch has been factory reset.

Those who are conscious about their fitness levels would want to make sure that their watch data in sync with their device.

They might want to analyze the data further, to see how many calories they have burned, and if they are walking more or less. They will be able to compare their performance over the months, quiet easily.

Reset the Fitbit

Reset the Fitbit

If a Fitbit doesn’t restart, then the only option left for the user is to restore its factory settings. For this, the user should follow some steps:

  1. The Fitbit has a pebble, which needs to be removed and plugged into the charging cable
  2. The Flex charger is then connected to the USB port of a PC
  3. There is a small and a black hole in the pebble, where the user has to insert a paper clip
  4. The paper clip has to be pressed for at least three seconds
  5. The watch will then light up, and settings have to be managed again

The best way to make sure that a Fitbit doesn’t stop working, is to charge it properly, daily or whenever it shows low battery. The life of a Fitbit depends on the model that the person has.

Fitbit Won’t Sync?

Fitbit Won't Sync?

A Fitbit can be synced with an iPhone, an Android smartphone, a computer, or an iPad. The sync process transfers the data from the watch to the device and helps the user view the data, in an improved setting.

The main reason for a Fitbit not getting sync with a device is because it has disassociated with it.

This could be because the main device is connected to too many other devices, or the Bluetooth of both devices is not working properly. Such minor glitches can be improved right away.

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The first thing a user should check is the Bluetooth settings. He should check if the Bluetooth of the device he is trying to connect to the Fitbit is on or not and if the Fitbit Bluetooth settings are on or not.

If Bluetooth is disabled on an iPad, for example, then it won’t be able to obtain data from the Fitbit.

Manual Sync

At times, the sync problem is not as big as it appears, and just needs a little bit of prodding. In such a situation, the settings on the watch have to be forced to sync.

First, the user has to tap on the member card icon and then on the name of their Fitbit tracker. Then, the icon for Sync now will appear. If the Bluetooth is activated, then the data of the watch will sync with the device.

Fitbit App

Fitbit App

When customers purchase a Fitbit app, they get access to the data of their Fitbit and can control it using the app. However, the app needs to be properly connected, managed and should be of a current version. If the app has a new update, then this can be found out from the Apple Store.

Picking One Device

picking one device fitbit

It is best to connect the Fitbit watch with one device. It might become complex if it is connected with two devices at once. The user must choose between connecting it to the phone or with the computer.

The user should also disable his Wi-Fi connection when the watch is synced with a device. If the Wi-Fi connection is active, then it will become a hindrance for the Bluetooth connection to work effectively.

The user can also restart the Fitbit device, or charge it. At times, when the battery runs dry, the watch doesn’t sync with any device. Simply restarting and charging it would make it sync with the device.

Update Your Fitbit

Update Your Fitbit

Like any other app, a Fitbit needs to be updated as well. A Fitbit is a fitness tracker that is particularly used by those who are conscious about their fitness.

They want to stay up to date about the time they have spent exercising or walking for a week. They like to see how they have improved every month, by comparing data, and the calories they have burned.

Updating Fitbit

The Fitbit tracker needs an update, to fix the bugs that annoy the users, or for introducing enhancements. Following are the steps to take, to update the Fitbit:

  • If the Fitbit app is installed on an iPhone or the iPad, then the user needs to launch it first
  • If an update of the app is available, then the user would be able to see a pink banner
  • There will be on-screen instructions on the Fitbit watch, and it should be kept close to the device so that it can be synced

To make sure that the update is successful, the user must charge their Fitbit and its life should be more than 50%. A quick and successful update needs a reliable Wi-Fi connection that doesn’t interrupt the update. If the Fitbit is not updating, then it is best to switch off the tracker and then turn it back on.

Benefits Of Updating

Benefits Of Updating

Most customers would not like to update their Fitbit, because they don’t like changes. However, these changes can make using Fitbit easier for users. The versatile Fitbit app made it possible for users to input more data, like what they ate, drank, and their workouts. The feature of Fitbit Today gave tips and helpful insights to customers, through which they can learn more about a healthy workout, and sleep habits.

Challenges and Adventures

The app made it possible for users to explore the different features that their watch offers. For example, they got to see challenges, adventures, and the coach, which the watch offers. It gives them easy access to learn more about the watch they are wearing.

Working Out Together

An attractive feature of the app is that it helps people connect, through the option of community. People can share their workout information, tips about what they should do daily to stay healthy, and connect with their families.

If a family tries to stay fit together by sharing information, then this can become a fun process. Family members can help keep an eye on each other, to see if the other one is working or slacking off.

Not everyone has the time to go online and read about how to keep themselves healthy. If they are exercising and their Fitbit app is giving them insights and tips on how to keep themselves healthy, then that would appeal to customers.

Customers should update their Fitbit app because it will help them access features that they didn’t have access to before. It will also help them make better use of the watch on their wrist.

Here you got what you had been searching 11 ways to fix Fitbit when your Fitbit won’t turn on.


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